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So here are some random things that made me laugh, squee or smile lately, stuff I just wanted to share.

Have you discovered [ profile] ontd_startrek yet?  It's perfect for your daily dose of Star Trek pics and discussion related news. Tons of gifs, related video links and picspams of the actors. Tons of crack, it can get pretty absurd, but that's why I love it.  It never fails to get at least a smile out of me, but usually I'm laughing loudly.  I've spent way to much time doing nothing there.  The comm is massive though, so you may not always get through everything.  As an example of the awesomness that is ontd_startrek, check out this post with Gifs of Karl Urban from Doom.  He's totally hot, so I must now see this movie.

Speaking of Karl Urban, check out the Blunty interview with him.  You get almost 8 minutes of him speaking about Bones and Trek, it's delicious.  Want more Trek interviews?  The Blunty interview with Chris Pine  and Zach Quinto is fantastic too.  And then there is the two-part interview with Chris and Zach, the one where Chris says he has a mancrush on Karl - yep, you read that right!  Go watch, they are fantastic.  [ profile] thalialunacy  always has the best links.

So, more Trek stuff that made me laugh:

TwitterEnterprise by Misfit-fandoms:  A  day on board the Enterprise, as seen through Twitter. Very funny.

Star Trek Cribs:  A tv commercial for G4 channel that totally made me LOL.  Spock takes MTV on a tour of his 'crib'.  There are more funny ones by that user too.


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