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First of all, let me just link to this:
The Morning After by Ambyr: Anthropomorphic, Pinboard/Fandom.  Teen, 605 words
This absolutely made me laugh.  What a perfect little summary of the situation!  I love the way fandom comes up with little anthropomorphic fics to express ourselves about stuff like this.  Back when Dreamwidth was coming out I loved the anthropomorfic produced about that situation, too.  (Like Open Beta by ArisTGD)

More interesting links 
The Great Delicious Migration - a collection of fans and where they can be found on the net.  It's kept in a GDoc that's open to be edited by the public.  I've put my info in.

Updates on the Delicious situation, and what changes are being made to the features.  Also includes a lot of other social bookmarking related links, including Diigo, Pinboard, AO3, and other stuff.  Great links.

And to add to the list of people talking about what fandom wants out of bookmarking sites, whether they be existing sites or brand new from-the-ground-up sites:  Brand new site, by Kaigou

I found that Diigo cut short many of my bookmark summaries, which displeases me.  Also, some of my bookmarks have gone missing, and I have no idea if it's a problem with the Delicious export, or Diigo import.  I don't know if I'm motivated to figure it out, since I'm not sure I'll be using it much.

Also, Diigo will automatically turn porn bookmarks private, and they had this to say about 'inappropriate' language: "As for bookmarks containing bad/inappropriate words such as sex, porn, sexy in title/description/tag/annotation, our system will convert them to private automatically"  That's not really working for me as a policy.  Although I have to say that so far my hate!sex tag is still visible (for which I have very few fics, but it was the first example I could think of), as are bookmarks by others with that tag (though not very many at all).  So... who knows if/how thoroughly they are moderating this.

The Pinboard people are very welcoming to fandom.  They've tweeted about fandom (here and here) and have been laid back about existing users complaining about the influx of fannish bookmarks (that post made me lol, for real.  I can sort of understand that guy's issue - he just wasn't prepared for the impact fandom can have).  They've asked for our ideas and requests for features for the site, and are interacting with fans in this Gdoc.  That makes me feel fantastic about putting my bookmarks with them, and for paying for the site.

Because of Diigo's porn and 'inappropriate language' policy I've gotten a Pinboard account: Pslasher.  Please comment or friend/follow me if you're over there!  I'm still not entirely sure where I'll end up; I'll keep you updated ;)  In order for others to see that you have bookmarked them (thus making your network public) you have to check the box.

Pinboard does have networks after all, and so far I like their nework view better than Diigo's.  Diigo doesn't show the tags given to a bookmark in the network view, and I find that isn't helpful to me since so much info about a fic is given in the tags.

10 Pinboard features you might not know about

Maybe I'll do a Pinboard vs. Delicious features post after I've fiddled with it a bit more.
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Holy Mother of God, what did Delicious DO?  I thought we were done with all the changes!!  Did I somehow miss the news that they were taking away networks, subscriptions, and totally changing the site interface?  Or did they just do it without telling us first?  So much of the functionality I loved about Delicious is gone now, and a huge thing for fandom is that tags with a / in them no longer work.

So I am now at diigo.  (Oddly enough, all bookmarks with slashes have been changed to underscores in diigo...  But at least they converted them, and didn't just leave them as is and give me a 404 error when clicking on them like delicious did.)  Diigo is certainly different from delicious, I guess it'll just take a little time to get used to it.  I've found a group for Delicious users now on Diigo which seems to be a gathering of fannish folks.  If you're over there drop me a line so I can friend you!  (Or follow, or whatever the word is) 

My ultimate desire is to bookmark all fannish works over at my AO3 profile (where I already have 106 bookmarks, most of them not bookmarked in delicious or diigo).  I'd like to keep all fic, podfic, art, vids, ect... at the AO3 and all other bookmarks (communities I like, meta, non-fannish stuff) at diigo (or wherever I wind up).  The only reason I haven't done that is the AO3 bookmarks don't have much functionality yet, and there is no import option.  But the OTW is working on it!  They said today that they are working on improving bookmarks and hope to have better functionality in the next few months.  You can check out what they currently have and what they plan to have here.

I thought about pinboard, but decided I'm not sure about paying, since it looks like it doesn't have networks.  We'll see, I might decide to switch it up after using diigo a bit.

ETA:  Apparently Delicious is considered back in beta - they say they are working on the site still and are taking feedback from users.  So our stuff might all come back.  Eventually.  THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE TO KNOW about 2 hours ago!

ursamajor over at Dreamwidth is thinking about making a Dreamwidth version of delicious and is taking suggestions over here.  I think it's an overhaul of the memories function combined with possible off-site bookmarking, though they seem to be very open to ideas.  I think that's really cool, as I consider Dreamwidth to be a fan-friendly long-term environment.


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