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Chapter 6

Chris was back the next night. He dumped a large duffel bag down inside the door and took off his shoes. “I brought the good stuff, man.”

“Excellent.” Karl picked up the bag then nodded towards the kitchen. “You want anything to eat or drink?”

“Nah, I ate before I came, and I’ve got some chilled water and juice in the bag for later.”

Karl nodded. He had all that in his own fridge just in case Chris forgot anything, but he appreciated someone who came prepared. “I’ve got us set up here in the living room, if that’s okay with you.” He figured it would be comfortable enough, without being as intimate as the bedroom.

“I’m cool with that, yeah.”

Karl dropped the bag beside a card table he’d set up off to one side. It had a sheet over it covering the items he’d laid out for use tonight, but he pushed it aside a bit to give some space on the table. “Want to show me what you’ve got?”

Chris came over and ran a hand along the edge of the table, ruffling the sheet but not removing it. “Hiding things from me?”

Karl nodded to the blindfold sitting out on top. “I was wondering if you’d consent to being blindfolded. I can tell you everything I’ll do before I do it - or not, if you want a little mystery.”

Chris picked up the blindfold, expression blank as he turned it over in his hands a couple of times, stroking the smooth silk and tugging at the elastic strap.

“You can think about it for a minute if you want, show me your stuff.”

Chris nodded and carefully set the blindfold back down where it was. He knelt and unzipped the bag. He pulled out a soft leather flogger and handed it up to Karl. “I like this for a warm-up.”

It was soft, probably deerskin, and excellent quality. Karl set it on the table, making sure the tails didn’t tangle. Chris pulled out a few others, handing them up to Karl. A heavier leather flogger with stiffer tails, a black flogger with braided tails ending in little knots, and a stiff leather strap. He held on to that one for a moment, testing it against his palm and flexing it a little. It was something that was absolutely meant to hurt. He looked down at Chris, still kneeling at his feet and looking up. His eyes were electric blue in the dim light and just a little bit wary. Karl wanted to reach out and touch, to run his hand through Chris’ hair and comfort him, but he didn’t.

Instead, he flexed the strap the little bit it would bend and said, “Looking for a lot of pain tonight?”


He had known Chris would be, and his own setup reflected that. It just felt a little more real to hold the implements in his hands and to hear Chris say it. It felt good having a submissive at his feet waiting for the beginning. He’d taken every chance he could get with Natalie while he was home, but already he missed her. This thing with Chris was far from the open, trusting, loving relationship he had with his wife, but Karl had to admit that he wanted it anyway.

“I’ll give it to you then,” Karl said, and his voice slid down into that lower, sterner register it took on when he was dominating someone. Heat flared in Chris’ eyes, and Karl felt an answering flare in his own belly. “Anything else in the bag?”

Chris hesitated a second, eyes on Karl’s almost like they were locked, before saying, “Just my aftercare stuff.”

“Pull it out,” Karl said. “You can put it on the table. I want to see it.”

Chris pulled out bottles of water and orange juice and a folded fluffy blanket. He stood and put them on the table beside the sheet, which Karl pulled back just a little so Chris could see the first aid kit he’d laid out earlier. Chris smiled a little when he saw it, but it looked nervous.

“Do you have any questions, or anything you want to add?” Karl tried to keep the question gentle and neutral. When Chris just shook his head, he asked, “Underwear on or off?” He could be more effective on naked skin, but he didn’t know how modest Chris was about these things.

“Off,” Chris said, and his voice was a bit hoarse.


Chris hesitated, his gaze searching Karl’s face silently for a long moment before he said quietly, “Yes.”

Karl couldn’t help the smile that crossed his face. He’d been hoping Chris would agree, though he hadn’t been sure he would. “Then when you’re ready you can undress and kneel,” Karl said, pointing to the large pillow in the middle of the room.

