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My head is feeling better, and the podfics definitely helped me cope, so thanks!  So here, have a random update. :)

Here are a couple of fics by [ profile] violetisblue  that totally made me laugh (from [ profile] cesperanza  's journal):
Deep Fanfic Thoughts, by Jack Handy  I LOL'd at a lot of these.  The fic was written ten years ago and references Lists and some fandoms I didn't recognize, but it doesn't matter.  Fandom is still fandom and the jokes are still funny.

The Wicker Fan  This one is a meta fic about FPS fans disliking RPS.  I giggled at this one too.  I have several pretty big RPS fandoms (ST RPS, LOTRIPS, J2), and it both saddens and amuses me that people dislike it so much.  To each her own, of course, but I'm glad I wasn't around for any of the FPS/RPS wars; that would have really made me sad.  But the fic is funny, touching on the issues in a way that argues for RPS pretty well, I think.

I have a twitter now!  I'm @pslashfan.  I don't know how much I'll actually post, but I'm following some cool celebrities!  Feel free to follow or unfollow as you wish.  Here are those that may be relevant to your interests:
Mishacollins:  OMG, he's outrageous, but he always makes me laugh.
simonpegg:  Another one who makes me laugh.
cpnetwork:  News about Chris Pine
FMLmccoy:  Someone tweeting as Bones, and they are funny.
ZacharyQuinto:  He's amusing, and it totally makes me silly with joy to see him, therealnimoy, and WilliamShatner tweeting each other!!!
Plus, there are a whole lot of people RPing as Trek characters, which I found out about at this ontd_startrek post.  Any other cool ones I need to know about?

Well, eventually I'll get around to catching up on my flist.  And ship wars will be over soon, I need to get back over there and see what's going on.


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