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Hi folks!  Long time no see!  I come asking favors.  Pretty soon my bookclub will be going through our selection process for the next year.  My list of books is due at the end of April.  I've decided to do something wild and put fanfics on my list this time around.  My book club is awesome - they all know I read and write fanfic (though I don't tell them what I write, I'm not that ballsy) and they think it's cool.  They encouraged me to make Fanfic the theme for my list this year and I decided to do it because I'd love to introduce them to some amazing fic.  There are just two issues:

1. I'm not comfortable putting slash or femslash on the list.  I'm not ready to fess up to that in our group meeting, and I'm definitely not interested in putting something on the list that I think most of them really don't want to read.  I think a couple of them would be cool with slash if it was well written and maybe not too overly erotic, but not everyone.

2. The only rule of our club is that the book has to be brand new to everyone, so that means I can't just rec the few Gen or Het fics that I know are good.  I'm not the biggest Gen or Het reader, so I don't have much in my To Read file that I can go to.  Thus, I need help!

The club members read all genres, from romance to action, so feel free to rec anything that meets the above criteria.  Here are some fandoms that I think would work for the group at large:
Harry Potter (the club read the first 4 or 5 books together so this is a great choice - except I don't know the HP world well enough to get to the good stuff easily)
Star Trek (amazingly, I'm not finding as much Gen or Het that will work as I expected)
Star Wars (Ditto the HP note)
Avengers (Probably best to stick with movie-verse, but I know one member has comics knowledge)
Sherlock BBC (They are short enough to binge watch if they go with that choice, and I can loan them my copies if needed)
AU's from any fandom that don't require any cannon knowledge

I've got some choices lined up at this pinboard tag but I'd love some more to pick from.  Oh, also I'm trying to pick novel-length stories.  The definition of a novel-length story apparently varies greatly, so I'm going with 40,000 words because it's what the SFFWA specifies.  If it's a couple of thousand words short I'd still consider it.


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