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So I'm now halfway through Season 2 of Heroes and my first thought is:  Molly has two daddies! More spoilers )

I'm also loving the show for some of the main reasons I love The Lord of the Rings: every day people discovering that they can be heroes.  Realizing that there is good in the world and they can be part of that good.  Yes, the choices are hard, but it's worth doing the right thing even at great personal loss.  Then there is the theme of great friendship and undying loyalty, and you just can't beat those two things for great entertainment.
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I've just finished Season 1 of Heroes and I really enjoyed it.  Is it wrong that every time Sylar came onscreen I got excited?  I couldn't help squeeing a little about Spock! and Zach!, and almost forgot that Sylar is one seriously creepy bad dude.  :D

Spoilery Heroes thoughts )

I really want to get into some good Mylar fic, but I'm a little hesitant to go looking so I don't get spoiled.  Anyone have any good season 1 only recs?
ETA:  I've just found the Roadtrip tag at the Archive of our Own, that looks like a promising place to find fic!

I was recently talking a bit with Xela about Stargate: Atlantis and how some of the writers don't really like the John character, and that made me wonder how much of my love of Atlantis, John and Rodney comes from fic and not from the show itself.  I discovered Atlantis through McShep fic before I ever saw any of the show.  In fact, I read a lot of fic before I saw the show.  There is some extremely excellent SGA fic out there and it sold me on these two characters not only being in a relationship together, but on John being a character with a lot of skill and intelligence, and hidden emotional depths that hide a fragile soul, and Rodney being strong and brave underneath his bluster and social awkwardness, an everyday hero.  These popular characterizations of them from fic color my reading of the show very heavily, and now I don't know if the characters are really this way or if I'm reading more into them than is really there.  John isn't as appealing if you don't think of him as having a traumatic past that makes getting close to people painful, but once he does it's full of passion and fierce loyalty.  The show is still good regardless, but I enjoy the extra back story and emotion.  To me this shows how powerful fic can be, and that is a wonderful thing.


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