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It’s Vividcon time again! I had another party again this year, though it was a little smaller than last year with way less food – I just ordered pizza this time. Having a baby means I have a lot less time for stuff like that. But I was excited to still have the party! I’m not linking each vid title to the vid post this year, instead click on the link for the vid show and if a download link is available you can get it there. Also, I watched Club Vivid and Premiers last. By the time I got to those shows I was pressed for time so I didn’t make as many notes for the vids I liked. I just didn’t have time to be as comprehensive as last time. There are lots more great vids shown than I’ve recorded here.

You can see all the vids shown at this year’s con, and all years, here:
+Denotes vids shown at my party.
*Denotes vids that I’m really excited about
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New Frontier by here’s luck | Firefly
Beautiful use of motion, good look at Mal and River through the series.


/Boom, Bang, Bang by banbury | Fast and Furious movies
Nice use of clips of Brien fixing the car to the lyrics “You’re going to get it tonight.” Fun vid.

Wish You Were Here:

Touch the Sky by Llin | Multi fandom
Lovely look at girls doing things and having adventures. Great diversity also.

Our Version of Events by silly cleo | Pride and Rent
Very moving. I haven’t seen either movie but I should.

/Firework by happydork | The Gymnast
Beautifully edited, beautiful footage. I want to see this movie now.

Workin’ It by Broken Mnemonic | Magic Mike
Hot! Great editing for the action and dancing.

*Dance Apocalyptic by eruthros and thingswithwings | Multi
Fun multifandom vid. Interesting combo, dancing and the end of status quo/civilization.

+*Supernova Girl by shinyjenni | Multi
Ladies! Lots of fun.

+You Told the Drunks I Knew Karate by beccatoria | Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Awwwww! So cute and so much fun! Excellent vid for Finn and the three of them.

No Source? No Problem:

Bloody Shirt by unfinishedidea | Welcome to Night Vale
Woah, Night Vale is way more violent than I thought if this vid is a good representation!

The Scorpio Races by Tifa | The Scorpio Races
Beautiful footage and vid.

The Name of the Wind Trailer by jumboskittles | The Name of the Wind
Interesting fantasy story. This book is on my To Read list and I’d be interested to rewatch the vid after reading the book to see how the vidder did.

/Trailer for Drastically Redefining Protocol by Zoetrope | Merlin
Great trailer for rageprufrock’s story! I loved the use of RL paparazzi footage for the “fictional footage” of the story. And the newspaper and TV manips were brilliant!

Grisha Trilogy by CarolynOnUTube | The Grisha Trilogy
I’m very intrigued about the story now. Very sharp and beautiful vid.

Written By The Victors – Vid by zulu | Stargate Atlantis
An excellent vid for an amazing fic by Speranza, a fic I still occasionally re-read.

+The Marauders by fakescottishaccent | Harry Potter
I don’t really know anything about Marauder era HP, but this vid made me really curious about it.

Cinder: The Lunar Chronicles || The Future Will Destroy You (FAN-BOOK TRAILER) by Rinoa | The Lunar Chronicles
That looked really cool, and it’s a book I already want to read.

+“Ancillary Justice” book trailer by bironic | Imperial Radch trilogy (multi)
I can’t tell it it’s all footage from the same movie, it’s edited that seamlessly. It’s a book that’s already been picked by my book club to read and now I’m REALLY curious to view it again after reading the book.

+[FanVid]Good Omens by YunJi Jung | Good Omens
Cute vid for the book.

Keys to the Kingdom:

+After the day’s work is done by stardust rain | Marvel Cinematic Universe
Excellent Fury vid, looking at him running Shield and that power, as well as a bit about the Avengers. You don’t get too many vids about Director Fury.

Supremacy by rhoboat | James Bond
Excellent editing. I like that it focused on M and her time in power, and how she handled it.

Monster by awkwardlyary | Empire
I still haven’t seen Empire, but this vid was amazing.

