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A while back I requested fanfic recs for my bookclub book choice.  I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to update y'all on the event, but in case you're still interested here it is.  Thank you [ profile] fleete and [ profile] lazlet for the recs!

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Fanfic comes from an impulse to expand upon the original work that inspired the fic writer.  It can be written to fill in a gap in 'canon' (this is how fans refer to the original work that inspired the fanfic), to correct what the fan sees as an error in canon, to ask ‘what if?’ and take that new scenario anywhere the fic author wants to go with it.  Fanfic authors also love exploring the mundane details of regular life that you don’t always get to see in canon - ex. what is daily life like for an Avenger?  Also, pairing anyone together in romances that weren’t in the canon.  Fanfic is what you get when someone explores their ideas in a publication that is not restricted by traditional publishing.
Reading fanfic differs from reading original works of fiction because it is based so heavily on the canon.  Most fanfic won’t include quite the same level of detail you’ll get from original fic because the writer presumes that almost everyone reading already knows what X character looks and sounds like, or the details about Y event that was so important to the story or character.  Therefore, I’ve tried to pick fandoms (what we call the communities that build up around a particular canon) that most of you have at least some passing knowledge of, or can watch relatively easily.  The exception to that ‘rule’ is the Alternate Universe genre, which is where the fic author puts the characters into a brand new situation completely unrelated to the one in the original work.  Taking the characters from "Lord of the Rings" and writing about them in outer space is an example.  This makes almost any fandom accessible to someone who has never seen or read the canon, and I’ve included one in my selection - "A Place Where We Only Say Goodbye".
As a whole, there are no censuring limits on what can be written in a fic.  Fanfic writers often include explicit violence or sex, or content which can be disturbing in any number of ways.  To the best of my knowledge none of the stories I’ve picked are explicitly erotic, but some contain other mature content.  This content is often communicated to readers through the 'Tags' or in the 'Notes' at the top of the story and is usually thorough.  I've included relevant tags in the story headers below.  If you have any questions about any given story please ask me about it.  I've included some notes about each fic selection (including the length of time it would take you to watch the source material for each story), and indicated them with asterisks.  Reviews by other Fanfic readers are italicized and have been gently edited to remove 'spoilers'.

My Fanfic Bookclub Submission List

Freezer Burn by Domenika Marzione | The Avengers all fandoms | 194,178 Words, ~746 pages | Action/Adventure

The adventures of Steve Rogers, defrosted soldier, who is missing time but not really all that lost. He's got a surprisingly broad knowledge of lettuces, a working grasp of modern technology, and may or may not be using both to mess with his teammates and save the world.
**Set directly after The Avengers movie, run time 143 minutes.  It also includes stuff from the comics, but I don't think you need knowledge of the comics to enjoy the story.

“This is possibly the most articulately adult, mature, rational, and believable fic I have ever read.
I am so intrigued by the slow build of crime/thriller elements, the artful way you threw in the politics of agencies and made steve NOT. DUMB. but in a rational way without being bound by hyperbole emotions.
Also the perfect balance of the avengers being a decent team but also having their own lives- as a group of people in their 30's-40's is wont to do. LOVE. IT.I feel like i'm reading a sydney sheldon novel with how believable your male leads are in action and thought, and how matter-of-fact your female leads are.
The military life details and understandings are EXCELLENT. I am engaged to an airforce engineer and I truly appreciate that you have given this facet of steve's life depth, insight, and details!” – Elemenohp

“Breathtakingly done. Thank you for writing such a fantastic, immersive, engrossing story with a layer of realism you rarely find in the canon works, nevermind the fanfiction. I've been enthralled with this since I started it, and have been reading as voraciously as my schedule would allow. You do good work.” – PrimaryFeather

“Wow, that was seriously epic. Loved all the day-to-day details of Steve situating himself in the "now," with the food details (OMG, totally drooling over all the food descriptions) and picking up art again. You write great characters - loved all the team interaction, the insight into Natasha and Bruce, Tony and the way different people react to him - all very believable and honest. Loved your OCs as well (um, I think they're OC's; I'm not well versed on the comics), and all the bureaucratic/ military hierarchy details came though very well. Thank you for sharing this!” – joyouslee

“I am really enjoying the MCU but have never read any of the comics (don't get on with the media), so I suspect there are lots of references I'm missing, but conversely there is undoubtedly benefit in being able to be surprised by what happens next more so than I might otherwise be.
Your writing is always like catnip to me, I always end up more invested in your characters(/characterisations) and universes than the source materiel. As always, I am in love with your characterisation, your long and wonderfully plotty story arc, the funny, the accuracy and realism you bring; you have this knack for lots of detail without unnecessary exposition, and, particularly in the more person centred scenes, leaving just the right amount up to the reader's imagination, and that brevity always seem to pack a more powerful punch.” – vonknibble

“Wow, this was without a doubt the most ambitious, amazing, detailed and awesome story I have ever read in Avengers fandom. It took me ages to get through (which is a good thing!!) and I don't even know what to flail most about. The whole thing is simple awe-inspiring. Thanks so much for writing and sharing it.” – pulangaraw

A Place Where We Only Say Goodbye by weezly14 | Dr. Who | 59,486 words, ~245 pages | Angst, Romance
""And I knew that you were a truth I would rather lose than to have never have lain beside at all."  He's served Rose Tyler coffee almost every day for a year, but he's never worked up the courage to really talk to her. Then he finds himself stuck repeating the same day a year in the past. Is this a chance at a different ending?"

**Fanfic can take the characters from the show and place them in a completely different setting so you can see how they stand up to entirely new circumstances. This is called an Alternate Universe - in this case it's a Coffee Shop AU, which is a common fanfic trope.  It's a great way to get into a new fandom if you haven't watched the show because you don’t need any knowledge of the show to understand the plot of the story, as is the case for this fic.  The 'Angst' tag is often used for situations of emotional difficulty.  If you're interested in checking out the characters you can watch Dr. Who 2006 (Season/Series2) on Amazon Prime, iTunes, or Netflix - a good one to start with might be School Reunion.  Runtime for each episode is about 45 minutes.