Chris pulled off his shirt, shoes and socks, and jeans easily before hesitating at his pants. He looked sideways at the covered table, tapped his finger against it a few times, and then took a fortifying breath before quickly skimming them off and dropping them on top of the rest of the clothes beside the table. He then walked quickly over to the pillow and knelt facing Karl, knees apart and palms flat on his thighs. Karl had the lamps on a low setting, enough light so he could see but not enough to be harsh. Chris’ pale skin glowed in the light, muscles standing out in shadow, especially his tense shoulders. He had a muscular chest, and nipples that were pert enough to easily be clamped, but Karl turned away before he could see any more.

Karl picked up the blindfold and walked over to Chris. He kept his eyes to Chris’ face, even though he wanted desperately to look lower. “Do you want to know, or not?”

Chris hesitated and bit his lower lip, his gaze dropping a little.

Karl squatted down on his heels in front of Chris and caught his eye. “I won’t hurt you, okay?” When Chris nodded a little Karl said, “I won’t do anything you don’t want me to. If you aren’t ready to let me have that much control it’s fine, just let me know. I’m here for you tonight, that’s it. You’re my mate, like you said, and it isn’t going to hurt my feelings if you don’t want to do something.”

Chris laughed a little, and it sounded a little manic. “Yeah, I know, I don’t know why I’m so nervous about this. It isn’t like I haven’t done all this and more with a complete stranger.”

“It’s because you’re naked and about to get your ass whipped,” Karl said. At Chris’ rueful snort Karl let himself grin. “If you were blasé about it I’d be a little concerned for you.”

Chris shifted on the pillow, widening his stance a little and rolling his shoulders a little and visibly relaxing. “I don’t want to know. Just do it.”

Karl smiled again, couldn’t help the delight at the trust Chris was placing in him. Chris smiled back, a bare echo of his normal sunny grin, but it was better than the previous tension. “Tell me your safeword.”


“And when you want me to slow down?”

“Yellow. And Blue for ‘no more of that.’”

Karl nodded. “You will use them, even if you feel like you aren’t done for the night. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Karl raised an expectant eyebrow and Chris added, “Sir. Yes, Sir.”

“Very good.” He let approval suffuse his voice and was gratified when a little more of the tension drained out of Chris’ shoulders. He may not be getting the kind of relationship he really wanted from Chris, but he would jump at the chance to offer what comfort he could tonight. It had been hard these last few weeks being unable to help a friend that was so obviously struggling. “Are you ready?”

Chris nodded and reached out for the blindfold, but Karl pulled it out of reach. “Hands behind your back, Chris.” Chris folded his arms behind his back and Karl said, “Good. You’ll leave them like that until I say otherwise.”

“Yes, Sir.”

It felt amazing to hear Chris say that, but Karl suppressed the grin that wanted to break out. It wouldn’t be fitting for the mood he was trying to evoke, but he let that enjoyment settle into him and heighten his anticipation for the coming events. “Close your eyes.”

Chris did, his eyelashes a darker sweep against his cheek that fluttered with eye movement that belied his nerves. Karl gently lowered the blindfold over his forehead and settled it around his head, smoothing the elastic into place and settling the mask snugly over his nose to block out the light. “Comfortable?”

“Yes, sir.”

The tension was back, but it was different this time. Not the discomfort of someone afraid of being turned down, but instead the alertness of someone using all their remaining senses to figure out what was coming next. Karl loved that moment, the held breath before the first lash stroke, the building anticipation before the release. It looked beautiful on Chris.

Karl stood and went to the table and pulled off the sheet, then turned around and looked back at his submissive. Chris had his head turned to Karl, tipped just a little bit like he was listening for clues about what was coming next. Karl turned and carefully folded the sheet and tucked it to the side, then picked up Chris’ soft leather flogger. That would be a good place to start.

He walked back to Chris, who had tipped his head back a little as if he could look up at Karl. Karl walked slowly around Chris and trailed the lashes around his shoulders, noting the goosebumps that broke out across his skin. He came back around the front and held the flogger horizontally in both hands and brought it close enough to brush Chris’ bottom lip gently. Chris started a bit then tipped his head up inquisitively.

“Kiss the whip, Chris.”

Chris’ forehead creased like he’d frowned, but he lent forward and kissed the light brown leather-wrapped handle. Karl had always liked that particular touch when starting an impact scene, just that little bit of reverence towards what was about to happen.

