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Well, more like my quick thoughts on them.

The Price of Milk
Absurd: Yes
Quirky: Hell yes
Adorable: Yes
I loved Karl in this, he was just adorable.  Especially in the beginning when they are all in love, and especially in the opening credits when he's sleeping with that ridiculous bed head.  I LOVED the bit with her swimming in the milk.  His face when he found her was priceless, and then got mad at her, then jumped in with her, and it was just the cutest thing ever.  And I think that might have actually been his butt.  I mean, that's a pretty small tank, how many grown men can you hide in it?  The whole befuddled, unlucky in love thing looked good on him, poor thing, but I'm glad it ended well for them.
Plus, I squeed when I saw Fran Walsh was a script consultant.  I guess that's the beauty of watching films from a small country, there is bound to be some overlap.
Yeah, Karl with a big ass gun fucking shit up works for me.  I really liked him in this- it was a hell of a contrast from Milk.  He looked good and his acting with 'Samantha' was realistic and the best part of the movie.  Well, other than stuff blowing up it was really the only part of the movie, so they carried it well.  I also liked Rosamund Pike as his sister.  I thought she was quite believable, and it was fun to put more of a face to the actress who has been 'cast' as Nurse Chapel for the McChapel team on Ship Wars.  The Rock was fun to watch too, and I like his larger-than-life personality.  It was good to see the origin of all those Reaper!Bones fics, although I think I've only read, like, one of them.  Doom and Trek make an interesting crossover, one that I think actually works well.  Doom isn't the greatest movie ever made, but it was pretty good entertainment.

There you have it.  I have a class for half a day tomorrow, and then more studying.  And then reading and voting on the Jones fics.


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