"God, I am so in love with this verse. And I'm going to be that person who'll suggest you just go right ahead and sell this to publishers. Get an editor, an agent, anyone. Because if something like Twilight or 50 Shades or Mortal Instruments got published, I don't see why the hell this can't. Because the premise, the pacing, the characterizations... as a fellow writer and storyteller, I am just so, so in love with this.
At one point, I was reminded of Audrey Niffenegger's book, The Time Traveler's Wife. I know that the plots are quite different, but this story has encouraged a similar level of emotional attachment to the protagonists as with that book. I do not doubt for a moment that if you let someone who has not even heard of Doctor Who or the term 'fanfiction' read this, it would still be much appreciated. I could go on and on, but let me just end it with a thank you. Thank you for giving us this absolutely wonderful story. I look forward to the day you'll get to treat us to a brand new literary journey with The Doctor and Rose." – rarelycanon

Dudly Dursley and the New Normal by alikat522 | Harry Potter | 53,167 words, ~226 pages | Drama/Tragedy
Bad things happen. Life gets strange. Dudley tries to carve out a little bit of normality in a world that has gone mad around him.

**Fanfic can redeem characters that are portrayed as bad or difficult in the book by putting them through events that give them the opportunity for growth.  This one is not offered as a download at  If it is chosen you can either read it on the web, or I will make sure an ebook copy is available to anyone who wants it.  There are 7 books and 8 movies in the series - obviously a lot to watch if you're starting fresh.  I know the club read most of the books together and I think most of you have seen all the movies so I thought I'd take a chance and include it.  We'll see if it gets picked :)

“Thanks for this unusual story! I think what I liked most is how you stayed in character for Dudley AND combined that with the important after war themes. Great original characters too.” – Mari83

“An excellent tale, well told. I thought you did a good job of providing a realistic journey for Dudley to choose to step up instead of passively fading away. I like that you ended with hope and that you didn't brush away the aftershocks of the war and the cultural divides as if everything would go back to just fine after Voldemort was dead. All in all, thank you for writing!” – Phoenix Flight

“Great story. Dudley's journey just fits - no hurried redemption, no overdose of angst, a good, logical mix of drama and evolving characters.” – Starfox5

“Great story! I loved the format you used with news articles at the end of each chapter. And the final one - Molly's article was a perfect ending to the story, put the message of the whole fic into perspective. You are so right about Dudley's "side character" status, which is not only limited to canon. Even in the HP fanfic community, his story is rarely explored and his character seldom a protagonist. So bravo! Great fic all-around!” – Inexplicably Waiting

“I have not read such fanfiction in a very long time. Incredible portrayal of characters. Dudley's transformation from Big D was the in-depth reveal that I always wanted from jkr. And making him a werewolf? Clever. I also loved how you let readers learn what happened to other characters though Dudley did not realize the significance. Very well done. I will be keeping my eyes open for new posts!” – bloombaby26

“I was lucky enough to stumble across your story today and got to read it all at once. It was heartbreaking and warming all at once.
Your characters didn't pull a deus ex machina and make everything perfect at the end or "magically" make everything better by getting involved, but they did make a difference by moving past apathy and taking action.
You showed Percy finding the cause he was looking for. Loose ends that bothered me in the books were neatly wrapped up or proved to not be loose ends at all. And, quite importantly, Dudley found a new normal. That's not an insignificant achievement.” – Code Aster

An Avalanche Of Detour Signs by gyzym | Sherlock (TV) | 56,053 Words, ~267 pages | Romance, Sexual Trauma
In which Molly Hooper gets a job, gets a degree, breaks a heart, has her heart broken, falls in love, keeps a secret, saves a life, runs a morgue, falls apart, pulls it together, and finds exactly what she didn't know she was looking for--not necessarily in that order.

**Fanfic gives minor characters, particularly women in this case, a lot more life than they are given onscreen.  An audiobook version of this story is available here, recorded by magicranberries.  This story comes after the season finale of Season/Series 2 of BBC Sherlock.  Each season consists of 3 1.5 hour episodes, totaling almost 9 hours for both seasons.  You can stream/buy them on Amazon Prime, iTunes, and Netflix, or you can borrow my copies if needed.

"How do you take these characters that we know relatively little about, and breathe life into them, and make us care about them, and put them in relationships that are loving and wonderful and amazing and fully complement the characters?" - Wex

"What an utterly gorgeous piece of work--the story and the art. Love and adoration to you both! I wasn't intending to read all of this in one go, but there wasn't any way to stop. The whole arc unveiled itself so smoothly, so effortlessly--just spot on, from start to finish." – sheffiesharp

Kista by Jane Land | Star Trek Original Series | 94,060 Words, ~365 pages | Romance, Drama
Spock and Christine are stranded on a planet with a paleolithic technology level, they have to adapt to the local culture and a relationship develops between them.

Kista is " attempt to rescue one of Star Trek's female characters from an artificially imposed case of foolishness. Try to think objectively for a minute about what we know of Christine Chapel's background, education, accomplishments... and you will come up with a far more interesting character than she was ever allowed to be...I like her. I hope you do too."

**Kista was originally published in 1986 by Jane Land in a Zine she put together herself and mailed out to those who wrote to request it.  This was the way fanfiction was widely dispersed before the internet came about, and the way fans kept in touch with each other.  The story has since been put up on the web, where you can download your own copy.  It does contain romance with at least a couple of sex scenes, but best I can tell they aren’t explicit.  You can read about Chapel here (including some of the most significant episodes for the Chapel/Spock relationship) and you can stream/buy original episodes from Amazon Prime, Netflix, or iTunes, or stream the episodes for free on YouTube.  Each episode runs 50 minutes.

“So good to see this wonderful piece of writing published here, and now easy to read!” – Jackie


We Two Alone by Shoreleave | Star Trek 2009 | 101,877 Words, ~350 pages | Angst, Slavery, Major Character Illness/Injury, Hurt/Comfort, Dark, Drama, Action/Adventure, Friendship
"Academy fic. Dr. Leonard McCoy thinks he has nothing in common with command-track cadet Jim Kirk, until a series of events forces them together. When a simple training mission is derailed into a seemingly hopeless situation, both have to learn to trust one another, and they’ll need all their wits and survival skills to stay alive.
Author's Note: I love plot holes, and here’s a biggie:

Pike: “And if all else fails, fall back and rendezvous with the fleet in the Laurentian system. Kirk, I’m promoting you to first officer.”

Huh? I mean, that doesn’t make any sense! Jim’s just an untried cadet, and surely there are more seasoned officers on the Enterprise who should be first officer. Unless… does Pike know something about Kirk that we don’t? If he does, it must be pretty compelling…

That got me thinking, and it was the inspiration for this story."

**Fanfic of reboots re-imagines the cannon, just like the reboot itself does. In this case, Jim Kirk's time in Starfleet Academy and on Tarsus IV.  'Hurt/Comfort' is a tag that indicates one of the characters has gotten sick or injured, often significantly, and is cared for by another character.  This is a prequel to the 2009 movie, which runs 126 minutes.

