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My Fandoms and Ships can all be found in my tags. I post recs, my fanworks (mostly fic), general fannish stuff and some RL stuff.  My journal is semi Friends-Only. Most posts are public, but anything personal is friends only.  Currently I'm f-locking Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries thoughts and meta. If you friend me I may not friend you right back if I don't know you, so comment here or PM me so I can get to know you if you wish me to friend you back. I love meeting new friends and I'd love to talk to you about fic or shared fannish interests! :)  Also, if you find a dead link in a recs post, please let me know so I can try to update it.

My Fanwork Policy regarding podfic, remixes, ect... is here.

Info on the [info]st_respect  Ship Games Master Posts is here.

Invite codes to sites like Dreamwidth and AO3 are here.

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Date: Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 11:51 am (UTC)
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I know how that is, RL is going to be eating me for a while yet. :( I'm totally down for talking about Trek and kink and whatever else you want! I don't have a whole lot of fic, but I'd be thrilled for you to read it! Feel free to look around, and I'll try and get to your journal when I can. Just curious, was the post you read the sex post on Team Jones? :isn't sure what she's posted where: >.>

Isn't that icon delicious? I still need a good Karl one. I'm on my iPhone so I can't give you a proper link right now, but I've got a few icon links in my delicious.


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