Karl gave the flogger an experimental few swings, then reached out and ran his finger lightly down Chris’ left shoulder. “Chin up, Chris. Don’t move.” When Chris was in place he swung, tails giving a light smacking sound as they hit the line he’d traced. Chris jumped minutely but held. Karl did it again, just a little heavier, and Chris didn’t so much as twitch. Karl traced a line down his right shoulder and when he hit there Chris again didn’t move. Karl smiled at the discipline he was showing; he looked forward to breaking it down later on.

He tipped Chris’ chin up a bit more with the end of the flogger then swung for his chest, landing the tails across his pecks a bit harder yet. His nipples tightened up under the stimulation and Karl considered them. He hit them a few more times to see them tighten up even further, then decided he’d clamp them later after he was done with the front and moving on to his back.

He swung again, hitting firmly for several times in a row. The skin pinked up a bit, but Karl wasn’t worried. This flogger was gentle enough not to mark even the most tender skin. He swung some more, enjoying the way Chris’ shoulders tensed lightly with each blow then relaxed minutely, each time a bit looser than before. After a bit Chris’ breath evened out a bit, a good sign that he was relaxing. Karl thought that would be a good time to introduce something new.

He went to the table and picked up a little set of nipple clamps, then came back to kneel before Chris, who was still tracking Karl’s movement with his head. He ran a finger across Chris’ pink skin and enjoyed the way he subtly leant into the touch, then asked, “Doing okay?”

“I’m fine, Sir,” Chris said.

“Need anything?”

“Just more of the same,” Chris said with a small smile.

Karl hmmmed and reached out to pinch Chris’ right nipple between his fingers and place the clamp on. He tightened it and Chris hissed in a breath, his stomach jumping enough for Karl to see it out of the corner of his eye.


“Yes, Sir. I can take more though.”

“Is that so?” Karl smiled at Chris’ eager nod, but all he said was, “We’ll see.” He fully intended to give Chris more, but only after he’d warmed him up a bit and was ready to push a bit.

He put the other clamp on, tightening to equal tension, then tweaked it a bit just to see Chris exhale heavily through his nose. Either he was used to much heavier play, or he was holding back on his responses. Karl intended to find out.

He stood and walked around behind Chris, trailing the soft tails over his shoulder as he went and observing the neat way he had each hand grasping the forearm of the other arm behind his back. “Hands on your thighs, Chris.”

Chris let go, shook his hands out briefly, then did as he was told. He was beautifully built, and Karl let himself look. He was broad through the shoulders, all the hours in the gym sculpting his shoulders and back and trimming his waist. He had a nice ass, muscular but with enough padding that Karl would enjoy marking it up. He wanted to mark Chris all up his back, neat lines of welts that would be sensitive when Karl touched him. Maybe he could do that one day.

Karl reached out and traced a line from one shoulder blade to the next, then flicked the tails across the area with enough snap to make them sting the little bit that they could. Chris made a soft little noise in his throat and Karl did it again a few more times before dropping lower on his back to make that area pink as well. He even put some strokes across the soles of Chris’ feet, which made him curl his toes up and flex his thighs and butt muscles so Karl figured he’d found a tender spot. He whipped there a few more times until Chris looked tense enough to start squirming, but he didn’t.

Karl went around to his front and tapped on the clamps to see if he could startle Chris. He didn’t jump, though. “Very good, Chris,” Karl said approvingly.

There were just enough of Chris’ cheeks to see that he was blushing a little when he said, “Thank you, Sir.”

“Do you want more?”

“Yes, sir. Please.”

“Ask me for what you want.”

Chris bit his lip. They had already discussed what Chris wanted, it was superfluous for Karl to make him ask. He didn’t know if begging would be too close to humiliation for Chris to enjoy it, but Karl wanted to hear him say it; it had always been deeply satisfying to hear his sub to beg. Also, he wanted Chris’ participation, felt like it would enhance the experience for him.

The moment stretched out until Karl didn’t think he would, and when he spoke his voice was very soft.