Empty Nest by sweetestdrain | Kings
Another show that I keep seeing amazing vids for at Vividcon and I want to watch.

All the Rowboats by Jetpack Monkey | The Godfather
Interesting song choice for the Godfather, but it works well.

Express Yourself:

+Oh No! by AbsoluteDestiny | Purple Rain
Cool vid for the movie.

Persistence of Memory:

+King and Lionheart by violace | Pacific Rim
Lovely and moving.

Fandom Life:

+Happy by RealTDragon | Cosplay
So much fun!

+Wrong in All The Right Ways by Little Heaven | Duran Duran
This one made one of the ladies smile!

+Pressure by California Crew | Meta and Vidding
A vid about old school VCR vidding. It was really cool to see what the process used to be like.

/True Love by Molly & Sim | Sherlock BBC
I love this JohnLock vid! It’s so cute that they filmed themselves as John and Sherlock, and the vid was entertaining.

Challenge: Descent:

+Taiga by hollywoodgrrl | Interstellar
Beautiful editing, very emotional.

The Edge of Glory by jmtorres | Leverage

Spoken Audio In Vids:

Dean “daddy’s blunt little instrument” [to Virginia] by Alina0405video | Supernatural
The Dean feels! Oh man, punch to the gut.

*Filmography 2013 by Gen Ip | Multi
Amazing editing of many of the movies of 2013.


+Blue Ridge Mountains by Trelkez | Star Wars

+Free by Butterfly | White Collar
OT3! I still don’t like how the show ended, but this makes it a little sweeter.

+Never Wake Me Up by Kitty/Winterevanesce | Multi
Kids and their dreams. <3

+Cool for the Summer by kiki_miserychic | Spy

*+Pompeii by Milly | The Martian
Great epic song choice for the movie, a great vid.

Aphrodesiac by hollywoodgrrl | Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Nearly New:

Epic Loki is Epic by mranderson71 | Thor
Great choreography and song choice.

+Wasp Nest by Gwyneth | Marvel Cinematic Universe
Natasha and her strengths.

Lord King Bad:
Somehow I watched this whole show even though it was shown in 2006? They must have had it streaming for ‘history’ or something.

All My Myself by T. Jonesy | Star Trek TOS
Surprisingly touching and sad. Also, it’s sad there is no download link to it.

Club Vivid:

*+Star Work by Grammarwoman | Star Wars
Great vid for the ladies of Star Wars. Also a great dance vid.

+Raspberry Swirl by ohvienna | Outlander

+Ex’s and Oh’s by Roarkshop | Supernatural
All of Dean’s exes, including Sam lol. A fun vid.

+Pep Rally by Hollywoodgrrl | Game of Thrones
Unusual song choice, but it was a great Club Vivid vid.

+Say Hey (I Love You) by SDWolfpup | The Obamas
This has always been a favorite of mine.

+Wild One by sisabet | Channing Tatum
A fun look at his movies.

+Timber by bessyboo | Star Wars

+You Dropped a Bomb on Me by GhostTownExit | Dr. Strangelove/The Atomic Café
Picked randomly because my husband loves this song. He thought the choice of movies was interesting.

+Shatner of the Mount by Fall on Your Sword | Star Trek: William Shatner
Silly little vid that always makes me smile.

+Larger Than Life by Deejay and Mister Anderson | Pacific Rim
A fun song choice for the movie.

+It’s Tricky by bradcpu & milly | DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

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Hey, for anyone who was interested in the ebook on Zine history I recently posted about, I have something else you might enjoy.  Slashcast's latest episode is called Back to School/Old School and has an excellent discussion on slash history - from zines to mailing lists to Livejournal to AO3.  They touch on everything from different fandoms (Star Trek: The Original Series, The Professionals, X-Files, Harry Potter, Lotrips, and Supernatural) to different topics (underage sex, bdsm, rps, ship wars, and the move from dial-up internet to high speed internet).  It was really interesting to listen to.

