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For dinner last night we went to the "posh" spot in our little city, which has really tasty and sort of pricy food.  We got an appetizer called Blu Chips, which are thick cut potato chips fried in the restaurant, topped with blue cheese, a white cheese sauce of some sort, a red pepper sort of liquid (but not spicy) and green onions.  It is really good, though it wouldn't sound like it from the description!  I had Chilean sea bass with spinach, asparagus, and Israeli couscous, and my husband had lamb chops.  All very tasty.  Also, we chose mojitos, not martini's, but equally good.

After, we walked down to the used bookstore that's recently opened up.  I bought Master and Commander.  A real paper book, you guys!  It's been a while since I've read a proper book.  I've seen the movie and enjoyed it, but based on the gushing I've seen in the comments from the very few M&C fanfics I've read, I thought I might really enjoy the novels.  The promise of some of the best slash subtext ever written was alluring.  I've read the first 24 pages, and I can tell I'm going to love it!  I love the fact that they sit in the coffee house 'with great satisfaction in one another's company' and talk for hours about music.  ♥

It occurred to me as I was browsing the shelves that fanfic is very much like a used bookstore: you never know what you are going to get.  You might find something by your favorite author, or you might not.  You might get every book in a series you like, or you might not (probably not).  They might not even have anything at all for the genre you like.  It's the same with fic.  Your favorite movie or TV show may have a ton of fic, or none at all that you can find.  That WIP you love may never be finished.  There may be absolutely no mpreg written for Aubrey/Maturin, even though you may think it would rock.  (Um, I have no idea if it would, in fact, rock.  But the thought of it amused me)  But that's the adventure of it!  The quest for the perfect fic for your characters!  To see what you can find!  To boldly go where no man has gone before!  I think that sense of adventure is a key part of someone taking a shine to fanfic.  There is part of that sense there with regular books, too.  If you start a new book or author, there is no guarantee you will like them.  In fact, you may severely dislike them.  But it's much more pronounced with fanfic, to me.  Fan authors go in wildly different directions from the source at times, and at times from each other.  There is a huge spectrum writers may work in, and you never know where people may go with it. 

Sooo, those are my thinky thoughts for the day.  I'm gonna watch The One With The Whales at 10pm ET with [ profile] jim_and_bones tonight.  Anyone else coming?


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