“Please whip me with something stronger, Sir.” His cheeks were very pink below the mask and Karl had to stop himself from reaching out and running a thumb along that hot skin. He didn’t know what it had cost Chris to say those words, but he greatly appreciated it.

“Very good, Christopher,” Karl said, the full name slipping out before he’d even realized he meant to say it. He paused, waiting to see if Chris would balk at that, but instead his nostrils flared on a strong exhale and shifted his hips sharply and Karl looked down before he could stop himself. To his delight Chris was getting hard, thick cock standing halfway. He was cut, like most Americans. Karl wanted to see what else he’d respond to.

“Please, Sir, please,” Chris whispered, briefly clenching his hands into fists on his thighs before flattening them back out to a proper position.

“Since you asked so nicely,” Karl growled, and went to get the next flogger. He picked the heavy leather one with the wide, flat tails and gave a few experimental swings before swinging at the couch cushion a few times. It had good weight and balance; Chris owned nice implements.

He crossed back and planted his feet squarely behind Chris before swinging and hitting across the shoulders. Chris exhaled heavily and Karl did it again, this time angling the blow from the other direction. It was definitely a stronger sensation from the deerskin flogger but Chris just held still and took it quietly. Karl’s grin turned a little feral and he hit a little harder, timed his blows a little faster together. Slowly his shoulders reddened, and Chris went from his muscles tensing with every blow to the reactions slowing a bit. He was loosening up, warming up, and Karl himself was breathing a little harder from the exertion. He trailed off with a few lighter blows before stopping and crossing around to Chris’ front.

He’d bowed his head just a little and his mouth was open and panting.

“You’re doing very well, Chris,” Karl said. “How do you feel?”

“Great, Sir. That feels fantastic.”

Karl reached out and tightened one of the nipple clamps a bit more. “How is that? It isn’t too much sensation at once?”

Chris rolled his shoulders, probably to feel the pull on the clamp. “No, Sir. I can take more.”

Karl chuckled and tightened the other clamp. That seemed to be Chris’ motto, but he wasn’t going to just throw him in the deep end on the tightest setting. Besides, the result was better if there was a bit of a journey first.

“I’m going to move you now. Are you ok to walk with the blindfold on if I help you, or do you want to see?”

“I can walk if you help me.”

“Okay, go ahead and stand, I’ve got you,” Karl said, grasping Chris’ elbow and steadying him as he rose. “Step back off the pillow.”

Chris stepped back and Karl led him carefully over to the second kneeling pillow he had set out in front of the couch.

“Okay, bend forward until you touch the cushion,” Karl said, helping Chris get his hands onto the edge of the couch. “Now kneel.”

Karl guided Chris down until he was settled in front of the couch, then placed a hand on the back of his neck and bent him down until he was laying chest down on the couch, head turned to one side. He used the end of the flogger to nudge Chris’ knees apart so he was more stable.

“Hands behind your back, Chris, like you had before.”

Chris complied, each hand grasping the forearm of the opposite arm. He made a gorgeous picture, spread out and waiting for Karl’s whip, each hand clutching the other arm with nerves or anticipation. Karl reached out to trace a finger down one butt cheek, then hesitated. That might be too intimate. Instead, he trailed the flogger over the area before pulling back and swinging.

The tails swished through the air and made a satisfying thud on impact. Chris flinched a little, his buttock tensing before slowly relaxing. Karl swung and hit the other cheek, and Chris did the same again. Karl swung harder, layering strokes back and forth from the top of his butt down to his mid thigh. When Chris finally gasped a hard breath Karl focused on the sensitive area between butt and thigh until Chris’ breath was coming hard.

Karl backed off, dropping down to whip lightly at the soles of his feet, causing Chris to whine in surprise and curl his toes. Karl did it some more, then climbed back up his thighs to his butt. The skin there was nice and red, likely very sensitive but Chris didn’t protest when Karl swiped a few stinging swats across with the very end of the tails. He reached forward and placed a hand in the middle of Chris’ back and pressed firmly to push the nipple clamps hard against the cushion.

“How does it feel?”

“Stings. Hurts really good.” His voice was husky and his words a touch slower than normal. His hands had relaxed their tight grip even though he kept his position.

