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I read the most amazingly intense fic recently and I had to rec it.  OK, it was like 2 weeks ago, but better a late rec than never, right?  My thanks to [ profile] emiliglia  and [ profile] weepingnaiad  for the fantastic rec!

In Perfect Trust by [ profile] mijan : 
Kirk/McCoy, Star Trek Reboot, fic, NC-17.  Warnings: BDSM, Medical kink, sounding, needleplay.  Intense kink here, bbs!
Summary:"Everything feels just... it's like I'm itching for something that I can't quite scratch. So I wanted something that could… snap me out of that. Feel like I'm trying something new and dangerous.
It certainly wasn't how Leonard McCoy had ever hoped to discover Jim's more unusual sexual interests, but now that he knew, he wasn't going to let the opportunity slip for either of them... if Jim trusted him enough.
This is one gorgeous fic.  Seriously, I can't even tell you. The trust, it's one of the most beautiful, intense things I've read in a while. I was uncertain in the beginning, very much like Jim, because I've read very little medical kink and I didn‘t know where mijan was going to go with it. But the sensations were incredible, just incredible, and probably intensified by those very feelings of nerves and uncertainty.  This fic was everything I never knew I wanted from these kinks!

Mijan did a wonderful job of showing the logic and thought process behind the things going on in the fic, but also describing the uncertainty and sensations in such a way that I felt them too.  It was as though Mijan was guiding me through these unknown kinks with the information I needed to trust enough to let go and enjoy, while still allowing me to experience the fear of the unknown.  It was actually the perfect read for how stressed I've been feeling lately.  It made me forget about everything and just experience the story.

Also, the kink was written so that it fit surprisingly well with their personalities. I could really see Jim responding like this, getting off on this. It seems to really explain some things about Jim and Bones in the new movie - more discussion from mijan in my comments here, after you''ve read the fic.  I really appreciated the way these unusual desires and activities were woven into the characters as I know and love them, and felt so organic to them.  This fic is perfect for BDSM readers who like to really push the envelope, but still want realistic fic that is safe, sane and consensual.
Now I need to follow this up by reading Blissfully So[ profile] weepingnaiad 's sounding fic for [ profile] km_anthology !

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Title: Waking Up In Vegas
Author: [ profile] pslasher
Rating: NC-17
Words: 7,800
Prompt: Drunk, public/semipublic, married sex.  Written for [ profile] km_anthology.
Summary: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
Notes/Warnings: Lots of sex and some angst. Inspired by the song Waking Up In Vegas by Katy Perry, with visuals for the club scene from the gorgeous Queer as Folk fanvid When the Sun Goes Down by [ profile] buffyann. Beta by the fabulous [ profile] thalialunacy.  Crossposted at km_anthology, kirk_mccoy, and the Archive of Our Own, eBook downloads of this fic available here.

He threw his arms open wide and exclaimed, 'Pick your poison, Bones! Dabo, poker, or the dancing Orion girls?' )


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