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It's OTW fundraiser time again.  There are some lovely posts over at the OTW website
How the OTW changed my life, in which Jackiekjono discusses being a vidder over the last couple of decades and how the climate of fear around transforming copyrighted works has changed a lot, in part due to the OTW and fans banding together.
Preserving Fannish History through The Fan Culture Preservation Project, which seeks to preserve fannish history in all it's variation and richness.  It discusses the Media Fandom Oral History Project, a fannish oral history project which aims to document personal fannish histories for posterity.  It looks really neat, I'd love to hear them.
OTW and the Fourth Wall, an outstanding post about the 'myth' of the fourth wall, and how by speaking positively about our passions and coming together to actively steer our path through the world we become stronger.

I haven't had a chance to read through all the links provided in the posts, but they all look interesting.

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There seems to be fannish history in all my podcasts lately.  The [ profile] slashcast episode The Halloween Episode had an interview with [ profile] cesperanza in which they talked about her personal history.  She had a lot to say about fanfic in the pre and post internet days that I found interesting.  They also talk about fanservice (ie the Teen Wolf 'we're on a ship' thing) and general writing advice.

And [community profile] slashreport 's last episode of the year had some discussion of fic and fandom in the early internet days that was charming.

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Hey, for anyone who was interested in the ebook on Zine history I recently posted about, I have something else you might enjoy.  Slashcast's latest episode is called Back to School/Old School and has an excellent discussion on slash history - from zines to mailing lists to Livejournal to AO3.  They touch on everything from different fandoms (Star Trek: The Original Series, The Professionals, X-Files, Harry Potter, Lotrips, and Supernatural) to different topics (underage sex, bdsm, rps, ship wars, and the move from dial-up internet to high speed internet).  It was really interesting to listen to.

ETA:  The part I'm referring to is the Meta Discussion, though the whole episode was fun.

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"Boldly Writing" is a book written by Joan Marie Verba that details early Star Trek and Star Wars fanzine history. It is free on Kindle today  and tomorrow (9-12 to 9-13) and can be downloaded from Amazon here.  Note: You don't have to have a Kindle to read it.  There is a free Kindle app for lots of platforms.  Info via [personal profile] morgandawn  here.

ETA: the ebook is no longer free, but it's only three US bucks, so still well worth buying if you have any interest.


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