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Holy Mother of God, what did Delicious DO?  I thought we were done with all the changes!!  Did I somehow miss the news that they were taking away networks, subscriptions, and totally changing the site interface?  Or did they just do it without telling us first?  So much of the functionality I loved about Delicious is gone now, and a huge thing for fandom is that tags with a / in them no longer work.

So I am now at diigo.  (Oddly enough, all bookmarks with slashes have been changed to underscores in diigo...  But at least they converted them, and didn't just leave them as is and give me a 404 error when clicking on them like delicious did.)  Diigo is certainly different from delicious, I guess it'll just take a little time to get used to it.  I've found a group for Delicious users now on Diigo which seems to be a gathering of fannish folks.  If you're over there drop me a line so I can friend you!  (Or follow, or whatever the word is) 

My ultimate desire is to bookmark all fannish works over at my AO3 profile (where I already have 106 bookmarks, most of them not bookmarked in delicious or diigo).  I'd like to keep all fic, podfic, art, vids, ect... at the AO3 and all other bookmarks (communities I like, meta, non-fannish stuff) at diigo (or wherever I wind up).  The only reason I haven't done that is the AO3 bookmarks don't have much functionality yet, and there is no import option.  But the OTW is working on it!  They said today that they are working on improving bookmarks and hope to have better functionality in the next few months.  You can check out what they currently have and what they plan to have here.

I thought about pinboard, but decided I'm not sure about paying, since it looks like it doesn't have networks.  We'll see, I might decide to switch it up after using diigo a bit.

ETA:  Apparently Delicious is considered back in beta - they say they are working on the site still and are taking feedback from users.  So our stuff might all come back.  Eventually.  THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE TO KNOW about 2 hours ago!

ursamajor over at Dreamwidth is thinking about making a Dreamwidth version of delicious and is taking suggestions over here.  I think it's an overhaul of the memories function combined with possible off-site bookmarking, though they seem to be very open to ideas.  I think that's really cool, as I consider Dreamwidth to be a fan-friendly long-term environment.

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Just a reminder for those that have a delicious account - You have to accept the upgrade of your account to the new delicious site or supposedly your account will be deleted!!  That is supposed to happen sometime this month, but no firm date was given on the website.  It's very easy, just takes a minute.  Sign in like you usually do and you'll be prompted.  I'd hate for anyone to lose their account, so go and do it!

ETA: there may or may not be restrictions on posting 'offensive or pornographic' things to the new delicious.  See the comments for more details.
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Apparently Yaho put news out on Tuesday that they are laying off a whole lot of people and closing Delicious, MyBlogLog, Yahoo Picks, AltaVista, Yahoo Bookmarks, Yahoo Buzz.  The one that I really care about is Delicious though.  I've been using it for almost three years and have almost 2K bookmarks of all kinds - fic, books, fannish meta discussion, interesting articles spread around the web that I liked.  Plus I've given countless people links to my delicious.  What's more, I have a network that I go to for finding fic and I hate that that's being taken away.  Not to mention the fact that I've got three years of my fannish history dated with each bookmark, and it might sound silly but I like having that history written down so I don't forget when I first started bookmarking fandoms or whatever.  I wonder if the dates will transfer over to another bookmarking site - probably not.  I exported my account, but was dismayed to find that it didn't export my tags, even though I clicked that box.  Must find something better.

Newslinks: (with brief instructions for exporting your bookmarks),,

I haven't seen a timeframe for the closing, so it's probably best to export and transfer everything over to a new bookmarking service asap so you don't risk losing all your links.  It looks like there are several options for bookmarking services, and I wonder if anyone has caught wind of where fandom might be going.  It would be nice to be able to cobble back together a network as much as possible.

AO3:  The archive gives you the option of bookmarking external bookmarks.  They only allow for bookmarking of fic though.  I believe that there will be a large portion of fandom moving there, and I've considered moving all my fic bookmarks there and keeping everything else at another bookmarking site.  I like the idea of keeping my fic and my fic bookmarks in the same place, and there is instantly a huge network for finding fic.  The only thing is the AO3 isn't fully functional yet.  There doesn't seem to be an import function just yet (putting 800 fic links in manually would be tedious) and the filter functions don't exist yet.  For example, there is no way to sort by tags or fandom yet, so you can't search out all the J2 AU's I have bookmarked.  You can find all the J2 AU's everyone has bookmarked, just not the ones only I have bookmarked.  However, I believe that the coders will make that happen, it's just a matter of time.

Netvous:  This seems to function pretty similar to delicious, however they have an automatic link checker that sounds interesting - though I'm not sure exactly how useful it will be for obscure fannish content: Web sites come and go, and they move... Our automatic link checker cares about your links and regularly verifies that all your bookmarks are valid and alerts you in case they are not. And if a web site is moved permanently we automatically update your links to point to the new address.  They have a feature called Hotpicks: Bookmarks that you use very often (such as your favorite online newspaper or your email account) can be marked as "Hotpicks". Hotpicks are always displayed on the top of your bookmarks page regardless of which folder or tag you are browsing.  They also allow you to rate your links and search by rating, that looks pretty useful.  I like the way Delicious looked better, though.

Zigtag:  I tried to look this one up but the homepage wouldn't even load. 

Pinboard:  Works like a stripped-down Delicious.  A comparison of the two can be found here.  They don't have tagbundles, which I really liked about delicious - I've got far to many tags to not bundle them.  They do have a cool Quick Edit feature and they have a network system.

ETA: and apparently delicious isn't closing, but Yahoo will be selling it in the coming months.  I'll continue to use delicious because I like it and everything is there, but I'll probably archive my bookmarks at another site as soon as I figure out which one I like. 
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So [ profile] thalialunacy  asked me to show her how to use for bookmarking, but my answer got to be too big for a comment so I decided to post it here.  I'm not sure I know everything there is to know about it, but I'll give it a try - note that this is just how I use it, others may do things differently or know stuff I don't.  My delicious is PhantomSlasher

How I use Delicious )

So I hope I didn't just tell you a bunch of stuff you already knew, but I think that's just about everything I know.   I'd love to hear about things I didn't talk about, or read any guides other people have posted.

ETA:  I've just found fandomdirectory on Delicious.  It's a listing of fans who use Delicious to bookmark fannish stuff.  More info here.  Wistfuljane is also collecting Delicious guides and tools here.  Some of those are very interesting.  And I also found ultimateficarchiver, which is a massive listing of fics - as of right now they have 19K + bookmarks!!  If you want to send your fics to ultimateficarchiver (or any other delicious user) type "for:ultimateficarchiver" (or whatever delicious name) into the Send field.


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