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So I watched Unstoppable today and it was awesome!  Chris was so good.  My favorite scene was after Will tells Galvin that he's going to "run this bitch down."  Frank says something to him - and for the life of me I can't remember what; I smell a rewatch! - and Will smiles at him, the first real smile of the movie.  Up till then he'd been so serious and upset about his personal life, and the smile was a complete surprise to me.  It was real and bright, and I really liked that.

There was a lot that went into making the movie fantastic, but first and foremost were Chris and Denzel.  They both gave really gripping performances, without which the movie would not have been half as good.  I'm so glad to see Chris doing well out there.  Rosario Dawson was fantastic too.  She had just the right balance of calm and poise and defiance.  And you're right [ profile] thalialunacy , her normal hair and makeup really added to the realism of the film.  Everything was ordinary: the costumes, the sets, the scenery.  No hollywood polish for the actors here, not even Chris and Denzel, who both clean up exceptionally well.  It all felt very real, and it added to the tension that got built up with the storytelling.

I thought the film was a really good balance between quick editing and slower pacing in the scene progression.  Tony Scott apparently shot with a ton of cameras for each take and whoever edited the movie used all of that footage to excellent effect.  The individual scenes played out at a length and pace that established the scene and characters without rushing them, but the editing constantly cut back and forth between cameras.  It gave a feeling of the story really driving onward constantly without any room to take a break, building tension from the very first scene.  Also, the film was pretty.  Beautiful countryside, pretty little towns.  They even made the trains look more artistic than industrial, and I'm sure that took some doing.  It was all ordinary scenery, but it had a supersaturated sort of artistic flair that I liked.  So I guess you could say the hollywood polish came in the form of exceptionally dynamic editing and gorgeous cinematography, rather than clothes and hair.

[ profile] mijan  posted a couple of links that I wanted to pass along: The story of Jon Hosfeld - the man that stopped the train IRL - here, and an interview with the cast here.

Oh, also: Crotch shot!  Totally gratuitous, but completely appreciated.  It's only too bad there was no rewind button! :D

Just My Luck and Princess Diaries 2

I also recently watched Chris' remaining two RomComs, and they were both adorable.  Down-on-his-luck Jake was so cute, I just wanted to hug him.  But I have to say that my fave CFine romcom is PD2.  I like him dressed well and snarky, what can I say?  I mean really, he runs around in his nice button up shirts and suits, annoys the hell out of Mia, sneaks several kisses from her, gets jealous and snarky, and looks down-right edible while doing it.  What more can you want?  Plus, it's just a really good movie with a fantastic message: You don't have to be married to be Queen!  Fuck that, right?  You get married because you want to, not because everyone tells you to.  Also, Julie Andrews rocks.  My favorite moment was actually in the deleted scenes reel - they are both in the kitchen cooking and being silly, and he's flirting like crazy with Mia.  Yum!

On a whim I went looking for PD2 fic on the AO3 and I found one!  It's Driven Outside and Driven In by leupagus, screamlet and waldorph.  Mia/Nicholas, NC-17, with D/s themes. 
That's right: D/s themes.  And Mia's not the bottom.  I looooove this fic for how they portray Nicholas.  He goes from being a self assured jealous jerk to compliant and submissive and they make it look so good!  It's a fun and hot read, and it actually manages to take the movie from kids story to mature adult story while still leaving all the good stuff I liked about the kids story .


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