"Hello new head canon. This was absolutely fantastic! One of the best survival stories I've ever had the pleasure of reading!" – dentalfloss

"Superb characterization, clinically tidy, excellent work with the storyline, I'm definitely coming back to this one later. Also, I would totally watch this movie. Even if it wasn't Star Trek." - casicastiel

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The Paradox Series by [ profile] wordstrings, [ profile] wordstrings, NC-17, kink, dark themes including violence, torture, self harm and suicide. Her Sherlock is in many ways Not Well, and it's sometimes difficult to read.  It's also at times amazingly beautiful and poignant.
The series has been podficced by [ profile] pandarus, [ profile] bronwynferchdai, [ profile] revolutionaryjo, and [ profile] song_lin. Links here and here. The readings are exceptionally well done, and really lent to the emotions I got while hearing the story for the first time.

A while back I posted about BBC Sherlock, and how I couldn’t figure out his character, or figure out how I felt about him and his relationship to John. Things got rough for me in RL for a while so I didn’t pursue the fandom, but the podfic for the series had been on my phone for months, and I figured I was way overdue to listen. Well, surprisingly enough, it sorted all my issues with Sherlock out neatly. This is Sherlock Holmes (BBC version, anyway) to me: brilliant, crazy, totally out of touch with our reality but trying trying to live his life without fucking everything up anyway. He’s not normal – far beyond normal, in fact- but he can still fall in love, still care about doing the right thing – all in his own way. He’s not Moiriorty, but he’s not John either, and Wordstrings pegs him dead center for how I think he is.

It’s been a remarkable journey listening to the series and feeling like I’d found the character. After Season 1 I was in love, but totally unsure of how to ship John and Sherlock, or even how to put my finger on Sherlock’s character. After Season 2 I was totally moved by Sherlocks depth of feeling and the lengths he would go to keep everyone safe (and thus able to ship them a little easier), but still no closer to understanding Sherlock. Wordstrings gives a shape and color and weight to his character and world view that I just couldn’t come up with on my own, but that fit perfectly to me.

Thou art no thy lane series by [ profile] shinychimera and [ profile] yeomanrand, Mature
Their Sherlock is less outrageous, but it still felt real and right to me. I absolutely loved this series as a follow-up to Reichenbach.
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[Note: I wrote this up at the beginning of 2012 but didn't post it then. It felt too... self-indulgent, and way too TMI. I felt too raw to put this out there. Now, 8 months later, I'm feeling a lot better about the state of my life, so it doesn't feel so difficult, or like such an enormous mistake.]

There are times when I’m in an emotional funk, when it feels like the wheels are spinning but I’m going nowhere. At those times I look to fic as an escape. Sometimes I want something darker to read, something with some bite to it. Something to kick me out of my funk - or maybe to heighten it, it’s hard to tell. Either way, the fluff and romance and rainbows just isn’t cutting it when I’m in that mood. That’s when I look for Hurt/Comfort, or heavy angst. Sometimes I look for comfort, or at least angst that's heavy on the comfort part, but most of my comfort fics have already been recced elsewhere in my journal, so I won’t re-rec them. So that means this list is heavy on the hurt and angst.

I’m starting each section out with the fics that pack the biggest emotional punch for me, which mostly means the really hurty ones, and ending with more comfort. There is comfort in most of these (especially those towards the end of the list), but a hell of a lot of hurt, too. There's also probably TMI for my general emotional state over the last year or so, but I tried to keep it from being too bad.

The Hurt )

My Father Before Me by [ profile] telleer: SGA, McKay/Sheppard, R, major character death (in the past), kid!fic
Summary: Even after twenty years, Rodney still has no idea how to raise children. Futurefic.
Author's notes: In all the kidfic I have ever read, Rodney and John are the perfect parents. At some point in February, I got bored with the concept and decided to put my own spin on it.

This has the distinction of being top of the list of fics that absolutely wrecked me. It’s future kid!fic in which everything has gone wrong for Rodney. It’s raw and hurtful, and I sobbed after reading it - I literally cried myself to sleep. It’s like telleer took my most persistent fears about raising children and wrapped them up with my OTP and delivered them to me with a bow on top. This one is pretty much for those times I just need to cry.

In For Repairs by [ profile] shinychimera and [ profile] yeomanrand (LJ, AO3): Star Trek: AOS, Kirk/McCoy, NC-17 (sex, violence, and filthy mouths)
Warning(s): MAY BE TRIGGERY, please read warnings carefully! Some violent and bloody scenes, including assault and self-harm. Short descriptions of outright rape, other gradations of dubious consent. Discussions of child abuse. Cutting and scarification. Unhealthy pain play, evolving toward something better. (Masochism in a trusting BDSM context is a lovely thing. Pathological self-destructiveness isn't. This hurt/comfort story hits various parts of the continuum in between, but we don't mean to imply that they're the same thing.) Explicit sex. Oh, and lots and lots of profanity.
: Young Jim Kirk is unstable and self-destructive, Leonard McCoy is withdrawn and wary, and the obstacles to surviving their first term at Starfleet Academy are not easy to overcome. A dark and brutal tale of the tangled borders between healing and hurting, where hard choices between emotions and ethics have far-reaching consequences; dealing with abuse and alcoholism, affection and neglect, piercings and bar fights, hot and cold sex, complicated questions of consent, and loyalty and love between people who aren't comfortable with either. A whole new spin on "I want my pain, I need my pain."

I wasn't prepared for the way this fic knocked me on my ass when I read it. I don't self harm, but I know exactly what it's like to feel trapped inside your head by whirling emotions (I think of it as an emotional storm), and needing desperately a diversion to get away from yourself. As it happened, Jim was going through something similar in this fic, though taken to an extreme I've never gone to. Nevertheless, I identified with him. Jim's journey through the fic was deeply emotional and it was cathartic for me to read. It's a sledgehammer of a fic, and yet I think the relationship and trust between Jim and Bones was developed carefully and beautifully. I was very moved by the end of the fic at the lengths Bones went to help Jim heal. Plus, this takes my desire to whump Jim to a whole new level.

The Harder They Fall and For All the Right Reasons by [ profile] mijan (also on AO3): Star Trek: AOS, NC-17
Warnings: Intense, hardcore, and potentially triggery. Mind-fuck. If you want spoilers to decide if it's something you can read, feel free to ping me with questions.
Summary: Jim is having trouble coping with his first failure of the Kobayashi Maru. His bigger problem might lie in the fact that he wants to try it again.

The Harder They Fall was another fic that completely knocked me out of my head by putting the characters into extreme physical conditions. It was somehow cathartic for me to read, despite never having been in any similar situation myself. It contains graphic and intense violence, and it seriously is a mind fuck.

