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Fic: A Kiss That You Want With Your Whole Life - ST RPS [Chapter

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Chapter 7

“Alright folks,” J.J. called from behind the camera. “We’re set up, positions please!”

Karl and Chris took their place beside the little green computer screen. When J. J. called action Karl tried to keep up his serious doctor face while he did his wave-the-scanner-around-Kirk’s-head routine like he’d been doing all day while they ran up and down one fake hallway after another.

“We have to stop the ship,” Chris said, grabbing Karl’s face and pulling him close so fast Karl lost his balance and stumbled into him, hands coming up to Chris’ waist to catch himself while his eyes caught on Chris’ bright blue gaze right before they bumped noses.

“Oh god, sorry!” Karl said before hastily backing up and out of Chris’ space and turning to J. J. “Sorry about that!” This was the third time the scene had been botched for stupid reasons and Karl really, really wanted to move on so he could get away from Chris.

“It’s all right. You just want my big hands all over you,” Chris said, lightly slapping his prosthetic hand against Karl’s face.

Karl batted him away, trying hard not to stare him down and say, ‘No, what I really want are my hands on you, fingering you open so I can fuck you.’ Instead, he just rolled his eyes and said, “Size jokes? Are we still twelve?”

The thing was, it was starting to get to him. They were filming the scenes where Bones snuck Kirk onboard the Enterprise and then went tearing through the halls after Kirk. Apparently this required he touch Chris constantly to jab him with hypos, and ‘take readings’ of his allergic reactions, and put his hand over Chris’ when he started absently picking at the prosthetic hands for the tenth time. Chris had started the day by handing him a Lamil’s coffee with a wink, doctored exactly how he liked it, and then had been in his personal space since they’d stepped on set. Karl had intended to keep things professional but as distant as he could so as not to make Chris feel uncomfortable. Instead, he practically got a lapful of bouncing Chris Pine that wouldn’t leave him alone, and he still wasn’t sure how he should be dealing with it. He was relieved when J. J. was happy with the next take and Karl was told to disappear until he was called back for shooting the next scene.

“Hey, ready to jab me some more?” Chris asked, throwing his arm around Karl’s shoulders as they both approached the Medical Bay set again.

Karl had hoped that the break apart – Chris to get his fake hands removed, Karl in his trailer Skyping with his family and trying to forget all about Chris – would have lessened the tension, but it didn’t. Chris was grinning just as eagerly as before and Karl had placed his hand on Chris’ back to draw him in closer without even thinking about it.

“I think we’re done with the jabbing for today,” Karl said, before pulling away and ushering Chris onto the set before him so he could get some space.

When J. J. called for places Chris and Karl took theirs outside the Medical bay doors. Chris hooked his arm over Karl’s shoulders again. He was warm and close enough for Karl to smell his cologne, and it felt alarmingly natural to wrap his arm around his waist to pull him close.

“You can jab me anytime you like,” Chris said, squeezing Karl’s shoulders a little. His voice was pitched low and warm, and Karl got half hard right as J. J. called action.

It threw him off for the rest of the take, though he managed not to botch it. The day didn’t get any better, but why should he have thought it would? The whole scene with Bones half carrying a drugged Kirk into Medical meant Chris was literally hanging off him for the next few hours, warm and pliable while Karl manhandled him around. Karl was relieved beyond words when J. J. finally let them go for the day, only to be cornered by Chris on his way out.

“Want to grab a drink tonight?”

Karl paused, surprised by the question. Chris hadn’t called him for days after Karl stopped pestering him for updates on how he was feeling after their time together, and Karl had assumed he hadn’t had much interest in keeping up the relationship.

Chris’ face fell a bit and he hastily said, “We don’t have to if you’ve got plans or something. No biggie.”

Karl was still a little hard from having his hands all over Chris. The last thing he needed was to complicate things even further with alcohol and bro time. He cleared his throat. “No, I’d like to, it’s just that tonight’s not a good night. Uh, rain check?”

“Yeah, sure. We’ll talk later or something.”

He waved and walked off. His expression had been cheerful, but Karl thought there may have been some lingering disappointment. It made him a little hopeful there may actually be some sort of a relationship in the future.


Things got better after that. They did get that drink, and though it was awkward at first pretty soon they fell back into a comfortable pattern. The next time Chris came to him as a submissive was while they were filming on an away location, at the Budweiser plant in Fairfield.

The ride up was tedious, but made better with Chris’ company to laugh at his stupid jokes. They were on the road for almost seven hours, the longest time they’d spent together in close proximity, and they’d talked about everything from Chris’ highschool dream of playing pro baseball to what made their Kirk and McCoy different from Shatner and Kelly’s.

They’d hauled their luggage up to their hotel rooms when Chris paused at his door, right next to Karl’s. “Want to come over? We’ve got a couple of hours before turning in.”