Karl ran his hand up and down Chris’ back a few times to encourage him to relax. Chris arched up into the touch like a cat and Karl reached up to knead the muscles of his neck and shoulders a bit. Chris groaned a little and seemed to melt into the couch and Karl smiled in satisfaction. Chris wouldn’t be so relaxed in a minute, but he was happy to see his work having the intended effect.

He went and got the large bowl of ice water and the last flogger, the black knotted one, and knelt behind Chris. At the bottom of the bowl there was a knife, black metal with an engraved handle and a dull blade that Nat had given him years ago. He always carried it with him when he traveled because it reminded him of her and the times he’d used it on her. It was a comfort item. He was glad he had it now. He pulled it out and dried it off with the cloth he’d also brought over, then wrapped the cloth around the handle to shield his hand from the ice cold metal.

Karl placed the tip of the knife at the top of Chris’ right cheek and pressed into the flesh until it likely felt that Karl had pierced the skin. Chris tensed again, this time whipcord tight. He’d probably been expecting an icecube, not a sharp blade. A cold knife always felt sharper than it was, and Karl was counting on Chris wondering how far Karl would take him.

“Do you trust me?”

Chris opened his mouth but nothing came out except a sharp pant. Karl wanted to take the knife away and watch the skin at that spot turn red, to lick the red skin and see if Chris responded to that. He kept up the pressure but did reach out and rub Chris’ calf with his other hand, massaging the muscle and offering whatever comfort Chris might take from the touch.

“When you said you were up for almost any kind of pain I immediately thought of edge play. I love the way it makes Nat feel and I thought you might like it too. I love hurting my submissive when they can take it. I think you can take it, Chris. I think you need it like you need air and I want to give it to you tonight. I want to see you submit to me and take it because you trust me to get you there, but that’s your choice.”

Chris exhaled in one long, shuddery breath and nodded.

“Say it, Chris. Tell me what you want.”

“I want the edge of your knife on my skin. I trust you.”

Warmth bloomed in Karl’s chest. He knew he was pushing the edge of Chris’ comfort, he was pretty sure Chris didn’t normally beg. He just had a feeling this would do the trick, and he really loved hearing it.

“Since you asked so nicely,” he murmured, and dragged the tip of the knife down Chris’ cheek, but not hard enough to scratch. It left a faint red line all the way down his round cheek until Karl hit the thigh crease. He lifted up and rubbed the flat of the knife over the line, layering another sensation over the sting.

He looked up at Chris’ hands, which were gripping the other forearm firmly but not as tightly as before. He was biting his lip but didn’t look too stressed out. Karl fleetingly wished Chris wasn’t blindfolded so he could read his expression better, but he trusted Chris to safeword out if needed. He rubbed Chris’ leg again and Chris relaxed enough for Karl to feel good about proceeding.

He placed the knife at the right edge of Chris’ thigh, right at the sensitive crease of the thigh, and dragged it across the crease. Chris took a deep breath and flexed back into the knife minutely before restraining himself and Karl grinned. This was definitely going to be fun. He moved across to the other thigh crease - deliberately not pressing the tip of the knife gently into his scrotum, which was right there and would have really put him on his toes – and ran the knife across in the same way. He drew the knife down the left cheek so he had a matching line there.

Chris hissed, his brow furrowed and his hands clenched. It likely felt like Karl had sliced him right open but he held still and let Karl do whatever he wanted. He ran a fingertip lightly down the line just to hear Chris hiss again. Chris’ trust made him feel a thousand feet tall.

He made other lines alongside the first, drawing sharp breaths from Chris but nothing more. Either he had been conditioned by someone not to make noise, or he was holding back for some other reason. Either way Karl didn’t like it; he wanted the immense satisfaction of every last one of Chris’ noises. He dipped the knife in the water again, holding the blade under while he ran his fingers over the lines he’d left. When it was cold he brought it up to skin without drying it off, drawing it horizontally across. Water dripped down from the knife and down the curve of his ass. As sensitive as his skin was it probably felt like blood dripping down.

