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Title: A Kiss That You Want With Your Whole Life

Fandom: Star Trek AOS RPS

Relationships: Chris Pine/Karl Urban, Karl Urban/Natalie Urban

Characters: Chris Pine, Karl Urban, Natalie Urban, Zoe Saldana, Zach Quinto, Bruce Greenwood

Rating: Explicit

Length: 34,669

Contains: no spoilers, polyamory, Alternate Universe – BDSM, knife play, spanking, angst

Summary: Karl goes to work in the biggest role of his life, and winds up faced with the biggest choice of his life.

Author’s Note: For Thalialunacy. This story wouldn’t exist without you, bb.  Title is from the poetry of Rumi.
This story is not really finished and polished, so some parts are rough.  I left this story at a point where I could consider it the end of part one of a series, or just an unfinished WIP.  I thought a lot about whether to post it - it isn't finished and I don't want to disappoint readers because I may never come back to it.  But I love it and am damn proud of it, and I was encouraged by a friend to post it so I will.  Just know that it's got a major cliffhanger!
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Chapter 1


Chris Pine caught him after the first read through, as he was gathering up his script and water bottle from his spot at the long table. "Hey Karl, you want to take a look around at the sets? Have you gotten a chance to see anything yet?"

"No, not yet. They kept me pretty busy with wardrobe and stuff yesterday. I'd love to."

"Oh man, you're gonna love the bridge!" Chris grinned at him, excited and eager and Karl couldn’t help but grin back. He'd been looking forward to this for months, and being able to share that excitement with a cast mate was inspiring.

The bridge set was large and spacious, but nowhere near being finished. It was mostly plywood with sawdust piled in the corners of the floor, just a rough suggestion of consoles. The change in elevation of the floor was marked off with an in-adequate looking 2x4 handrail. Karl could already visualize being on the finished deck fighting Nero and struggling to save Earth.

"That's going to be the viewscreen over there," Chris waved at the large wall with a huge cut-out across from them, and stepped into a space in the middle of the empty floor, holding his arms out. "And this right here is going to be my chair."

"You know Bruce and Zach get a shot at that chair before you, right?" Karl dropped his script by the door and walked along the curve of consoles to his right, one possibility after another for the finished set flickering through his mind.

"Yeah, well, the Enterprise is my baby,” he replied, all but patting the temporary railing in front of him. “They're just holding her for me."

Karl snorted. “Just because you’re the interloper who steals command from Spock doesn’t make it rightfully yours.”

“To the victor go the spoils,” Chris replied nonchalantly, gazing around with such a look of contentment on his face that Karl had to laugh.

The excitement of the cast and crew over making the film was palpable during the read-through, and the eagerness with which everyone had devoted to reading their lines and hashing out scenes earlier in the day was contagious. Karl hadn't been this excited over a film since Rings. He didn't think anything would compare to that experience, but Trek was promising to be a similar experience already.

“It is Kirk’s destiny to command the Enterprise,” Karl finally conceded.

Chris turned around and beamed at him, and Karl marveled at the way his blue eyes crinkled and his grin seemed to pull answering energy from Karl. “Come on, let me show you Medical! And Nero’s ship!”

Medical was more complete than the bridge. The flooring, walls, beds and nurses station were all in place, though none of the set dressings were put out yet. Karl ran his hands along the top of the nurse’s desk as he walked past, taking everything in. This is where Bones would be spending a lot of his time, a place that was central to who Bones was as a person. Karl got goosbumps with the anticipation of bringing Bones to life again, and suddenly he understood Chris’ earlier exuberance.

“And Dr. Puri is just holding Medical for me,” he said to Chris. Chris grinned at him, and Karl knew he understood.

They lingered for a while discussing Bones and Kirk and Trek in general. Chris razzed him good-naturedly for being a geek and Karl bumped his shoulder into Chris’ in retaliation.

By the time Chris was done dragging him through the whole lot Karl was ready to collapse. “Look, you want to get some dinner? I’m starving, and it doesn’t look like J.J. is going to need anything else from us today.”

Chris rubbed his stomach absently. “Yeah, I guess. Hey!” He brightend up. “We could swing by the In-N-Out a few blocks from here. Wanna see if the others are interested?”

“Sure.” Karl was eager to get to know everyone better. A day full of discussion over the script was a great start, but half of them already knew each other so Karl had a lot of catching up to do.

