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I've discovered that Goodreads has recently updated it's rules to allow Fanfic to be listed on the site.  There are now five lists for voting for your favorite fic (up from two in the last couple of weeks, Goodreads must have just changed the rule because I know that previously Goodreads was deleting fanfic off the site), but here are the three biggest: Fanfiction.  You know you want to, Favorite Fanfiction (Completed only), and M/M Supernatural and J2 Fanfic Compilations.  You can find more by searching "fic", "fanfic" or "fanfiction" on the Lists page (you may need a Goodreads account for this).  I'm not sure how I feel about all this.

On the one hand, I think fic is just as deserving of praise and recognition as published fiction.  It takes just as much skill to write good fic as good published fiction, it's just a little different.  And I have to admit, showing the world that fanfic can be WAY better than 50 Shades of Grey appeals to me greatly.  I've really enjoyed reading some of the comments on some of the fics listed. 
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Also, I'm curious to know what you think of people adding fic to Goodreads, either adding other people's fics, or adding any fic at all.
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From her post here:


I may end up having to take down some of/all of my fic (&podfic?) so to be in the safe side, if there's stuff you want to keep but haven't yet downloaded, this might be a good time!

(Longer version at link above)

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I don't know if I should laugh or cry or what.  So much for being underground.  *facepalm*
Via [personal profile] xela_fic 

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I ran across this the other day: The Map of the Lands of Human Sexuality.  It's got practically every kind of kink known to (wo)mankind listed on it, and boy is it thorough.  It was kind of amazing to look at it all, but the best part of all?  Slash fanfic has it's own little spot!  See if you can find it!


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