Chris didn’t even make a noise. Karl knelt up and leaned over Chris’ back to press his palm to the back of Chris’ neck and rest his forearm and elbow down Chris’ back, pressing him down into the couch while being careful to maintain the same pressure with the knife. “Give in, Chris. I want to hear how much it hurts. I want to hear you enjoy it.”

Chris let out a shuttery moan. “Hurts…. A lot. Feels like you cut me, but I know you didn’t. I like how it feels… do it again please.”

Karl sat back and dipped the knife again and drew it dripping wet across the other cheek. “What makes you think I didn’t cut you? No one will see it under your underwear.”

Chris sucked in a breath. “You wouldn’t.”

Karl moved lower, creating crisscrossing lines. “You’re mine right now, to do with as I please. If I want to cut you I will.” Karl wouldn’t ever break the skin on a submissive without negotiating that first and being prepared for handling blood, but that was irrelevant. Fear could be part of edge play, even dull blade edge play. He’d never pushed the fear aspect with Natalie, she was more interested in the play of sensations, but he was really enjoying seeing Chris’ reactions and felt a keen interest in pushing him as far as he could go.

Chris whined and arched his back, flexing his ass like he was asking for more.

Karl took the knife away from skin and dipped it in the water again. “Ask me to cut you again.”Chris was breathing heavily and shifting his hips, and Karl was surprised to realize he was hard and thrusting against the couch cushion. Karl pinched him on the hip to get his attention. “Ask me.”

Chris jerked and his hips stilled. “Cut me again, please, Sir.” His voice wavered a bit, but was slow and thick with subspace enjoyment so Karl felt comfortable he hadn’t pushed too far.

He drew more lines down both sides of Chris’ ass until Chris was breathing heavy and deep and Karl thought he’d plateaued out a bit and was feeling everything as one wash of sensation. He hardly even moved when Karl drew a finger down his marked skin.

“How are you feeling, Chris?”

“Amazing, Sir,” Chris slurred. His muscles were all relaxed against the couch and the crease in his brow was long gone.

“How much more do you want tonight?”

Chris paused, then said, “A bit of the strap and then I’m done.”

“Whatever you want,” Karl murmured. He urged Chris to lean back on his heels so he could get at the nipple clamps. He rubbed a thumb over one and Chris hummed low in his throat. “I’m going to take these off first. Ready?”

Chris nodded and Karl quickly loosened the left one and removed it. Chris’ mouth dropped open on a loud groan as Karl rubbed his palm over the area and then removed the other clamp. Chris’ groans turned into a whine as he tensed and writhed a bit.

“Hurts, doesn’t it?” Karl asked, rubbing his palms over the nipples.

“Like a bitch,” Chris gasped.

“Good.” Karl moved back around behind Chris. “Bend over again. Time for the strap.”

Chris bent and Karl swung, landing a solid blow at the top of his still wet ass cheeks. Chris yelled out and Karl grinned. His wet skin would make the pain of the strap a little bit more acute than it otherwise would be, and it was already layered on top of the pain from Karl’s knife. Add in the hurt from removing the nipple clamps and it would be a lot of pain to take all at once, but if Chris was as masochistic as he said it should send him under nice and deep. He landed two more blows, each below the first so he had three nice strap marks layered over the fading pink from the knife. The knife marks would be gone in a half hour, but the strap marks would last. Chris would still feel them while sitting or bending during his filming the next day, which was probably exactly what he had been looking for.

Chris was breathing in deep, shuttery breaths and his hands were so relaxed that he looked about to lose his grip altogether.

“Good, Chris, very good,” Karl said, guiding Chris to relax his hands and bring them down to his sides. “Do you want to sit on the couch or stay here?”

Chris’ voice was hoarse when he said, “Stay here a minute. Will hurt to sit.”

“You can lay down on the couch if you like.” Chris seemed to consider that before nodding. “Are you ready to take off the blindfold now?”

When Chris nodded again Karl reached up and gently pulled it off. Chris blinked a couple of times before looking at Karl. He smiled a bit and Karl smiled back, happy to see that Chris seemed relaxed and soft around the edges from subspace.