Chris managed to round up Zach, Zoe, John and Anton and they all caravanned down the road, Chris leading them deftly through traffic to the drive-through. Karl hadn’t eaten at In-N-Out for ages and a burger and strawberry shake sound good. They ordered and then crowded in around one of the outdoor tables, jostling for room. The sun had started to set, casting golden Magic Hour beams across the table, and the air was a cooler, more comfortable temperature.

“I haven’t had a double double in ages. You just can’t get this in New Zealand,” Karl says, stuffing a few fries into his mouth.

“You Kiwi’s just have no concept of good food," Chris said around a mouthful, waving his burger under Karl's nose.

Karl shoved him playfully. “We aren’t all a bunch of sheep herders out in the middle of nowhere, you know. We have takeaway.”

"So Karl, you live in New Zealand, right?" Zoe asked from where she was perched in Zach’s lap feeding him fries. "How do you like the States?"

"I always enjoy visiting. In fact, I'm here so much I keep an apartment for shooting." He smiled wistfully. "I do miss my family, though. It's just not home without Natalie and the boys."

"Aww." Zoe bent to brush her lips across Zach's hair. "It must be hard to be away from her so much."

"Yeah. You have no idea how hard it is to assert your dominance over the phone."

Zoe laughed. "I do, in fact. The few times Zach has gone to New York without me were a trial."

"Oh, God, spare us your toppy commiseration." Karl looked over to see Chris making an adorable yucky face at Anton.

"So the great Kirk is a sub, huh?"

"You know it," Chris bragged. "Chris Pine can do anything."

"You mean 'will do anything that breathes’," John said, throwing a fry across the table at Chris.

"Screw you, Cho. We don't all have a gorgeous dominant to go home to."

They laughed, and Chris winked at Karl before biting into his burger. “Hey, Karl, you play basketball?”

“Sure, every now and again.”

“You should come over sometime. We could shoot some hoops, read lines. Whatever.”

Karl smiled. “Yeah, I’d like that.”


Karl leaned up against the door, looking across the large room to where Chris, John and Zach were practicing their fight scenes. He’d finished up with a wardrobe fitting and wandered around the set space a bit, getting his bearings and enjoying peeking at the Bridge set, which was coming along quickly. He’d stumbled across the empty lot which had a corner converted into gym space, and stayed to watch Chris sparing with a man Karl didn’t know, and supervised by Tony, the stunt coordinator.

Chris and the other man were in the middle of the room, Chris holding a football helmet and swinging it at the other man, which then devolved into a fist fight. Chris frowned as he fought, hesitating on a few moves and swinging too wide on a few others.

“Chris, you’ve got to pay attention or you’ll get Matt across the face for real with that helmet!” Tony called out. Chris and the other man, presumably Matt, broke apart panting and wiping at their sweaty brows. “Okay, done for the day, boys. Good job with your training, everyone, you’ve learned well. Let me know if you have any further questions before shooting starts on these scenes.”

They nodded and trudged across the room to the bench with their stuff, Chris waving at Karl. He grabbed his bag and a towel, wiping his face as he came over.

“I guess Starfleet Academy training is over,” Karl said as Chris gulped at his water.

“Yeah, unfortunately. I couldn’t seem to get anything right today, I hope I can get it together before shooting starts.” He was still sort of breathless, flushed and his hair was sticking up all over the place.

Chris seemed naturally athletic so Karl had been a little surprised to see him off his rhythm the whole time he’d been watching. “I’m sure you’ll be fine. Tony said earlier in the week you did great, right?”

Chris shrugged noncommittally.

“Want to read lines or something tonight? Get your mind off it.”

Chris shrugged again. “Sure, follow me over?”

Karl stepped back from the door. “Lead the way.”

It was a short drive to Chris’ place. Or, short for LA traffic, anyway. They were after the major rush hour, so it wasn’t long before they had pulled up and were jogging up the stairs to his front door.

“Make yourself at home,” Chris said, toeing off his shoes at the front door and waving Karl towards the kitchen. “There’s beer in the fridge. I’m hitting the shower, be out in a few.”

Karl grabbed a Pabst Blue Ribbon, laughing to himself that Chris always had beer but almost never anything else in his fridge. The same pizza box and half a wrap from the deli up the street were still there from when they played ball five days ago. He kicked up his feet on the coffee table, turning on ESPN while he waited.

Chris’ hair was still wet when he came back out, but this time artfully messy. He was dressed nicely, dark skinny jeans and a polo that fit him snugly across the chest and biceps. He held up the cigarette he’d lit. “Do you mind?”