For All The Right Reasons is written as an explanation for Fall. Mijan actually does a good job of fitting such an extreme story into the larger story arc she's telling. If you want to lessen the impact of Fall a little bit, read it first. Both are part of Mijan's Academy Series (which is epic and outstanding), and familiarity with that will probably help you understand For all the Right Reasons a little better.

The Price That Life Exacts by [personal profile] cathalin : SGA, McKay/Sheppard, NC-17, Kid!fic, angst
Summary: When John disappears without a trace during a routine mission, people in a beleaguered Atlantis eventually have to try to move on. Rodney never completely gives up hope of finding John, and though he soldiers on to help Atlantis, a year later he still lives every day with his grief. The story opens with a shocking discovery that may help Rodney come to terms with some truths about himself and his relationship with John, and will have consequences beyond what anyone might predict.
Warnings: I've placed warnings for this story in the Notes at the bottom, as they are somewhat spoilery for the fic. Please scroll down and read the warnings if there are things you need to avoid reading about.

Another kid!fic, but this one has a lot more going on than the kid. The angst, for one thing - so much angst. Mildly spoilery bit: John is so, so damaged in this, and the way Rodney brings him back is very touching. Also, there is music that is used in an amazing way.

Losing Touch by [ profile] cards_slash: Star Trek:AOS, McCoy/Jocelyn, Spock, Kirk
Summary: McCoy wakes up one day, on earth, still married to his wife, who thinks he's insane, when he starts talking about star ships and someone named Jim Kirk.

The life Bones might have had. This one is beautifully written, and heartbreaking. I was all "Oh god I need a hug!" by the end of it.

The Lovers, the Dreamers, and Me by [ profile] thalialunacy: Star Trek: AOS RPF, Karl/Chris, R
Summary: Chris' birthday sucks. Until it doesn't anymore.

A simple little fic in which Chris despairs of making anything of his life. I love the way Thalia writes emotion into the smallest thing. Also, I love Karl in this. It's like balm for the soul <3

The Comfort )

As expected, it's short, but many of the fics and podfics I've already recced here in my journal are also comfort fics for me.

The Horshoe Nails Series by Dyce: Firefly/Serenity, River/Jayne is the primary romance but it's really an ensemble series, Teen, some violence, discussions of mental and emotional trauma, and romance
Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 on
Summary for Two Gorram Days (part 1): Jayne is left all alone with a bad leg and a crazy girl for two days. It doesn't go as badly as it could.

Dyce does an amazing job of developing the whole crew, but especially River and Jayne, into sympathetic and whole characters. She takes the small amount of info about the Academy we are given in cannon and really delves into its impact on River's mind and life, and then guides River out of the darkness and into a real life with the crew. She takes Jayne, a character commonly portrayed as dumb, uncouth and self-serving in cannon, and makes him into a surprisingly sensitive and loyal partner for River, all in a way that feels very organic and IC to me. Her portrayal of Simon is also fantastic. There is romance, humor, fighting for one's life, and an ending to the Big Damn Movie that is more satisfying than the movie itself. It seems that Part 5 is not actually finished, which is a crying shame. It hasn't been updated since 2008 so I don't know how much hope there is for it. However, I think the whole thing is worth reading anyway.

This has been my number one comfort fic (series, whatever) over the last year or so. I can't even tell you how many times I've read it. There were days where I finished the last story and started right back over again with the first story. It's also my favorite Firefly fic of all time, River/Jayne or otherwise. River's journey through the series is very inspiring to me. Like Jayne says in one of the parts, I respect her fight, and reading along with it never gets old to me.

Found Your Writing On My Wall by [ profile] thalialunacy: Star Trek: AOS RPF, Karl/Chris, NC-17, Mary Sue fic!
Summary: He shouldn't call her. He knows he shouldn't. It goes against his upbringing and his personal morals to call a girl just because her accent makes him miss a possession that was never really his. He picks up his phone anyway.

There is a lot of angst in this one, but it's overwhelmingly a comfort fic for me. The snark, the longing, the dialog, and my boys - it's a perfect Urbine. Plus, it has the best Mary Sue in a fic you'll ever read.

ETA:  OMG, I totally forgot that Thalia recorded this as a podfic here.  It's a fantastic read, I really enjoyed it.
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I had the good fortune recently to be a beta for two excellent projects that I wanted to rec to you all.

Parallel Motion (Or: Fate, Crunchy Cheetos, and a Bunch of Other Things Chris Pine Didn't Believe In) by [ profile] thalialunacy, art by [ profile] karneol_visionStar Trek Reboot RPS, Chris/Karl, NC-17, knotting and Mpreg
In a world with a happily secret, slightly oversexed, Hollywood-centered underbelly of werewolves, Chris Pine is a reluctant hipster alpha just trying to make a name for himself and still maintain the freedom to flip off the paps and wear however many white t-shirts he wants. He has no interest in being weighed down by centuries of tradition and the responsibilities of his station; he just wants to get laid.
Then he meets Karl Urban, and finds out all the lore he never believed is actually true--there is such a thing as a perfect mate. The only hitch? This one's married. Oh, and human.

I had the pleasure of reading along as Thalia wrote this, and it was so much fun seeing her bring this to life.  The concept of a werewolf alternate world was new to me, as was knotting, but both ideas were really fun.  I always love Urbine, but she turned the tables on me by writing Chris as the dominant in the relationship, the Alpha Male as it were.  I typically read Karl as the dom (in relationships with power exchanges), but damn did Thalia make me enjoy toppy!Chris!  There was angst and destiny and babies, and a fantastic Pinto friendship.  And as always, Parallel Motion sparkled with her brand of witty and emotive dialog.  I very much enjoyed this fic.  The art for this is also amazing.  It's gorgeous and heartbreaking and so evocative. 

The Winter of Banked Fires fic by [ profile] yahtzee63 read by [ profile] podcath, [ profile] crinklysolution, [ profile] luzula, [ profile] helens78, [ profile] heyiya, [ profile] rhea314, and [ profile] reena_jenkins.
X-Men movies, from First Class through XM3, Erik/Charles, Marie/Logan, Raven/Hank, NC-17
Charles Xavier has returned from the dead -- but is lost within his own mind. Rogue has cast aside her own power and doesn't know where she fits in the world any longer. The production of synthetic Cure means mutantkind itself is newly at risk. And Magneto, turned human against his will, is in despair until the day he feels a familiar consciousness tugging at his own --
This is an absolutely amazing fic.  Yahtzee did an excellent job of taking the existing cannon and remaking it into something powerful and rewarding.  The characters were believable, the plot was exciting, and the relationships were phenomenal.  Truly excellent relationships between Erik/Charles and Marie/Logan.  And the podfic, which was what I helped beta listen, was an excellent union of many readers making the story come to life.  So many wonderful readers!  This fic is long, and the POV shifts from chapter to chapter.  Each reader read one particular character, so each chapter had a new reader.  It was an excellent premise for a group podfic, and [ profile] podcath did a wonderful job of tying all the chapters together.
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I spent the day doing domestic things. Laundry (which still isn't finished), cleaning the cars, painting the mailbox. Did you know that mailboxes require regular painting? I didn't, before I owned a house. I do now, though. I am reminded of fic:

sweat, paint and blue jeans by [ profile] cards_slash: Star Trek Reboot, Kirk/Spock/McCoy, NC-17
In which the boys get *delightfully* messy and have hot sex. My own painting experience was nowhere near as interesting, but the memory of this made the task more fun.

