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I had a Vividcon viewing party at my house again this year and I thought it would be cool to make a list of all the vids I showed at the party, and the others that I really liked but didn't have time to show. It grew into a monster rec list - I don't know if I'll ever do a list this comprehensive again! But I think most of you may find at least a couple of interesting things to watch. If you love vids it’s worth the $40 yearly fee so you can stream everything (including some stuff that isn’t up online!) and get a DVD of some of the new vids.

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"Boldly Writing" is a book written by Joan Marie Verba that details early Star Trek and Star Wars fanzine history. It is free on Kindle today  and tomorrow (9-12 to 9-13) and can be downloaded from Amazon here.  Note: You don't have to have a Kindle to read it.  There is a free Kindle app for lots of platforms.  Info via [personal profile] morgandawn  here.

ETA: the ebook is no longer free, but it's only three US bucks, so still well worth buying if you have any interest.

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- Leave a comment saying "Beam me up Scotty!"
- I'll respond by asking you five questions to satisfy my curiosity.
- Update your journal with the answers to your questions.
- Include this explanation and offer to ask other people questions.

This one is for[ profile] yeomanrand :

1. Pick one of your fandoms, then name a pairing you could never write for that fandom, and say why.
This one is kind of hard because I tend to be very open about pairings.  I tend to move through them, and I never know where I'll be in a month's or year's time.  But, I have no interest in Shawn/Gus from Psych, so I probably wouldn't write it.  I usually love buddy!slash, but Shawn/Lassiter is my firm Psych OTP and I'm not interested in breaking them up. 

2. Who do you want to see cast as Janice Rand? Should she keep the beehive?
I keep coming back to Kirsten Dunst.  She's cute, blond, and I think she would work for the background you wrote for her in Chances.  As for the beehive, I'm not a big fan.  However, I do love big sexy hair, so if they updated it, I'd be ok with a big sexy 'do.  What about you?

3. What's your first fannish memory?
Coming across fanvids for Lord of the Rings.  I was amazed at the concept for all of about two minutes, and then I was hooked and couldn't get enough.  Well, I'm still amazed at the concept, lol.

4. What is your quest?
To be the best person I can be, and help others when I can.

5. What is the flight speed of an unladen swallow?
roughly 11 meters per second, or 24 miles an hour.  (*g* I loved this question.  That was a favorite movie to watch with my high school BF)

Q&A Meme

May. 23rd, 2010 07:17 pm
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- Leave a comment saying "Beam me up Scotty!"
- I'll respond by asking you five questions to satisfy my curiosity.
- Update your journal with the answers to your questions.
- Include this explanation and offer to ask other people questions.

This is for [ profile] skyblue_reverie , who asked:

1. What's your favorite tv show ever?
2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?
3. What's the most important quality to you in a partner?
4. If you were offered a guarantee of your perfect romantic life, but in constant poverty, or a guarantee that you'd always be rich but would never find true love, which would you choose and why?
5. What's your favorite thing about fandom?

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So, any takers?  Because I'm not supposed to be writing, or anything. ;)  Actually, I sent in the application to register for my final certification test on Friday, so I'll be taking the test sometime in the next 30 to 90 days.  It's crunch time.  So that, along with writing my [ profile] rpf_big_bang, means I probably won't be around much.

ETA: Interpol is giving away  a song!  Thanks [ profile] hitlikehammers  for the heads up.
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Ship Wars is almost over!!  May 13 is the last day!  However, the mods have opened up voting on this round to the public!  This post is kind of last minute, and I don't know if there is anyone on my flist not involved with Ship Wars, but if you are interested you can check it out at [ profile] st_respect  .  I think the battle posts (party post) are a blast, and there are lots of great fic and vids to vote on.  JUST BE SURE TO SUBMIT 3 VOTES, OR YOUR VOTE WON'T COUNT!

