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I was talking with [ profile] thalialunacy  a while back about Karl's characterization being pretty different in Lotrips than it is in STRPS, and thought I might post about it in hopes that there are other Lotrips fans that want to compare notes. Because I'm really curious to know if it's just my impression, or the particular fics I was reading, or if other people think similar things.

Lotrips vs. Strips )

Fic Recs )



So I’m curious to know what other fans think.  Is that how you saw him in Lotrips too, or am I only remembering the fics that played into this image of him that I liked so much?  I think I had serious D/s goggles on while reading him in Lotrips, so I don’t trust myself to say for sure that’s how he was universally portrayed.  I’d be very interested to read examples of different characterizations.  You know, for research.  ;D

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I know by now you all have seen this, but in case you haven't, It will MAKE YOUR DAY!!!  For real!

So, their upcoming movies.  Karl in Red.  I actually squeed when I saw this trailer in the theater.  I somehow wasn't expecting it, I guess?  I've been a bad fangirl and wasn't really up with the details on the movie, so I didn't even know who was in it (other than Karl) or what the plot was, so when Karl showed up it was a fun surprise!

And Another.  I'm so excited about this cast!  It looks so fun:

Chris in Unstoppable.  It's so cool that Chris is working with Denzel, he's such an excellent actor:

Aaaaand that's all I got.  I just had to signal boost.  :D
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Blind Dating

Here’s the exchange that went down when we got the movie in the mail yesterday:

Husband: “What‘s the movie this time?”
Me: “Blind Dating“
Hubby: “What’s it about?”
Me (paraphrased): “Well, Chris Pine is in it. It’s a rom-com, he’s blind, it’s supposed to be funny.”
Hubby (when the menu screen came up with Chris’ picture on it): “Oh, it’s got the Captain in it.”
Me: “Who, Shatner?”
Hubby: “No, the new one!”
Me: “I just told you that Chris Pine is in it!”
Hubby: “What, like I remember the guy’s name?”

Lol, apparently I’m failing in my fannish duty of properly educating my SO in all things Trek. Despite my valiant efforts, he just doesn’t remember the guy’s name. I shall have to try harder! :D

Anyway, I enjoyed this one a lot. It did have a lot going on, and it seemed to run a bit long towards the end, but it was an enjoyable movie. Yes, it’s loaded with guy humor like poop jokes and big boobs, but at it’s heart it was very sweet. For the most part the humor was funny. Well, not so much for the poop, but Chris did an excellent job portraying Danny and it was cute watching him deal with all the women. He did a great job acting blind. Not just the parts where he’s interacting with other people, but also the small glimpses of him on his own. Like when he’s reading the book with braille, or walking along by himself.

I really liked the romance too. I liked Leeza’s character, and Anjali played her well. I thought she was cute, and a good match for Danny. Of course, with the other women he had to choose from, she was the only option, but whatever. It was still sweet. I adored the way he talked about her, when he said he loved her. The look on his face when he talked about her smile was so very sweet, and him trying to describe how he knew what it looked like was interesting. I wonder if that’s in any way true to how blind people actually perceive the world around them.

Chris’ expressions were the best part of the movie to me. When he smiled or laughed, the way he looked when he was snarking at his brother. He’s got a brilliant smile, doesn’t he? Oooh, that and the parts where he was playing the guitar and humming were pretty fantastic too, huh?



Reclaiming the Blade

This one actually is a documentary on the history of the sword in the West, and how interest is growing in researching it’s history and use. I rented it for three reasons:

1. Karl Urban, and he speaks in his natural accent \0/
2. Viggo Mortensen, who talks a lot about Aragorn
3. Many of the LotR designers and swordsmiths are featured in it. There is a strong LotR flavor in the beginning.

Karl’s part in the documentary is fairly small compared to Viggo’s, but I did really enjoy watching him and hearing about his experiences on the set of LotR learning to sword fight. And the part where he gets all awestruck about learning from Bob Anderson (who played Darth Vader during the fight scenes of Star Wars!) was absolutely priceless. He just seems like a really cool guy.

I very much enjoyed Reclaiming the Blade. I enjoyed hearing from Viggo and the others about swords in LotR. I enjoyed hearing about the actual history of the sword through the centuries, and the history of the sword in the movies and on stage. There are big differences between the practical and showmanship use of the sword, and that is discussed. The last part of the film focuses on the revival of the ‘martial arts’ of the West, and bringing the practical and historic Western uses of the sword back to life through research and training. They even cover historical reenactment, and discuss the SCA and the sport of fencing.