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First of all, let me just link to this:
The Morning After by Ambyr: Anthropomorphic, Pinboard/Fandom.  Teen, 605 words
This absolutely made me laugh.  What a perfect little summary of the situation!  I love the way fandom comes up with little anthropomorphic fics to express ourselves about stuff like this.  Back when Dreamwidth was coming out I loved the anthropomorfic produced about that situation, too.  (Like Open Beta by ArisTGD)

More interesting links 
The Great Delicious Migration - a collection of fans and where they can be found on the net.  It's kept in a GDoc that's open to be edited by the public.  I've put my info in.

Updates on the Delicious situation, and what changes are being made to the features.  Also includes a lot of other social bookmarking related links, including Diigo, Pinboard, AO3, and other stuff.  Great links.

And to add to the list of people talking about what fandom wants out of bookmarking sites, whether they be existing sites or brand new from-the-ground-up sites:  Brand new site, by Kaigou

I found that Diigo cut short many of my bookmark summaries, which displeases me.  Also, some of my bookmarks have gone missing, and I have no idea if it's a problem with the Delicious export, or Diigo import.  I don't know if I'm motivated to figure it out, since I'm not sure I'll be using it much.

Also, Diigo will automatically turn porn bookmarks private, and they had this to say about 'inappropriate' language: "As for bookmarks containing bad/inappropriate words such as sex, porn, sexy in title/description/tag/annotation, our system will convert them to private automatically"  That's not really working for me as a policy.  Although I have to say that so far my hate!sex tag is still visible (for which I have very few fics, but it was the first example I could think of), as are bookmarks by others with that tag (though not very many at all).  So... who knows if/how thoroughly they are moderating this.

The Pinboard people are very welcoming to fandom.  They've tweeted about fandom (here and here) and have been laid back about existing users complaining about the influx of fannish bookmarks (that post made me lol, for real.  I can sort of understand that guy's issue - he just wasn't prepared for the impact fandom can have).  They've asked for our ideas and requests for features for the site, and are interacting with fans in this Gdoc.  That makes me feel fantastic about putting my bookmarks with them, and for paying for the site.

Because of Diigo's porn and 'inappropriate language' policy I've gotten a Pinboard account: Pslasher.  Please comment or friend/follow me if you're over there!  I'm still not entirely sure where I'll end up; I'll keep you updated ;)  In order for others to see that you have bookmarked them (thus making your network public) you have to check the box.

Pinboard does have networks after all, and so far I like their nework view better than Diigo's.  Diigo doesn't show the tags given to a bookmark in the network view, and I find that isn't helpful to me since so much info about a fic is given in the tags.

10 Pinboard features you might not know about

Maybe I'll do a Pinboard vs. Delicious features post after I've fiddled with it a bit more.

J2 Recs

Dec. 14th, 2010 07:47 pm
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This here's for [ profile] thalialunacy  who is starting on the J2 journey.  And anyone else who likes Jensen/Jared.  OMG it kind of snowballed into this huge thing too.  Also, this fandom is HUGE so please feel free to comment with important things I've missed here.

Fic )

Podfic )

Fanvids )

And check my Jensen/Jared tag or my delicous for a few more podfic and fic recs.

ETA: It figures that I make a massive J2 recpost and two days later find one of the most amazing stories I've ever read.  *shakes head*  So here's the addendum to that post:

The Doors of Time by [ profile] felisblanco : NC-17 (second part), magic, music and angst
It’s not like he doesn’t try to fit in and make friends, he really does. It just seems like nothing he does is good enough for them. If he smiles they blink. If he speaks they stare. And whenever they see him coming they get this panicked look in their eyes like they want to run away and they don’t even know why.
Jensen knows why. It’s the same thing that makes his dad worry and his mom cry. That makes Nana tell his parents he’s going to Hell, not even caring that he can hear her.
It’s what makes him ‘weird’.

One of the most vivid, lyrical and emotional fics I've ever read.  The words just flowed and built worlds around Jensen and Jared that felt so tangible and personal.  She weaves piano music into the story through the words and by interspersing song files through the fic and I really, really loved that.  It gave a whole other aspect to the story than you usually get.  This story made me cry several times, and that's pretty unusual for me.  She created characters that I felt so invested in and wanted so badly to be happy.  It went beyond my desire for them to have a romantic relationship, I needed for them to be ok just on a basic level.  The music also really affected me.  It felt like the songs she picked distilled the emotions from the story and pierced my heart with them, amplifying the joy and grief alike.  By the end I felt wrung out emotionally in all the best ways that fic can cause.  This fic comes highly recced by me.
Note: There is also a video for this fic which I don't think is linked in the masterpost linked above.  It's The Doors of Time by Ketch2510.  (Link goes to YouTube)

ETA 2: Spoilers for Someone You Might Have Been and The Doors of Time in the comments!!
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So I watched Unstoppable today and it was awesome!  Chris was so good.  My favorite scene was after Will tells Galvin that he's going to "run this bitch down."  Frank says something to him - and for the life of me I can't remember what; I smell a rewatch! - and Will smiles at him, the first real smile of the movie.  Up till then he'd been so serious and upset about his personal life, and the smile was a complete surprise to me.  It was real and bright, and I really liked that.

There was a lot that went into making the movie fantastic, but first and foremost were Chris and Denzel.  They both gave really gripping performances, without which the movie would not have been half as good.  I'm so glad to see Chris doing well out there.  Rosario Dawson was fantastic too.  She had just the right balance of calm and poise and defiance.  And you're right [ profile] thalialunacy , her normal hair and makeup really added to the realism of the film.  Everything was ordinary: the costumes, the sets, the scenery.  No hollywood polish for the actors here, not even Chris and Denzel, who both clean up exceptionally well.  It all felt very real, and it added to the tension that got built up with the storytelling.