Karl shrugged. “Your house.” He didn’t smoke anymore, but it had never bothered him the way it did other people after they’d quit.

Chris dropped his script down on the coffee table and flopped down on the other end of the couch. “Can you believe JJ with this red script and all the secrecy and shit?”

“This is the biggest thing since Pirates of the Carribbean, people are going to be all over this. I can’t blame him.”

“Eh, people need to relax. It’s just a movie.”

“You really think the press won’t be on any tiny spoiler in a heartbeat? They’ll know about it in Korea a half hour after any journalist gets their hands on some little bit of info. He’s just taking precautions.” When Chris just thumped his head back on the couch and sighed Karl raised an eyebrow at him. “How about we get started. What do you want to work on?”

“We’re starting on the shuttle scenes together first, let’s do that.”


Karl tossed his script onto the coffee table and rubbed at his eyes. “I think our concentration is shot tonight. You’ve flubbed that line like eight times.”

The sound of Chris’ lighter was loud in the quiet of the apartment, followed by a quiet inhale. Karl eyed him.

“That’s like your fifth one in two hours.”

Chris huffed a little laugh and turned a bit to exhale away from Karl. “Yeah.”

“You’ve been forgetting lines all night, too. You must be tired.”

“Stop smoking so much, settle down, Chris, you need to try harder to concentrate, Chris. What are you, my mom?”

Karl frowned a bit. Chris wasn’t usually so curt. Or jumpy. His toe was tapping against the coffee table leg, and the hand holding his cigarette was tapping out a little pattern against the armrest, causing his smoke to dance and wave. “Well, I wasn’t going to say all that, but yeah. What’s up, man?”

Chris shrugged. “I’m just antsy I guess. Got a little energy to work off or something. I think I’m going out tonight.”

“Oh yeah? Anywhere in particular?”

“I really like this little club a few blocks from here, I’ve had some good luck there. You heading back home?”

Karl shrugged. “No real plans for the night.”

Chris nodded and tapped his ash into an ashtray on the end table. “Just gonna chill, cool. I’ll catch up with you on Monday then?”

Karl nodded slowly. He’d been kind of hoping Chris would invite him along. It would have been fun to get out of the apartment and get to know Chris better, but he wouldn’t impose. “Yeah, man. I hope you have a good time.”




Chris was dangling from wires in front of a green screen with John Cho when Karl saw him next. They’d been twisting and turning around while hanging upside down, buffetted by wind machines from below as they filmed falling off the drill platform.

“Cut!” JJ called from behind the camera. “Excellent job, Chris! Great focus today, good job on keeping everything safe and capturing all that pretty quickly.”

Chris and John were lowered to the ground, which Karl thought was a good thing because Chris looked red enough to pass out. He disappeared into costuming and Karl caught him later when he came out dressed in his ubiquitous jeans, white t-shirt, and converse.

“Hey! Great job on set today. I caught a bit of your wire work and you looked good up there. It’s going to look killer on screen.”

Chris smiled tiredly, but he looked pleased with himself. “I’m just glad it went well. That shit is hard! John passed out twice.”

“Jeez, that’s intense,” Karl said. “JJ said no one got hurt, that’s good. You feel like you got your groove back today?”

“Oh yeah, I just needed to rest up, unwind. You know how it goes. It was a good weekend. Hey, want to grab some dinner?”

Karl smiled. They could talk about their first day of shooting in a couple of weeks, get a little more into the characters before they started. Karl loved that Chris was so passionate about Kirk, it was a blast talking about the different ways they could play things out on camera. “Yeah, I could eat.”


“ Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness,” Karl growled, doing his best to screw his face up into a scowl for the twentieth time that day.

“Cut!” JJ popped out from behind the monitor and wound his way past the cameras and lights to lean on the fake bulkhead beside them. “Chris, you’re fidgeting again, and your head showed up in the shot. Kirk isn’t supposed to be the insecure one here, it’s Bones.”

Chris nodded, seemingly avidly listening to JJ, but Karl thought he could sense a growing frustration underneath the bright smile and ‘whatever you say’ attitude. “I’m sorry, JJ, I’m just having a hard time channeling Kirk here. I’ll do better, I know we’re all just trying to get out of here.”

JJ pursed his lips, but merely said, “It’ll come together, we’ll just do one more,” before striding off and calling for a light reset.