ETA:  The part I'm referring to is the Meta Discussion, though the whole episode was fun.

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Here are some fannish things that I wanted to rec.  (OK, quite a few things.  This post got quite long.)

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I was talking with [ profile] thalialunacy  a while back about Karl's characterization being pretty different in Lotrips than it is in STRPS, and thought I might post about it in hopes that there are other Lotrips fans that want to compare notes. Because I'm really curious to know if it's just my impression, or the particular fics I was reading, or if other people think similar things.

Lotrips vs. Strips )

Fic Recs )



So I’m curious to know what other fans think.  Is that how you saw him in Lotrips too, or am I only remembering the fics that played into this image of him that I liked so much?  I think I had serious D/s goggles on while reading him in Lotrips, so I don’t trust myself to say for sure that’s how he was universally portrayed.  I’d be very interested to read examples of different characterizations.  You know, for research.  ;D

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The interesting thing about coming to a fandom through vids is that you learn about the source in fractured pieces. You see glimpses of scenes both important and mundane, but you can't always intuit their meaning just from the vids. It's like looking at individual puzzle pieces: you can get the gist of the picture, without really knowing the full context and structure of the whole picture. You still have to watch the source to really understand the significance of the clips. So even if you are spoiled by seeing an action in a vid, you still have the pleasure of watching the source and gaining a full understanding of that moment in its proper context.

I'm thinking of Firefly in particular. I watched quite a few vids before I ever saw the show. All the shots of River fighting, the scenes with the needle in the forehead, her popping up from the box, none of it made sense until I watched the show. The vids were intriguing enough to hook my attention, but not enough to really spoil my discovery of the show while watching it.

It's a different experience from fic. You can gather a lot about the source from fic. A surprising amount. I'm thinking of Stargate Atlantis here. I read a huge amount of fic for SGA before ever watching the show. While there were still plot points that either no one had mentioned, or I just hadn't remembered, I knew these characters. It was like revisiting old friends, even though I hadn't seen the show yet. (Though I had seen a few vids) I knew their backstory, knew their personalities, knew their quirks of habit. It was like a revelation seeing it unfold onscreen, just like I had imagined it in my head. Some things were made clearer by watching the show, like John's hair and his laconic smirk, and Rodney's slanting mouth and look of vulnerability. But for the most part it was just like the writers had described. Or at least, there was enough of what the writers had described so that I could see what I wanted.

In my experience, most vids reward a strong understanding of the source with a very rich and layered experience while viewing. Most fic includes enough dialogue and internal thoughts that someone new to the fandom can follow along fairly well. The two firefly vids that got me thinking about this are Must Be Dreaming by corn_child (I’ve lost the link now, but it's an amazing vid. PM me if you want a copy. Or tell me if you have a link :) and Serenity by [ profile] luminosity  . 
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(Sorry about the LJ fail, it keeps eating my post!  This is my fifth take at getting this damn thing to post, and it's just not letting me put in my damn links.  aesldfghkeqjrhtkjaner So, all links are listed at the end of each paragraph.)

So feanna linked me to some Kirk/Spock meta the other day and I've spent the last couple of days looking through some of it. Instead of writing as much as I should, because I wasn't really feeling up to it. Maybe today I'll get some more writing done. Fans that have shipped K/S longer than me may have seen these links already, but I figure I'll put them out there just in case some haven't.  K/S probably isn't my OTP, that would be Kirk/McCoy.  At least for XI.  I haven't seen enough TOS to have a proper opinion yet, but I do like TOS K/S, and Spock/McCoy.  However I still enjoy K/S fic, and they are the Father of slash.  Who wouldn't want to read more about the history of both?