I thought the film was a really good balance between quick editing and slower pacing in the scene progression.  Tony Scott apparently shot with a ton of cameras for each take and whoever edited the movie used all of that footage to excellent effect.  The individual scenes played out at a length and pace that established the scene and characters without rushing them, but the editing constantly cut back and forth between cameras.  It gave a feeling of the story really driving onward constantly without any room to take a break, building tension from the very first scene.  Also, the film was pretty.  Beautiful countryside, pretty little towns.  They even made the trains look more artistic than industrial, and I'm sure that took some doing.  It was all ordinary scenery, but it had a supersaturated sort of artistic flair that I liked.  So I guess you could say the hollywood polish came in the form of exceptionally dynamic editing and gorgeous cinematography, rather than clothes and hair.

[ profile] mijan  posted a couple of links that I wanted to pass along: The story of Jon Hosfeld - the man that stopped the train IRL - here, and an interview with the cast here.

Oh, also: Crotch shot!  Totally gratuitous, but completely appreciated.  It's only too bad there was no rewind button! :D

Just My Luck and Princess Diaries 2

I also recently watched Chris' remaining two RomComs, and they were both adorable.  Down-on-his-luck Jake was so cute, I just wanted to hug him.  But I have to say that my fave CFine romcom is PD2.  I like him dressed well and snarky, what can I say?  I mean really, he runs around in his nice button up shirts and suits, annoys the hell out of Mia, sneaks several kisses from her, gets jealous and snarky, and looks down-right edible while doing it.  What more can you want?  Plus, it's just a really good movie with a fantastic message: You don't have to be married to be Queen!  Fuck that, right?  You get married because you want to, not because everyone tells you to.  Also, Julie Andrews rocks.  My favorite moment was actually in the deleted scenes reel - they are both in the kitchen cooking and being silly, and he's flirting like crazy with Mia.  Yum!

On a whim I went looking for PD2 fic on the AO3 and I found one!  It's Driven Outside and Driven In by leupagus, screamlet and waldorph.  Mia/Nicholas, NC-17, with D/s themes. 
That's right: D/s themes.  And Mia's not the bottom.  I looooove this fic for how they portray Nicholas.  He goes from being a self assured jealous jerk to compliant and submissive and they make it look so good!  It's a fun and hot read, and it actually manages to take the movie from kids story to mature adult story while still leaving all the good stuff I liked about the kids story .
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I was talking with [ profile] thalialunacy  a while back about Karl's characterization being pretty different in Lotrips than it is in STRPS, and thought I might post about it in hopes that there are other Lotrips fans that want to compare notes. Because I'm really curious to know if it's just my impression, or the particular fics I was reading, or if other people think similar things.

Lotrips vs. Strips )

Fic Recs )



So I’m curious to know what other fans think.  Is that how you saw him in Lotrips too, or am I only remembering the fics that played into this image of him that I liked so much?  I think I had serious D/s goggles on while reading him in Lotrips, so I don’t trust myself to say for sure that’s how he was universally portrayed.  I’d be very interested to read examples of different characterizations.  You know, for research.  ;D

I'm back!

Jul. 30th, 2010 05:48 pm
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LOL, whew, now I can stop worrying about it.  I know some of you are sick of hearing about it!  Anyway, I've not been doing anything productive on the internets for a while now, but there are a few things that I've enjoyed lately that I wanted to share.

First, I have no idea what the proper etiquette for pimping works that you've beta'd is, but I'm gonna do it anyway because it's an awesome fic!  (And my beta efforts were mostly "OMG, I LOVE IT!" and she did all the work, so it hardly counts as betaing, lol): 

Roll Away Your Stone, I'll Roll Away Mine by [ profile] thalialunacy , Star Trek 2009, Kirk/McCoy, NC-17
You guys, I just love everything about this fic.  Seriously, I can't even really tell you all the things I love without writing a book about it.  Which I did, and sent to Thalia, but I don't think ya'll want to read it too.  So I'll shorten it to a few bullet points:
  • I love the way she plays with the accepted fannish characterizations for the boys with this fic.  It's smart and refreshing, and I loved it.
  • The whole damn thing is smart.  I mean, the dialog, the way she uses fannish cliches, the way she weaves their backstory in, everything.  She makes leaps and expects us to be able to follow, and it works.
  • Stuff like...  Oh hell, I can't even quote anything because every sentence is loaded, and quoting anything will give something away.  Just know that I love her descriptive language.

Coming Closer by [ profile] colls :  Pretty, angsty Karl from DOOM!  The vidder really made great use of the footage, I think.  And, it's Karl's pretty face.  What's not to love?

Common Knowledge by [ profile] elucreh : J2 RPS, R (Maybe NC-17?), characters discover fanfic
Summary: Jared, your fangirls. Fangirls, I believe you already know Jared. Better than he knows himself.
This is so funny, and so damn cute!  It's one of the best "characters discover fanfic" fics I've read.  And even though there aren't many of those, this one is still amazing.  Plus, it celebrates the SPN/J2 fan, and fandom in general, and it made me squeeful to read it.

This video has made me laugh several times over the last week.  YOU ARE NOT YOUR GLITTERY EYE MAKEUP!!

And now, I'm off to have dinner, with a few martini's for good measure.  Well, one, because I'm a lightweight.  Maybe two, because it's a celebration!  And then I'll try and drop by the party post at [ profile] jim_and_bones , because it looks like fun.  How are you guys?
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My head is feeling better, and the podfics definitely helped me cope, so thanks!  So here, have a random update. :)

Here are a couple of fics by [ profile] violetisblue  that totally made me laugh (from [ profile] cesperanza  's journal):
Deep Fanfic Thoughts, by Jack Handy  I LOL'd at a lot of these.  The fic was written ten years ago and references Lists and some fandoms I didn't recognize, but it doesn't matter.  Fandom is still fandom and the jokes are still funny.

The Wicker Fan  This one is a meta fic about FPS fans disliking RPS.  I giggled at this one too.  I have several pretty big RPS fandoms (ST RPS, LOTRIPS, J2), and it both saddens and amuses me that people dislike it so much.  To each her own, of course, but I'm glad I wasn't around for any of the FPS/RPS wars; that would have really made me sad.  But the fic is funny, touching on the issues in a way that argues for RPS pretty well, I think.

