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Today while browsing around for podfic* I found a REALLY helpful iTunes tip for those who listen to MP3 podfics: you can change the Media Kind of an MP3 from 'Music' to 'Audiobook'!!!  So your podfics will no longer show up in your music smart playlists, and all your podfics will show up under Audiobooks in iTunes and on iPods, not just M4B files.

I found this out while reading [ profile] bessyboo's A Podfic Tagging & Organization Tutorial.  She says: "if you use MP3s, you can sort them into this section and get them to BEHAVE just like podbooks by right-clicking/ctrl-clicking and going to "Get Info", going to the "Options" tab, and selecting "Audiobook" under "Media Kind", and making sure the "Remember playback position" and "Skip when shuffling" options are both checked."  She even has a screencap pic of the process!  I also found her descriptions of how she organizes her podbooks interesting, as I have a similar method for my iTunes.

[ profile] cybel also has a post about these options: How to trick iTunes (versions 8 & 9 only) into thinking your mp3 podfics are podbooks.  She has this bit of advice: "Note: When you make the above changes, the podbook track(s) will be moved from the Music source list to the Audiobooks (Books) source list. If you haven’t enabled the Books list, it will seem as though your tracks have disappeared. To fix this, open the iTunes Preferences dialog from the iTunes menu item (next to File). Make sure you are on the General section of the preferences dialog. Check the Audiobooks (Books) item in the Show section.

This will display the Audiobooks (Books) source list on the left side of the main iTunes window. This item does not display by default."

I now have 2.7 days worth of new podfic, and I didn't come anywhere close to downloading all the podfic I dug up that I want to listen to.  (Partially because I got sidetracked into reading interesting meta and love memes!  *g*)  I owe [ profile] thalialunacy an icon meme, and several people LJ replies, but it's late now...  And I've got a To Do list for tomorrow that probably doesn't include much 'net time.  Goodnight, internets, I'll catch up soon.

*OMG, if you follow my pinboard I'm sorry for the MASSIVE dump of links today!


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