The Ships Closet: A video-blog style series where she argues that Kirk and Spock had a cannon relationship that was more than friendship or Captain/Commander. She doesn't try to say that they had a sexual relationship during TOS, but I believe she makes the argument for romantic love very well. Fans who have shipped K/S for a while may be familiar with many of her points, but she said a few things that I hadn't heard before. Plus I like the way she incorporated TOS video clips into the segments, intercutting them with her comments at times. It was a great way to visually make her point, and it made for an interesting change from reading the meta. She was specific and detailed, a little bit snarky, and she made me laugh with her comments and squee. I think this is a must-watch for K/S shippers.

"The Footnote," by Judith Gran:  Her detailed analysis of Rodenberry's footnote in the ST:TMP novel where Kirk answers the question of whether or not he and Spock had a sexual relationship. Many people say that Kirk said no, but Judy argues that he doesn't answer the question one way or the other.  Very interesting look at Kirk and his answer about Spock.

Censored by Judith Gran, 1999: An essay that discusses the migration of K/S fic from printed media to the net, and how that shook print fandom because they were sure it would cause TPTB to notice fic and crack down on copyright violations. Judith contends that Paramount knew about fan fic and had no intentions of bothering with it. It's a good parallel to the OTW 'outing' fandom by making the Org and Archive, and hopefully the outcome will be the same; nothing happens and we go about our fun business.

Kirk/Spock Ship Manifesto by killabeez : Passionate and detailed manifesto for k/s that includes her top 10 k/s episodes, discussion of some of the novels, and links to rec lists, comms and archives for the pairing. Another must-read for K/S fans.

Spork! An Erotic Love Story, by jiaren_shadow and cirrocumulus : They edited together parts of Zachary Quinto reading the official novelization for XI into an explicit K/S sex scene, and OMG it's outrageous and hilarious. They do a surprisingly great job making an explicit story out of something that is probably PG. I mean, they got ZQ to say "cock" and "ass" for Christ's sake! Even if K/S isn't your ship you should still listen for the crack value.

The Trekkers Credo by Judith Gran: Not specifically K/S, but I loved it and had to rec it. It's a Trek-style remix of the Nicene Creed (or the Apostle's Creed, as my husband called it). It's blasphemous, hilarious, and heartwarming for a Trek fan. It reminded me of Preacher!Anon's goodbye sermon for st_xi_kink , set to Sinatra's "I Did It My Way." They both gave me the same feeling of glee and joy for my fandom, plus a feeling of sorrow at things ending, but faith that it will be continued on in some other form or fashion. Pretty deep stuff for a simple TV show and movie, eh? Plus I swear there was a Prayer to st_anon , but I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know where it is?


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I've just finished Season 1 of Heroes and I really enjoyed it.  Is it wrong that every time Sylar came onscreen I got excited?  I couldn't help squeeing a little about Spock! and Zach!, and almost forgot that Sylar is one seriously creepy bad dude.  :D

Spoilery Heroes thoughts )

I really want to get into some good Mylar fic, but I'm a little hesitant to go looking so I don't get spoiled.  Anyone have any good season 1 only recs?
ETA:  I've just found the Roadtrip tag at the Archive of our Own, that looks like a promising place to find fic!

I was recently talking a bit with Xela about Stargate: Atlantis and how some of the writers don't really like the John character, and that made me wonder how much of my love of Atlantis, John and Rodney comes from fic and not from the show itself.  I discovered Atlantis through McShep fic before I ever saw any of the show.  In fact, I read a lot of fic before I saw the show.  There is some extremely excellent SGA fic out there and it sold me on these two characters not only being in a relationship together, but on John being a character with a lot of skill and intelligence, and hidden emotional depths that hide a fragile soul, and Rodney being strong and brave underneath his bluster and social awkwardness, an everyday hero.  These popular characterizations of them from fic color my reading of the show very heavily, and now I don't know if the characters are really this way or if I'm reading more into them than is really there.  John isn't as appealing if you don't think of him as having a traumatic past that makes getting close to people painful, but once he does it's full of passion and fierce loyalty.  The show is still good regardless, but I enjoy the extra back story and emotion.  To me this shows how powerful fic can be, and that is a wonderful thing.


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