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Hey everyone, I'm thinking of getting a Kindle and am curious to know if any of you use an eReader?  If so, I'd love to hear what you have and what you like and dislike about it.  I'm also keeping notes here on the other eReaders I come across, and will be updating them as I go on.

I've seen the second gen Kindle and the Nook, and they both look good.  I haven't spent much time playing around with them, but based on a quick view of both of them, they seem pretty similar in function.  They both look like something you could really use for serious reading of long books, without the eyestrain of reading on a computer.  Sony has quite a few ereaders, but I've never seen any of them, and honestly I'm wary of buying something like this without having actually seen one.  See below.

Kindle vs nook )
Getting fanfic onto an ereader )
Sony Reader Pocket Edition )
Kobo Reader )
Nook )Nook Color )iPad )
Anyone have any tips or comments?  I'm particularly interested in hearing your experiences with fanfic and your ereader, and anything extra special about your device that you like. 

ETA: I started a post on the [ profile] fanfic_ebooks comm here comparing the Kindle, nook and Sony ereaders and it's gotten some very good comments.

List of posts and communities that may be helpful
slyprentice's list of software related to ebooks - excellent source for info on getting fanfic ebooks made, edited, put onto your device, ect.
fanfic_ebooks - LJ community for discussing all things ebooks
ebook library - website for downloading ebooks.  Multifandom,  but concentrates mostly on the site owner's favorite fandoms (which coincide with several of mine).
my ebook tag on delicious


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