I have a twitter now!  I'm @pslashfan.  I don't know how much I'll actually post, but I'm following some cool celebrities!  Feel free to follow or unfollow as you wish.  Here are those that may be relevant to your interests:
Mishacollins:  OMG, he's outrageous, but he always makes me laugh.
simonpegg:  Another one who makes me laugh.
cpnetwork:  News about Chris Pine
FMLmccoy:  Someone tweeting as Bones, and they are funny.
ZacharyQuinto:  He's amusing, and it totally makes me silly with joy to see him, therealnimoy, and WilliamShatner tweeting each other!!!
Plus, there are a whole lot of people RPing as Trek characters, which I found out about at this ontd_startrek post.  Any other cool ones I need to know about?

Well, eventually I'll get around to catching up on my flist.  And ship wars will be over soon, I need to get back over there and see what's going on.
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I read the most amazingly intense fic recently and I had to rec it.  OK, it was like 2 weeks ago, but better a late rec than never, right?  My thanks to [ profile] emiliglia  and [ profile] weepingnaiad  for the fantastic rec!

In Perfect Trust by [ profile] mijan : 
Kirk/McCoy, Star Trek Reboot, fic, NC-17.  Warnings: BDSM, Medical kink, sounding, needleplay.  Intense kink here, bbs!
Summary:"Everything feels just... it's like I'm itching for something that I can't quite scratch. So I wanted something that could… snap me out of that. Feel like I'm trying something new and dangerous.
It certainly wasn't how Leonard McCoy had ever hoped to discover Jim's more unusual sexual interests, but now that he knew, he wasn't going to let the opportunity slip for either of them... if Jim trusted him enough.
This is one gorgeous fic.  Seriously, I can't even tell you. The trust, it's one of the most beautiful, intense things I've read in a while. I was uncertain in the beginning, very much like Jim, because I've read very little medical kink and I didn‘t know where mijan was going to go with it. But the sensations were incredible, just incredible, and probably intensified by those very feelings of nerves and uncertainty.  This fic was everything I never knew I wanted from these kinks!

Mijan did a wonderful job of showing the logic and thought process behind the things going on in the fic, but also describing the uncertainty and sensations in such a way that I felt them too.  It was as though Mijan was guiding me through these unknown kinks with the information I needed to trust enough to let go and enjoy, while still allowing me to experience the fear of the unknown.  It was actually the perfect read for how stressed I've been feeling lately.  It made me forget about everything and just experience the story.

Also, the kink was written so that it fit surprisingly well with their personalities. I could really see Jim responding like this, getting off on this. It seems to really explain some things about Jim and Bones in the new movie - more discussion from mijan in my comments here, after you''ve read the fic.  I really appreciated the way these unusual desires and activities were woven into the characters as I know and love them, and felt so organic to them.  This fic is perfect for BDSM readers who like to really push the envelope, but still want realistic fic that is safe, sane and consensual.
Now I need to follow this up by reading Blissfully So[ profile] weepingnaiad 's sounding fic for [ profile] km_anthology !

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I'm struck lately by how much fandom has worked it's way into nearly every thought I have, and today is an amusing example of that.  I went to see a friend perform in her first performance with our state's Master Choral in a beautiful cathedral downtown.  The performance was really beautiful, everyone was clearly quite talented and well rehearsed, but during that two and a half hour span I had three separate instances of fannish thought, during an activity that has nothing to do with fandom in the least.

We got to the church way early so we could get a seat up front.  While waiting I thought I might entertain myself by reading a bit of a fic I started earlier on my iPhone, The People We Are, The Choices We Make by[personal profile] syredronning(Star Trek), when I realized that reading fannish gay BDSM pr0n in the cathedral might be considered sacrilegious by everyone else there and that if I don't already have a ticket to Hell, that would surely get me one.  So I read the program a few times instead.

Then I thought about[personal profile] thalialunacywho is going to school to study Opera.  I thought it would be cool if I could see her perform and then we could hang out afterward.  I amused myself for a while thinking of how we could watch Trek and talk about Chris and Karl and she could tell me all about the new fics she's writing.  Sadly, we live on opposite sides of the country and she wasn't performing tonight.

One of the pieces that were performed was Dvorak's Mass in D (links to the other parts in the box to the right.).  It's performed in Latin, and it made me think of Written by the Victors by Speranza (SGA).  The fic is academic and quite geeky and brilliant and really unique and is a must read for all Stargate Atlantis fans.  But the relevant part is that Aesc made fanworks based on the Victer 'Verse (scroll down to the Ars Atlantinae section).  She wrote a poem about Sheppard called Se Narsaugir, translated it into a language she's creating (a la Tolkien), and Cate recorded herself chanting the aural version.  (The Iohannes Cash Poem was excellent too, and really amused me)  The language sounds vaguely like Latin, at least to my untrained ear, so I spent a while during the Dvorak performance imagining they were singing about John and Rodney and the Atlantis Uprising, and what they might be saying.  It was a really nice way to enjoy the beautiful music.

So apparently reading fic and watching vids every chance I get isn't enough, fandom also has to permeate my dreams and every waking thought I have.  Does anyone else have this problem? ;)
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I've just seen Apple Candy by[personal profile] talitha78and it's so goddamned beautiful I squeed and rewatched like 10 times.  It's a Kirk/Uhura/Spock vid and it's achingly perfect with Jim's angst and need and desire for them.  This makes me love Jim So Fucking Much for how much he wants the two of them, for how it's just *written* all over his face through the whole thing. Lately Jim is my favorite character from the movie because of the depths he seems to hide behind all the charm and arrogance and BS, and she just captured that SO PERFECTLY here.

Gorgeous song choice, too. It's obviously made for OT3 goodness.  It's deep, and touching, and thrilling and makes me want them to be together in the worst way. Interestingly enough, I heard it for the first time today in a TOS K/S/M vid (What He Knows by Kembas2009) and thought it was perfect for a threesome vid, and here it is again! 

And then I read Apple Candy by[personal profile] lunabee34 and I'm totally gone.  "She is made of right angles, this woman—brilliant, flawless, something sharp Jim could break himself on."  She takes the angsty Jim from the vid and writes them all together and it's beautiful!

Seriously, this has to be the best threesome vid I've ever seen with a perfect fic to boot, and it reawoke my K/S/U OT3!!!! K/S/M has been my OT3 for months now, but K/S/U was there first, and it's beautiful.  I'm shipping Kirk/Uhura/Spock so hard now!  Plz to be reccing fic and vids!  Also icons;  I don't have a proper K/S/U OT3 icon.
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So here are some random things that made me laugh, squee or smile lately, stuff I just wanted to share.

Have you discovered [ profile] ontd_startrek yet?  It's perfect for your daily dose of Star Trek pics and discussion related news. Tons of gifs, related video links and picspams of the actors. Tons of crack, it can get pretty absurd, but that's why I love it.  It never fails to get at least a smile out of me, but usually I'm laughing loudly.  I've spent way to much time doing nothing there.  The comm is massive though, so you may not always get through everything.  As an example of the awesomness that is ontd_startrek, check out this post with Gifs of Karl Urban from Doom.  He's totally hot, so I must now see this movie.