“Let me dump my stuff and I’ll be over.”

Chris opened the door right after Karl knocked. He had a cigarette dangling from his lip. “I’m about to light one up outside. Coming out?”

Karl shrugged and followed Chris onto the tiny balcony that overlooked the parking lot. At least it had two chairs. “Fancy digs they have us holed up in.”

Chris lit up, then blew smoke away from Karl. “Brad Pitt we are not, my friend. We’re lucky they hired up for the job at all.”

Karl snorted. Truth was truth, though. He made a decent living, but he’d never been a real movie star. “Have you seen the way the paps follow him around? Not sure I’d be up to that.”

Chris laughed. “Has Zach never sent you any of the pap photos of us? He loves to send me the ones where they get me going for coffee at ass-o’clock and critique my ‘look.’ As if anyone has a look before they’ve fully woken up.”

“Yeah, rocking the white tee-shirt every morning isn’t a choice or anything. Not at all.”

“Hey, don’t you start. I get enough of that from Zach and my mom, thanks.”

Karl smiled and slouched down in his chair, angling his body so he could stretch his legs out. He bumped his foot against Chris’. “You antsy or something? This is your third in an hour.”

Chris exhaled and tapped his ash over the railing, shrugging a little. “Long car ride. And it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve been with anyone.”

Karl stilled. They’d talked about everything under the sun since they’d started talking again – except this. He was keeping his voice casual, but now that Karl was looking he could see the tension in Chris’ jaw. He’d spent the whole ride up relishing Chris’ company yet trying not to cross whatever shifting line Chris had about getting too personal. He hadn’t noticed the tension because he’d done his best to keep his eyes off Chris as much as possible; lingering gazes only served to frustrate his libido.

“Unable to find anyone?” Karl asked quietly.

“We’ve been busy. I hadn’t really felt like hitting the scene, you know? Mostly just crashed at home.”

Karl winced at the idea of a needy Chris sprawled out on the couch, too exhausted to go out and find what he needed. “I wish you’d called. I told you I’d help you out when you needed it.”

Chris looked over at him through narrowed eyes while he pulled on his cig then blew it out slowly. “I didn’t want to impose. We’ve all been shooting those long Bridge shots, you’ve been tired too.”

“It’s not an imposition when you’ve been invited. Besides, you know your shot list is heavier than mine is anyway. I would have done it for you.” He sat up in his chair and scooted it back as far as it would go, and moved the little table between them out of the way. “Come here,” he said, motioning for Chris to kneel in front of him.

Chris regarded him for a long moment before slowly stubbing out his cigarette and then coming to kneel in front of Karl. Karl reached out and traced the faint frowning crease between Chris’ brows.

“You’re no good to anyone if you’re a worn out mess. You have to take care of yourself. This is just as important as eating and sleeping.” Chris snorted softly and Karl wrapped his hand around the back of Chris’ neck and squeezed the tense muscles there. Chris groaned and dropped his head forward so Karl could dig his fingers in better. “You see what I mean.”

“Yeah,” Chris said in a voice already drowsy. “You offering something tonight or just teasing?”

“If I tease you you’ll know it,” Karl said. “Of course I’m offering. What do you need?”

Chris shook his head and pushed back into Karl’s hand. “I don’t know, just something to put me to sleep.”

Karl stilled his hand. “Look at me, Chris.” Chris looked up, expression halfway to relaxed but suddenly a little wary. “Anything you don’t want tonight?”

“Nothing too extreme. I just want to go to sleep and sleep for a week. Maybe just a spanking?”

“If that’s what you want that’s what we’ll do. What’s your safeword?”

Chris raised a wry eyebrow. “I think I can handle a spanking.”

Karl squeezed his neck hard. “You’ll use it if you need it no matter how light our activity, or I won’t Dom you. Understood?”

“Yes,” Chris said quickly.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, Sir,” Chris said.

“Very good,” Karl said, stroking his thumb soothingly up the back of his neck. “Now what is it?”


“Go inside and strip and kneel on the bed.”

Chris scrambled up to comply and Karl got up to search in the bathroom for a little travel bottle of lotion. When he came out Chris was kneeling nicely at the foot of the bed with his palms on his thighs, knees apart. His gaze caught on the bottle and widened a little. No doubt he thought Karl intended something sexual with the lotion, and he smothered a smile at the thought. He walked around to the headboard and Chris twisted around to look back at him.

“No one gave you permission to move,” Karl said, his voice sliding into that deeper, firmer Dominant register with the words.

Chris turned back around quickly. “Sorry, Sir,” he said quickly.

It felt good to feel the powerful headspace settling in. It was sometimes hard for him to get there while Skyping with Natalie because of the physical distance. Having a submissive kneeling for him in the flesh was a luxury he intended to enjoy.

