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Oct. 9th, 2017 12:43 am
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[version 2, still working, sorry, still sick] I AM SO SORRY THIS IS SO LATE. I filled out my request on 30 minutes of wifi on a red eye after a stressful trip, got home, fell ill and didn't leave the house for days. I hope you're not too frustrated with the delay, I am very sorry if this messed up your schedule.

Here are all my past letters, my tastes have not changed all that much:

[PS yulegoat is like santa, it's a weird yuletide joke that i just realized not everyone might know about. briefly discussed here: ]

I like humor, I like fluff, I really like weird meta, and crack. I also like quiet character studies, and angst, and epic, and all sorts of things.

Most important: I am very easy to please! I am quite excited that someone out there in the world is writing me a story. :)

General notes: Please no AUs, graphic violence, slavery, miscarriage (unless tagged, i just don't want to be surprised), or sexual assault.

The Martian

I have a problem, which is that I keep rereading The Martian and need something else like it in my life. :) I listen to the audiobook, so I can just kind of... do it a lot. I really don't mean to keep reading it, but I want to share it with someone I'm on a road trip with, or I'm driving while exhausted and I need something engaging and comforting that I won't put me to sleep but it's okay if I don't hear all the words... after I submitted my yuletide requests, I watched it on the plane, and cried a lot. Again.

I got a festivid for The Martian!

Until I get something else like The Martian in my life, well, here we are!

I love sci-fi so much. I love space colonization so much. I've written Mars colonization fic.

Things that sound cool:

- Mark's adventures in the future (such as teaching tiny future astronauts as the movie ended.) The adventures of his students! His relationship with his former students as they go forth in life, and possibly to Mars.
- Ares IV! Ares V! Fuck it, Ares VI! I adore Martinez.
- Dealing with the aftereffects of everything on the long journey home on the Hermes

Those are just some ideas, I am not married to those, I'm really flexible!

Romance: I am not a strong shipper in this fandom, but I am not opposed! If you want to go there, go ahead. Just no non-consensual adultery please (poly okay), and I'd prefer not to have "leaving your spouse for someone else".


I'm going to copy in what I wrote last year, it's not changed. :)

well, i unexpectedly fell hard for canon het (good job Naomi)? i would adore something there, of any rating. especially higher ratings. :)

If you're not interested in that, i loooove plotty gen (or any plotty stuff). so much! i got into fandom as a wee child who had zero interest in sex or romance, so that's actually where my roots are. Agnieszka's future, Kasia's adventures in her new life, Alosha past, future, or present, basically anything expanding on what we saw in the book.

I love time travel and intrigue! I love world building! I love detailed intimate relationship building! (Not necessarily sexual, but intimate.)

i'm really into the-importance-of-platonic-female-friendship in this book, like sobbing hysterically over it, so (oddly! very oddly!) i am not interested in romantic/sexual Agnieszka/Kasia. (Believe me, no one is more surprised than I am.)

I have never said this before, but I would totally be happy with babies! Or kids! Whether growing their own or acquiring kids in some other ways or adventures in babysititng. Also domesticity sounds fun. Hijinks, sitcom stuff, wacky misunderstandings, elaborate ruses, all great. Fairly serious stuff about dealing with the complexity of their relationship and their lives, also great! Or stuff around fertility. I'm not squicked by anything involving pregnancy and childbirth.

- sex is good! I've never really asked for sex (or babies!) in yuletide, so i guess i should list kinks I'm not super into? bodily fluid related kink is the main one, any kind of permament bodily modification, and maybe stay away from temporary stuff? (Magic stuff related to this is probably not going to set me off in the same way.) Magic sex is *great*. I adore the possibilities set up in the (small amount!) of sexual content we got in the book. :) Anything that is generally cosidered kind of light-to-middle-ground kink is probably fine. :) I beta read this fic last year and loved every bit of it: This one wasn't sex but I also beta read it and loved it. :) That's all I've read though - I see there's been a bunch more, but I'm not going to read that before this yuletide for sure. :)

Please no AUs, graphic violence, slavery, miscarriage (unless tagged, i just don't want to be surprised), or sexual assault.

Stranger Things

First off, please don't worry about Stranger Things 2 if you want to write before that! I am very happy to read post-season one fic that is not canon compliant!

I have not actually ready any other ST fic, so please don't be worried about fanon or things that feel repetitive to you if it's what strikes your fancy - it will be new to me!

I love plot! I love character studies! I love scientific ethics! I love d&d and kids and sad kids who have never had any love in their lives. I love eggos! I love weird metaphysics, I love the upside down, i love pretty much everything about this show. well, sometimes it was too scary >.< But that's a audio/visual thing, I don't get scared in the same way from writing.

(BTW I really really love time travel!)

Characters: I feel like pretty much everyone has something interesting to explore, except maybe Steve's shitty friends? :) I don't know how much I care about their inner lives ;-)


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