It was an entertaining and enjoyable film, with enough information to be interesting and worthwhile without becoming dry or boring.
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Well, more like my quick thoughts on them.

The Price of Milk
Absurd: Yes
Quirky: Hell yes
Adorable: Yes
I loved Karl in this, he was just adorable.  Especially in the beginning when they are all in love, and especially in the opening credits when he's sleeping with that ridiculous bed head.  I LOVED the bit with her swimming in the milk.  His face when he found her was priceless, and then got mad at her, then jumped in with her, and it was just the cutest thing ever.  And I think that might have actually been his butt.  I mean, that's a pretty small tank, how many grown men can you hide in it?  The whole befuddled, unlucky in love thing looked good on him, poor thing, but I'm glad it ended well for them.
Plus, I squeed when I saw Fran Walsh was a script consultant.  I guess that's the beauty of watching films from a small country, there is bound to be some overlap.
Yeah, Karl with a big ass gun fucking shit up works for me.  I really liked him in this- it was a hell of a contrast from Milk.  He looked good and his acting with 'Samantha' was realistic and the best part of the movie.  Well, other than stuff blowing up it was really the only part of the movie, so they carried it well.  I also liked Rosamund Pike as his sister.  I thought she was quite believable, and it was fun to put more of a face to the actress who has been 'cast' as Nurse Chapel for the McChapel team on Ship Wars.  The Rock was fun to watch too, and I like his larger-than-life personality.  It was good to see the origin of all those Reaper!Bones fics, although I think I've only read, like, one of them.  Doom and Trek make an interesting crossover, one that I think actually works well.  Doom isn't the greatest movie ever made, but it was pretty good entertainment.

There you have it.  I have a class for half a day tomorrow, and then more studying.  And then reading and voting on the Jones fics.


Mar. 7th, 2010 04:08 pm
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I've got Netflix, BBs!!  I CAN HAS CHRIS AND KARL MOVIE RECS, NAO?  Lol, I plan to watch them all eventually, but what are the critical, must-watch-now movies, the ones I should start with?  Or is it best to watch them in chronological order?

We ran across Carriers while browsing last night and I added it to the list.  But it's listed as horror, and I don't do so well with horror.  I scare easily.  How scary is it?  Should I worry, or is it properly listed as a horror movie?  I'm thinking that may not be the best Chris movie to start with.
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So here are some random things that made me laugh, squee or smile lately, stuff I just wanted to share.

Have you discovered [ profile] ontd_startrek yet?  It's perfect for your daily dose of Star Trek pics and discussion related news. Tons of gifs, related video links and picspams of the actors. Tons of crack, it can get pretty absurd, but that's why I love it.  It never fails to get at least a smile out of me, but usually I'm laughing loudly.  I've spent way to much time doing nothing there.  The comm is massive though, so you may not always get through everything.  As an example of the awesomness that is ontd_startrek, check out this post with Gifs of Karl Urban from Doom.  He's totally hot, so I must now see this movie.

Speaking of Karl Urban, check out the Blunty interview with him.  You get almost 8 minutes of him speaking about Bones and Trek, it's delicious.  Want more Trek interviews?  The Blunty interview with Chris Pine  and Zach Quinto is fantastic too.  And then there is the two-part interview with Chris and Zach, the one where Chris says he has a mancrush on Karl - yep, you read that right!  Go watch, they are fantastic.  [ profile] thalialunacy  always has the best links.

So, more Trek stuff that made me laugh:

TwitterEnterprise by Misfit-fandoms:  A  day on board the Enterprise, as seen through Twitter. Very funny.

Star Trek Cribs:  A tv commercial for G4 channel that totally made me LOL.  Spock takes MTV on a tour of his 'crib'.  There are more funny ones by that user too.
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First: Karl Urban is melting my brain. Thalialunacy posted these two interview videos in her LJ the other day and they rock! The first one is funny as hell, but the second one has Karl Urban speaking, and OMG THAT ACCENT!! How did I FORGET that he was from New Zealand?!? How did I forget from all the LotR interviews and DVD Behind-the-Scenes stuff? I'm ashamed to admit it since I'm a pretty big LotR fan for years now, but I really did. Now I get to revise my mental image of him to include that accent ;) That makes everything better!
So, moving on to the fic that did me in:
Don't Say My Name by [ profile] simons_flower ; NC-17, RPS, a little D/s: Chris wakes with a sore jaw, a heavy arm around his waist and little memory of the night before. This fic is awesome for the mystery the writer starts out with, and for Toppy!Karl! Toppy!Karl was a fave of mine from Lotrips, I'm so glad to see he's back. There is more Karl/Chris over at [ profile] pinecity.

