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The [ profile] st_respect  Ship Wars and Olympics Master Posts are as follows: 

2010 LiveJournal | AO3  Ship Wars
2011 LiveJournal | AO3  Ship Olympics
2013 LiveJournalAO3 Trekstock

st_respect is the Archive of Our Own (AO3) parent collection for the Ship Wars and Olympics, with a subcollection for each year.  The main collection is closed to submissions; add your fic to the relevant year.  You may read all of the works posted to all the collections from the parent collection, or you can read each individual year by going to the individual collection. 

I'm keeping the rest of this information current over here at LJ.
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Most of the submissions from Ship Olympics Event 3 are posted, but this one made me double over laughing.  I was going to wait to look at them all at once today, but it caught my eye last night and I couldn't resist.  (Comment here if you like)

And in the way of all the best internet ramblings I stumbled across something new to me on youtube: Kinetic Typography Animation.  The first one I saw was for Firefly, which I LOVED, but it seems there are all kinds out there.

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!  *smishes them*

*Note: LJ hates me today and I can't get my LJ cuts to work with my embeds properly.  But I'm out of time to fiddle with it anymore.  So, until I can make my cuts work, there are Kinetic Typography videos for Firefly, Trek XI and First Contact, LotR, Ocean's 11, Braveheart, Monty Python, President Obama, The Matrix, Pirates of the Caribbean, Iron Man, and Star Wars under the cut.  Yeah, I was really on a roll today!  :D*

More Firefly )
Trek XI and First Contact )

Some LotR ones:
LotR )

Some Ocean's 11:
Ocean's 11 )

And some random ones:
misc... )

And now I'm done procrastinating!
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1. Ship Olympics has eaten my life!  But I love it.  We'll be putting out the first prompts soon and I'm excited to see what happens!

2.  My boss said "wery" yesterday at work and I cracked up over it.  Seriously, I laughed for five minutes about it, the kind of deep and uncontrollable laugh that feels so good.  I had him and my coworker laughing right along with me.  I said "You said wery!" and he replied back with "Nine-Five-Wictor-Wictor-Two" and we were both off laughing and quoting Chekov.  It was a bit of hilarity that was totally welcome, and totally a surprise.  I guess I've got Chekov on the brain because I'm the Admiral Mod for Team McChekov, and I guess he just stumbled over his words.  It was great fun.

3.  White Collar!  These last two episodes have been fantastic.  (cut for spoilers)

2.14: Payback: Read more... )I swear this show is all but saying they are together and my OT3 heart loves it.

2.15: Power Play:  I swear the writers for WC must be reading fanfic.  Must beRead more... )
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Calling Trek Fans, the readers, the artists, the vidders, the writers and anyone that’s ever chortled at a redshirt joke when the rest of the room completely missed that reference. We want you if you write crack or slash or het or femmeslash. We want your tentacle-porn art and your tear-jerking TOS fan mixes. We want your vids and we want your catalogue of delicious recs that would make a librarian weep for joy. We want your enthusiasm for, we want your love of, and we want your devotion to Star Trek.

Yeah you, the skeptic in the back—we want you too, we want the lurker to your left and the giddy fan to the right. We want your friends and their friends and anyone that’s ever wanted to try it out just once. We want whoever wants to come play because we’re having a party and it’s going to be loud and bright and just overflowing with ripped shirts and lens-flares.

You know you want to, we want you to and since everyone wants to—click the banner.

Ship Olympics
Go for the Gold, Stay for the Orgies*
*Ship Olympics encourages the practice of safe and loud fandom-wide orgies, please party responsibly.


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