“You doing ok?” Karl asked quietly. He could tell Chris wasn’t, he’d never seen him so messed up. He’d fumbled his lines multiple times, strayed into Karl’s shot several times, and yesterday it had taken him almost fifty takes to get the hit-his-head-on-the-bulkhead and “As you were, gentlemen,” scene right. Karl just didn’t know how else to ask; anything more blunt felt like rubbing Chris’ face in his mess.

Chris reached up to rub his eyes, but stopped at the last second before ruining his makeup. He thumped his head back on the headrest and let out a long, deep breath. “I’m fine. I just need a smoke break.” Karl snorted and Chris sighed again. “I mean, I’m having a crappy day, but nothing’s really wrong. It’s just a crappy day. I’m freaking restless is all.” He tapped his thumb against the armrest between them.

“Hey, relax,” Karl said, laying his hand on Chris’ wrist to still his movement. “Just take a couple of deep breaths.”

Chris frowned a little but closed his eyes and breathed, the second and third breaths coming a little slower than the first.

Karl wrapped his fingers around Chris’ wrist and squeezed gently. “You got this. We rehearsed these lines till you could say them in your sleep.” He bumped his shoulder against Chris’. “JJ’s already had, like, ten espressos today. He’s going to have a heart attack if we have to do this another five times.” Chris laughed, though it was quiet and tired sounding.

Karl rubbed his thumb across the back of Chris’ hand a few times before letting go and settling back into his own seat so they weren’t touching anymore. That was a bit of an intimate gesture, one that he normally wouldn’t make with a submissive he wasn’t flirting with or already intimately familiar with, but it had seemed like a natural thing to do. And Chris looked a little more relaxed, so Karl guessed it had been worth it.

“It’s Friday, anyway,” Karl said. “We’ll be off in an hour and then you’ve got a couple of days to relax.”

“Yeah, the party on Sunday is gonna be fun,” he said, smiling at Karl for the first time since they’d said hello that morning.

Karl ducked his head a little. The crew was hosting a party at a bar downtown to celebrate Karl, Zoe, and Bruce starting their shooting schedules. He waved his hand. “It’s just a reason to go out and drink.”

“Hell, yeah, it’s a good reason to go out and drink! I just gotta see if Zach can give me a ride.” At Karl’s inquiring glance he shrugged. “I hate taking cabs, they always recognize me and want to talk to me about this script they’re working on and if I can get someone to look at it, or whatever. And I plan to party hard so I can’t drive.”

“Ah. Smart of you. I’m on your way, I could swing by for you if you want.”

“You wouldn’t mind?”

Karl shrugged. He liked spending time with Chris, liked it a lot. “Nah, it’s nothing, don’t worry about it. What time do you want me to come by?”

“How about seven.” Chris grinned, a sweet, genuinely delighted smile that made Karl’s breath catch.

Shit. He might be enjoying his time with Chris a bit too much.




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Title: Love Is Not a Blessing

Fandom: Vampire Diaries TV

Relationships: Katherine Pierce/Damon Salvatore, Katherine Pierce/Stefan Salvatore, Emily Bennett & Katherine Pierce

Characters: Katherine Pierce, Damon Salvatore, Stefan Salvatore, Giuseppe Salvatore, Emily Bennett

Rating: General Audiences

Length: 10,602 words

Contains: mild spoilers

Summary: Katherine rises from the wreckage of war and tries to build a new life for herself.

Author’s Note: Un-beta’d. Title inspired by the song Heavy In Your Arms by Florence and the Machine [LJ / DW]. Contains references to, and sometimes dialog from, these episodes: S1E6 Lost Girls, S5E 500 Years of Solitude.

This is an abandoned WIP. My writing time is limited right now and this story grew into something that would need a lot of time to do well, but it’s not really what I want to be spending my time on right now. I love it a lot, though, and didn’t want to just delete it. I like to think I may come back and finish it at a later date, but that’s probably really just wishful thinking. In the meantime, someone else may enjoy it. You can read Chapter 1 as a standalone story of how Katherine and Emily meet.

Read more... )

Chapter 2: DW | LJ
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Title: The Infinity Between Us (Sharp With the Glitter of Memory)

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries (TV)
Relationships: Damon Salvatore & Stefan Salvatore
Damon Salvatore, Stefan Salvatore, Giuseppe Salvatore, Mrs. Salvatore
Category: Gen
Rating: General
Length: 6,659 words
Contains: mild spoilers, canonical character death that occurs offscreen
Summary: Life changes you, and some things are irreversible.