After that fic I went on a Reboot RPS spree. I found this one and the previous one over at[profile] slash_elitistsThere are some really great recs there. First up: The Old Man and the Frat Boy by [ profile] thalialunacy ; NC-17, RPS: Beer. Jokes about sororities. Sex. An almost-typical Tuesday. Chris talks Karl into playing Beer Pong. This one has funny dialogue and a great twist, which I won't ruin for you ;) But she links to another fic in that 'verse and It's fantastic too; I got all caught up in reading it and forgot about posting!   ETA:  she and [ profile] starsfell keep writing more chapters, and it's gotten amazingly good.  Not only is the pr0n hot, it's gotten emotionally intense; it's fucking fantastic.  This is probably my favorite ST RPS series.  The latest installment with links to the previous ones is here.

More Fun With The Kiwi Bastard by [ profile] smutjunkie ; NC-17, RPS, D/S, spanking, talking dirty: YEAH THERE IS NO PLOT. Basically, Chris and Karl and lots of hot hot sex. More Toppy!Karl.

Dancehall Drug by [ profile] anythingever ; NC-17, RPS: Voyeurism, exhibitionism... Zach and Chris go to a club together and some dirty, sexy shenanigans ensue. This is what we’d call PWP.

One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four by [ profile] smutjunkie  (link to prequel at top of fic); NC-17, RPS, threesom and foursome: Anton and his Kiwi Bastard set their sights on Captain Fine. Porn ensues. That about enough plot for everyone? Anton's the evil sex genius that gets Chris into bed with he and Karl, and then Zach jumps in. Effing Hot, plus wordy humor.

So I'm starting to get the whole Chekov/Anton thing, thanks to the fic above and [ profile] xela_fic's Little Black Dress 'Verse. NC-17, slave!fic, kinky: Chekov is Kirk's slave in this one, and the pairings are Chekov/everyone. Not joking. This is her gratuitous smut verse, don't expect anything really in depth here. It's all about getting Chekov spectacularly laid.

Just a Thing by [ profile] lafemmechatte ; R: McCoy/Chekov, Everyone has a defining thing - Chekov's is seducing McCoy. McChekov (But not your mother's McChekov) Manipulative Chekov, but his plan may backfire on him. Excellent take on Chekov, great inner voice for him.

Black Holes and Revelations by [ profile] rubynye ; R, dub-con, Chekov/Original Tentacular Character, Chekov/Sulu, Chekov/Math: "No wonder we converse so well, comes the reply. Mathematics is the universal language." Very interesting alien, the Chekov/Sulu is very sweet, but the Chekov/Math is fantastic.

Listening To Hear Where You Are by [ profile] frostfire_17 ; NC-17, threesome, crossdressing: Kirk loses a bet and has to wear the female uniform to a bar. Spock and Uhura just can't resist him. This one made me laugh and gasp.  It's damn kinky, and so very good.

Losing Touch by [ profile] cards_slash ; R, McCoy/Jocelyn; McCoy wakes up one day, on earth, still married to his wife, who thinks he's insane when he starts talking about star ships and someone named Jim Kirk. Beautiful descriptions of Jocelyn and Bones and the life he might have had. This one damn near made me cry.

Downloaded Series by [ profile] ennyousai_fic ; R for sex and violence: McCoy is the seventh Cylon model. Excellent crossover with Battlestar Galactica, the writer got both the Trek and BSG worlds and characters spot on, mixing them together in a way that feels very real. Bones is excellently written and his relationship with Jim is just heartbreaking.

5 Times Kirk had to Watch and the One Time He Hit That Like the Fist of Angry God by [ profile] cards_slash ; NC-17, exibitionism: sequel to Keep Your Clothes On! wherein Aliens keep making Spock and Bones do it, and Jim has to watch. Hilarious.

Every Mountain and Hill Shall Be Made Low by [ profile] thalialunacy ; NC-17, telepathy: Bones is given a surprise gift by a space anomaly. And in German, ‘gift’ means ‘poison’. Teaser: Oh sweet heavens to Betsy, he has not just been hypothesizing the extent of his captain’s flexibility. Amazingly hot, very sweet, fantastic.

Come Together by [ profile] cards_slash ; NC-17, Ponn Farr: Trope crossover! Kirk and Spock get bodyswapped, and Spock's body enters Pon Farr while Kirk's still in it. Only, Spock is already with Bones... Excellent way to get the three of them together, and fantastic tag-team on Bones.


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