The schedule is as follows:

Party Post (also open to public): May 3rd - May 7th
Voting: May 4th - May 7th
Prompt 6 Awards Ceremony: May 10th
Grand Ceremony Overall: May 12th

May 13th = Ship Wars is DONE

I know that the [ profile] team_jones comm plans to stay open after the War is over.  I think they will continue to post pics and fic prompts, and just generally be a cool place to hang out for Jones fans.
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(Sorry about the LJ fail, it keeps eating my post!  This is my fifth take at getting this damn thing to post, and it's just not letting me put in my damn links.  aesldfghkeqjrhtkjaner So, all links are listed at the end of each paragraph.)

So feanna linked me to some Kirk/Spock meta the other day and I've spent the last couple of days looking through some of it. Instead of writing as much as I should, because I wasn't really feeling up to it. Maybe today I'll get some more writing done. Fans that have shipped K/S longer than me may have seen these links already, but I figure I'll put them out there just in case some haven't.  K/S probably isn't my OTP, that would be Kirk/McCoy.  At least for XI.  I haven't seen enough TOS to have a proper opinion yet, but I do like TOS K/S, and Spock/McCoy.  However I still enjoy K/S fic, and they are the Father of slash.  Who wouldn't want to read more about the history of both?

The Ships Closet: A video-blog style series where she argues that Kirk and Spock had a cannon relationship that was more than friendship or Captain/Commander. She doesn't try to say that they had a sexual relationship during TOS, but I believe she makes the argument for romantic love very well. Fans who have shipped K/S for a while may be familiar with many of her points, but she said a few things that I hadn't heard before. Plus I like the way she incorporated TOS video clips into the segments, intercutting them with her comments at times. It was a great way to visually make her point, and it made for an interesting change from reading the meta. She was specific and detailed, a little bit snarky, and she made me laugh with her comments and squee. I think this is a must-watch for K/S shippers.

"The Footnote," by Judith Gran:  Her detailed analysis of Rodenberry's footnote in the ST:TMP novel where Kirk answers the question of whether or not he and Spock had a sexual relationship. Many people say that Kirk said no, but Judy argues that he doesn't answer the question one way or the other.  Very interesting look at Kirk and his answer about Spock.

Censored by Judith Gran, 1999: An essay that discusses the migration of K/S fic from printed media to the net, and how that shook print fandom because they were sure it would cause TPTB to notice fic and crack down on copyright violations. Judith contends that Paramount knew about fan fic and had no intentions of bothering with it. It's a good parallel to the OTW 'outing' fandom by making the Org and Archive, and hopefully the outcome will be the same; nothing happens and we go about our fun business.

Kirk/Spock Ship Manifesto by killabeez : Passionate and detailed manifesto for k/s that includes her top 10 k/s episodes, discussion of some of the novels, and links to rec lists, comms and archives for the pairing. Another must-read for K/S fans.

Spork! An Erotic Love Story, by jiaren_shadow and cirrocumulus : They edited together parts of Zachary Quinto reading the official novelization for XI into an explicit K/S sex scene, and OMG it's outrageous and hilarious. They do a surprisingly great job making an explicit story out of something that is probably PG. I mean, they got ZQ to say "cock" and "ass" for Christ's sake! Even if K/S isn't your ship you should still listen for the crack value.

The Trekkers Credo by Judith Gran: Not specifically K/S, but I loved it and had to rec it. It's a Trek-style remix of the Nicene Creed (or the Apostle's Creed, as my husband called it). It's blasphemous, hilarious, and heartwarming for a Trek fan. It reminded me of Preacher!Anon's goodbye sermon for st_xi_kink , set to Sinatra's "I Did It My Way." They both gave me the same feeling of glee and joy for my fandom, plus a feeling of sorrow at things ending, but faith that it will be continued on in some other form or fashion. Pretty deep stuff for a simple TV show and movie, eh? Plus I swear there was a Prayer to st_anon , but I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know where it is?



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