Author’s Note: I stopped paying attention to cannon for my writing a while ago: my stories go AU during Season 3 and I don’t consider this series to be at all compliant with ‘current’ canon after Season 4, and I stopped incorporating flashbacks into my stories after Season 5. Therefore, my ‘Mrs. Salvatore’ is different than Lillian Salvatore as depicted in Season 6. In fact, I only discovered her existence in the series by accident just before posting this story, as I am currently way behind on TVD. I like the way I’ve written her and have no wish to catch up on months of show before posting, so consider yourself warned that she will likely be considerably OCC, starting with her name. Also, other characters may become OOC as I continue to write this series.

I’ve adjusted Damon’s birth date from 1839 to 1843 to make him closer in age to Stefan. I always thought of them being relatively close in age until I learned (again, while writing this) there was actually a larger age gap, but by then my impression of them was cemented. I don’t feel it has any bearing on the actual story the show presents, so I’ve decided to leave it.

Beta by [ profile] scorpiod1.




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Title: I am My Beloved’s, and My Beloved is Mine
Fandom: Star Trek: AOS
Relationships: Christine Chapel/Leonard McCoy/Spock
Rating: Explicit
Length: 5,285
Contains: PWP, sex pollen, spoilers for TOS
Summary: There’s a Tribble in Sick Bay that makes for a very unusual day at work.

Author’s Note: Hovering over the Hebrew will provide an English translation. Beta by [personal profile] sangueuk, with help for the pop-up html from [personal profile] xela_fic. This was inspired by a random comment by [ profile] seashadows during a [ profile] st_respect Ship Olympics party post. This proves that my brain is indeed random as fuck since this stuck with me for so long, and since I actually got my shit together to write this before everything else that needs to be written. 

Also, after 6 years of St:AOS fandom how am I putting the first Chapel/McCoy/Spock fanwork on AO3? Shame on you fandom for not living up to IDIC! ;D


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Title: The Perpetual Squee Machine
Author: [personal profile] pslasher
Fandom: Monsters, Inc., Fandom
Category: Gen
Rating: PG
Length: 696
Notes: I wrote this months ago while home sick with a cold, but then forgot about it. I blame the Nyquil. :D Today feels like the day for some fannish squee. Crossposted to the Archive of Our Own.


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I hope your birthday is as awesome as you!!

In an effort to make it so, I've got a few things for you.  It's a bit early, but I figured you wouldn't mind celebrating tonight.  :D

First: a drabble.  A little morning-after Urbine, by me.

Chris woke up the next morning with one leg tangled up between Karl’s knees and an arm half under Karl’s shoulder. He tipped his head to the side to look at the man in his bed. Karl’s face was smushed into the pillow, his hair sticking up every which way. The morning sun shone through the blinds and illuminated the golden curve of his shoulder and cheekbone.

Chris let out a shuttering breath and rolled a bit until he was curled up facing Karl, fingers trailing across bare skin.

Karl hmmmed a little, then opened one eye. “Morning,” he whispered.


Second:  A video.  Not made by me, sadly.  It's called I'm Your Man by [ profile] charmax .  I remember you saying once that you loved a woman in a tuxedo so you'll love this vid.  :D


And last:  Some Icons.  The faces of NOH8 by [ profile] xelaz_iconz .    I thought of you when I came across these a while back, but never got around to telling you about the post.  I know you usually use your own icon, but I thought you might want to peek at them.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday and year!  *Hugs and love*

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Author: [ profile] pslasher 
Fandom: White Collar
Pairing/Moresome: Peter/Elizabeth/Neal
Rating: PG
Length: 386
Notes: Contains Domestic schmoop, cold weather.  Thanks to [ profile] yeomanrand  for the help with Satch.  Crossposted to the Archive of our Own, where you can also download an ebook version.

What time is it, you ask, rolling onto your back to watch them shedding the long day piece by piece. )
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This was originally written for a [ profile] jim_and_bones away mission prompt.  I'm really enjoying Ship Wars.  I've even managed to read all the fics for this round and vote, and look through the Battle Post a bit.  And wow, the Battlle Posts rock!  I was laughing and smiling, and I just enjoyed the hell out of the whole thing.  Especially sending telegrams with [ profile] lunasky3 !  I commented on a few entries, but felt a bit too shy to post anything new yet.  Maybe next time, now that I've got my feet wet.  On to the fic:

Title:  The Trouble With Cultural Aphrodisiacs
Author: pslasher
Pairings:  Kirk/McCoy, Kirk/McCoy/Uhura/Spock
Rating: PG-13 for language and non-graphic mentions of sex
Word Count: 900
Prompt: Written for a prompt poll at [ profile] jim_and_bones.
Notes:  CRACK!  Also, cleaned up a bit.  Crossposted to kirk_mccoy, and the Archive of our Own.  eBook downloads of this fic available here.