“Let me know when you’re ready to move up there,” Karl said softly. Chris nodded, and Karl hovered helpfully by while Chris climbed up onto the couch and curled up on his side. Karl tucked a pillow under his head then went and grabbed the aftercare supplies Chris had brought. Karl laid the warm blanket over him, smoothing it out and rubbing his shoulder and arm a bit while he settled in. “Ready for some juice?”

Chris nodded again and Karl opened the orange juice and held the straw to his lips so Chris could have some while not getting up. He drank thirstily.

“Want some crackers or anything?”

Chris shook his head, then said, “Just talk to me a little.”

Karl set the juice down and rubbed his shoulder again when it looked like he was shivering a little. “You did so well tonight, I really enjoyed the way you finally submitted to me. It looked like you had a lot of pent up energy to get rid of, I’m glad I could do that for you.” A ghost of a smile passed over Chris’ face and his eyes drifted closed, so Karl kept on nattering on softly.“I was so pleased that you seemed to enjoy the knife play, I hope it wasn’t too intense for a first time with me as your Dom. We can do this again if you want. If you can’t find anyone else to top you and you really need it.”

“Okay,” Chris murmured so softly Karl thought he was about ready to fall asleep.

“Drink a little more,” Karl said. He fed Chris the rest of the juice and rubbed his shoulder for a long time until Chris stirred and sat up, wincing as his butt hit the cushion.

“I’m feeling pretty good, I’m going to head home.”

Karl frowned. “So soon? I mean, I thought you might stay the night and chill. I bought stuff for breakfast.”

Chris shook his head. “Nah, I’m good. I like to end up in my own bed after a big night like this.”

“Well at least let me look you over before you go. How do you feel?”

Chris stood, rolling his shoulders and stretching his arms out. “I feel great. It hurts in the good way and I’m thoroughly worn out. I’m ready to sleep, actually.”

The pink across his shoulders had faded, and when Karl touched the area lightly Chris didn’t flinch in pain or anything. He still had the neat stripes down his butt from the strap, but the skin wasn’t broken or visibly bruised. He’d wanted to evaluate them in the morning again, but that might not be an option. Karl motioned for Chris to turn so he could look at his nipples and he did, Karl smiled inwardly when he modestly pulled the blanket in front of himself. His nipples looked fine as well, no redness or bruising to be concerned about.

“Seriously, I don’t mind if you stay, it’s no trouble at all,” Karl said again, a little dismayed at the thought of Chris driving home to an empty house where there was no one to look after him. He’d just assumed he’d stay, which was clearly an oversight on his part.

“Thanks for the offer, but I’ll catch you at work,” Chris said, moving over to his pile of clothes.

“Okay,” Karl said slowly before going into the kitchen to get himself some water and give Chris some privacy for dressing. He still didn’t like it, but Chris was alert and seemed stable and Karl didn’t think he should press the issue. Chris did this all the time, after all. He knew what he could handle. He came back out when he heard Chris starting to pack his bag.

“Text or call me when you get home. And you’ll call me tomorrow morning,” Karl said, putting a little authority into the request.

“All right,” Chris said distractedly, bending over to get the floggers by the couch.

“I’m serious. If you need anything you let me know, okay?”

“I will,” Chris said seriously enough that Karl felt comfortable he would comply.

Karl walked him to the door and watched him walk out to his car, relieved to see he was moving normally. Chris waved to him cheerfully before getting in and driving off. Karl tidied up the living room a bit while he waited for Chris to let him know he’d gotten home. He felt drained himself and just wanted to go to bed, but there was no way he was going to risk missing it if Chris didn’t check in. Eventually the text came.

I’m home.

Karl waited, but nothing else came. Should he ask again if Chris was okay, or was that just being clingy? He’d never really had a submissive just run off like that; they’d always spent a couple of hours after just hanging out and unwinding. He actually really missed that quiet time with Chris. That would have been a time to bond a bit, but maybe Chris didn’t want that. He guessed he’d keep it to the point like Chris was.

Good. Call me tomorrow.


Karl sighed and got ready for bed, but wasn’t really surprised when he slept fitfully all night.

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