He piled the pillows together against the headboard then kicked off his shoes and settled down on the bed sitting up against the pillows. “Come here, Chris.”

Chris turned and crawled up the bed to him, and god that was a gorgeous sight Karl would never forget: broad, muscled shoulders, narrow hips, cock half hard, and gaze locked on Karl’s. It almost made him decide to use the lotion sexually after all. Except, the erection was probably just an automatic reaction to the anticipation of getting spanked.

He sighed and patted his thigh. “Over my lap.”Chris settled down over his thighs, round ass in the air and his face buried in his crossed arms. Luckily the bed was wide enough for him to fit. Karl ran his hand up Chris’ back to the back of his head and pushed gently until Chris turned his head. “I want to see your face.”

He wanted to be able to gauge Chris’ reactions, but also on a purely selfish level he wanted the pleasure of watching Chris go down. When Chris’ eyes slid shut Karl tapped his cheek.

“Open your eyes. I want you looking at me the whole time until I tell you otherwise. Understood?”

“Understood, Sir,” Chris said quietly. The crease was still there and Karl wondered if direct eye contact was unusual for him.

Karl stroked Chris from nape to waist a few times until his muscles relaxed a little. He settled his hand over Chris’ right butt cheek. “You will count them, and then thank me for each one. Ready?”

Chris nodded and Karl landed the first blow, moderately hard, and then paused.

“One. Thank you, Sir,” Chris said.

His eyes had widened a bit and his butt tensed, but he relaxed quickly. Karl hit the other cheek, and smiled at Chris when he counted and thanked Karl promptly. Chris smiled back just a little bit.

Karl settled into a rhythm, steady enough to build tension but with enough time for Chris to count and thank him. Chris was right, he was exhausted and it didn’t take long before all the tension had drained right out of him and his gaze, though steady throughout, had gone a little unfocused. When the crease had completely disappeared from his brow Karl paused.

“Feeling good, Chris?”

“Yeah, it’s good, Sir,” Chris said, and his words were soft around the edges.

Karl patted Chris’ thigh. “Lift up and lie down on a pillow up here.” He helped Chris up and got his head settled on a pillow up at the head of the bed, making sure to turn back the sheets first. He squirted a good amount of lotion into his hand then rubbed his hands together to warm it before placing his hands on Chris’ shoulders and digging his thumbs into the muscles.

“A massage? When you pulled out the lotion I thought…” He trailed off and Karl grinned.

“You know what they say about assumptions.” Chris hummed, then groaned loudly when Karl hit a particularly tight knot. Karl put both thumbs on the spot, enjoying the positively orgasmic face Chris made as Karl worked him over. “We’ll have you feeling good for tomorrow.”

“Man, you can come over and do this any time you want,” Chris slurred, then stretched and burrowed his face further into the pillow.

Karl moved down his back, Chris moaning the whole way but gradually growing quieter until Karl thought he was about half asleep by the time he hit his waist.

“How are you?” Karl whispered.

“I’m great. Thanks, Karl,” Chris whispered back, eyes shut, lashes a golden smudge across his cheek in the soft light.

Karl hadn’t given Chris permission to let go of protocol, but it didn’t matter. He was happy to see Chris sated and comfortable, and he had the satisfaction of a job well done. He climbed off the bed and pulled the sheet across Chris. “Call me if you need anything,” he said, and at Chris’ nod he pulled on his shoes and let himself out.

Karl slid into the booth next to Chris the morning after at breakfast in the hotel restaurant. “How you feeling?”

“Fantastic,” Chris said, shoving a huge chunk of sausage patty into his mouth. “Slept like the fucking dead.”

Karl rolled his eyes, but smiled privately to himself. He was happy to see Chris looked back to his normal self. “I told you to call me when you needed to,” he said, and stole a sip of Chris’ coffee while he waited for the waiter to make his way over.

“I guess you weren’t just saying the polite thing, huh?”

Karl lent his arms on the table and looked over at Chris. “No, I wasn’t. I wouldn’t mess around like that. I like seeing you relaxed and happy, and I’m happy to help you get there.”

Chris paused and looked at Karl like he was re-evaluating him. “Okay.”

“So stop being a dumbass and acting like I’m going to suddenly whip out a locking collar and demand you kneel at my bed for the rest of your life if you knock on my door. There are no strings attached.”

Chris ducked his head and grinned and shoved a piece of toast into his mouth. “Yeah, okay. I got it,” he said around his mouthful of food, spraying a few crumbs.

Karl reached up and knocked him lightly on the back of the head before laying his arm across the back of the booth. “Manners, Christopher. What would your mom say.”

“My mom’s not here, I do what I want,” he declared, and Karl laughed.