The problem with accepting something to drink or eat on any planet they visited is you never knew what you were going to get )


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Title: Waking Up In Vegas
Author: [ profile] pslasher
Rating: NC-17
Words: 7,800
Prompt: Drunk, public/semipublic, married sex.  Written for [ profile] km_anthology.
Summary: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
Notes/Warnings: Lots of sex and some angst. Inspired by the song Waking Up In Vegas by Katy Perry, with visuals for the club scene from the gorgeous Queer as Folk fanvid When the Sun Goes Down by [ profile] buffyann. Beta by the fabulous [ profile] thalialunacy.  Crossposted at km_anthology, kirk_mccoy, and the Archive of Our Own, eBook downloads of this fic available here.

He threw his arms open wide and exclaimed, 'Pick your poison, Bones! Dabo, poker, or the dancing Orion girls?' )
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Title:  Cherry Pie
Author: pslasher
Fandom: Star Trek 2009
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy
Rating: PG-13

A/N:  Written for [ profile] cards_slash 's 69 Meme a while back, where she trades fics with her commenters, but I've just now gotten up the nerve to post it.  Maybe if I get brave enough I'll post it to [community profile] kirk_mccoy
eBook version of this fic available for download at the AO3 here.



Leonard didn't look up from his PADDs as Jim burst through the door. "I'm studying" he said, a preemptive attempt to get Jim to leave him alone for the night so he could finally work on this damn paper. One that likely wouldn't work.

"Hey Bones" Jim replied cheerfully, dropping a large paper bag onto the coffee table.

He merely grunted, focusing again on his notes as Jim rifled through the cabinets in his tiny dorm kitchen.

"I brought you a cherry pie from that little cafe you love" Jim said, flopping down on the couch next to him.

Leonard looked up at that, eyes narrowing. "That's my favorite. What did you do?"

Jim affected a hurt look as he carefully lifted the pie out of the bag. "What, a guy can't bring his boyfriend a pie without something being wrong?"

He snorted. "Not you, no. Did they catch you hacking into the security feeds for the women's locker room? Cause I told you that wouldn't work."

Jim rolled his eyes, cutting the pie into large portions and dishing out one for each of them. "No they haven't caught me, I told you I was careful. Besides, I set it up to only be viewable on your personal PADDs."

"Damnit, Jim" Leonard growled, punching Jim hard on the arm. "If I get in trouble for that I'm bringing you down with me."

"Joking! I'm totally joking" Jim laughed, dodging another punch and shoving a plate at him. "Here, have a slice."

Leonard glared and tossed his PADD down on the coffee table. The pie did smell pretty good, tart like fresh cherries and still warm. He took a big bite, leaning back in the couch. "Mmmm. Not quite as good as Momma makes, but pretty damn close. So really, why the pie?"

"I just happened to be over by that place and I thought you might like one" Jim replied around a mouthful, smiling big.

Leonard snorted again, polishing off the last bit of crust on his plate. “Try that angelic face on someone else, kid.”

Jim scooted across the couch to press up against him, offering him a forkful from his plate. Leonard raised his eyebrow at that, but wasn’t about to turn down more pie. Jim grinned, twisting around and lifting his leg to straddle Leonard’s lap. He offered another forkful of pie and Leonard took it, tongue peeking out to lick the fork clean.

Jim fed him another bite, and another, watching his mouth the whole time with a satisfied smile slowly spreading across his face until he had fed Leonard the rest of his pie. Then he leaned down, licking at Leonard’s lips until he gave in and licked back.

Jim tasted sweet, like sugar and cherries, his full lips opening for Leonard’s tongue, inviting him in. Leonard pushed deeper slowly, feeling Jim move against him as one hand stroked up Jim’s thigh to grip his hip and the other tangled in his hair.

Jim broke off the kiss and leaned down to whisper in Leonard’s ear. “Maybe I just wanted to taste how sweet you are,” the stubble on his cheek rasping against Leonard’s skin.

Leonard’s soft laugh caught in his chest as Jim bit his ear lobe, licked his neck just below his jaw. “Only you, Jim. Only you.”


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