Speaking of Karl Urban, check out the Blunty interview with him.  You get almost 8 minutes of him speaking about Bones and Trek, it's delicious.  Want more Trek interviews?  The Blunty interview with Chris Pine  and Zach Quinto is fantastic too.  And then there is the two-part interview with Chris and Zach, the one where Chris says he has a mancrush on Karl - yep, you read that right!  Go watch, they are fantastic.  [ profile] thalialunacy  always has the best links.

So, more Trek stuff that made me laugh:

TwitterEnterprise by Misfit-fandoms:  A  day on board the Enterprise, as seen through Twitter. Very funny.

Star Trek Cribs:  A tv commercial for G4 channel that totally made me LOL.  Spock takes MTV on a tour of his 'crib'.  There are more funny ones by that user too.
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First: Karl Urban is melting my brain. Thalialunacy posted these two interview videos in her LJ the other day and they rock! The first one is funny as hell, but the second one has Karl Urban speaking, and OMG THAT ACCENT!! How did I FORGET that he was from New Zealand?!? How did I forget from all the LotR interviews and DVD Behind-the-Scenes stuff? I'm ashamed to admit it since I'm a pretty big LotR fan for years now, but I really did. Now I get to revise my mental image of him to include that accent ;) That makes everything better!
So, moving on to the fic that did me in:
Don't Say My Name by [ profile] simons_flower ; NC-17, RPS, a little D/s: Chris wakes with a sore jaw, a heavy arm around his waist and little memory of the night before. This fic is awesome for the mystery the writer starts out with, and for Toppy!Karl! Toppy!Karl was a fave of mine from Lotrips, I'm so glad to see he's back. There is more Karl/Chris over at [ profile] pinecity.

After that fic I went on a Reboot RPS spree. I found this one and the previous one over at[profile] slash_elitistsThere are some really great recs there. First up: The Old Man and the Frat Boy by [ profile] thalialunacy ; NC-17, RPS: Beer. Jokes about sororities. Sex. An almost-typical Tuesday. Chris talks Karl into playing Beer Pong. This one has funny dialogue and a great twist, which I won't ruin for you ;) But she links to another fic in that 'verse and It's fantastic too; I got all caught up in reading it and forgot about posting!   ETA:  she and [ profile] starsfell keep writing more chapters, and it's gotten amazingly good.  Not only is the pr0n hot, it's gotten emotionally intense; it's fucking fantastic.  This is probably my favorite ST RPS series.  The latest installment with links to the previous ones is here.

More Fun With The Kiwi Bastard by [ profile] smutjunkie ; NC-17, RPS, D/S, spanking, talking dirty: YEAH THERE IS NO PLOT. Basically, Chris and Karl and lots of hot hot sex. More Toppy!Karl.

Dancehall Drug by [ profile] anythingever ; NC-17, RPS: Voyeurism, exhibitionism... Zach and Chris go to a club together and some dirty, sexy shenanigans ensue. This is what we’d call PWP.

One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four by [ profile] smutjunkie  (link to prequel at top of fic); NC-17, RPS, threesom and foursome: Anton and his Kiwi Bastard set their sights on Captain Fine. Porn ensues. That about enough plot for everyone? Anton's the evil sex genius that gets Chris into bed with he and Karl, and then Zach jumps in. Effing Hot, plus wordy humor.

So I'm starting to get the whole Chekov/Anton thing, thanks to the fic above and [ profile] xela_fic's Little Black Dress 'Verse. NC-17, slave!fic, kinky: Chekov is Kirk's slave in this one, and the pairings are Chekov/everyone. Not joking. This is her gratuitous smut verse, don't expect anything really in depth here. It's all about getting Chekov spectacularly laid.

Just a Thing by [ profile] lafemmechatte ; R: McCoy/Chekov, Everyone has a defining thing - Chekov's is seducing McCoy. McChekov (But not your mother's McChekov) Manipulative Chekov, but his plan may backfire on him. Excellent take on Chekov, great inner voice for him.

Black Holes and Revelations by [ profile] rubynye ; R, dub-con, Chekov/Original Tentacular Character, Chekov/Sulu, Chekov/Math: "No wonder we converse so well, comes the reply. Mathematics is the universal language." Very interesting alien, the Chekov/Sulu is very sweet, but the Chekov/Math is fantastic.

Listening To Hear Where You Are by [ profile] frostfire_17 ; NC-17, threesome, crossdressing: Kirk loses a bet and has to wear the female uniform to a bar. Spock and Uhura just can't resist him. This one made me laugh and gasp.  It's damn kinky, and so very good.

Losing Touch by [ profile] cards_slash ; R, McCoy/Jocelyn; McCoy wakes up one day, on earth, still married to his wife, who thinks he's insane when he starts talking about star ships and someone named Jim Kirk. Beautiful descriptions of Jocelyn and Bones and the life he might have had. This one damn near made me cry.

Downloaded Series by [ profile] ennyousai_fic ; R for sex and violence: McCoy is the seventh Cylon model. Excellent crossover with Battlestar Galactica, the writer got both the Trek and BSG worlds and characters spot on, mixing them together in a way that feels very real. Bones is excellently written and his relationship with Jim is just heartbreaking.

5 Times Kirk had to Watch and the One Time He Hit That Like the Fist of Angry God by [ profile] cards_slash ; NC-17, exibitionism: sequel to Keep Your Clothes On! wherein Aliens keep making Spock and Bones do it, and Jim has to watch. Hilarious.

Every Mountain and Hill Shall Be Made Low by [ profile] thalialunacy ; NC-17, telepathy: Bones is given a surprise gift by a space anomaly. And in German, ‘gift’ means ‘poison’. Teaser: Oh sweet heavens to Betsy, he has not just been hypothesizing the extent of his captain’s flexibility. Amazingly hot, very sweet, fantastic.

Come Together by [ profile] cards_slash ; NC-17, Ponn Farr: Trope crossover! Kirk and Spock get bodyswapped, and Spock's body enters Pon Farr while Kirk's still in it. Only, Spock is already with Bones... Excellent way to get the three of them together, and fantastic tag-team on Bones.
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OT4 Baby!! [ profile] cards_slash is writing Uhura/Spock and Kirk/Bones that is going to wind up being one big orgy with all of them!  It's full of UST and dirty talk and some damn good sex.  She calls it the Wet Series, and I highly recommend it.

I've put in a promt at the [ profile] st_xi_kink meme here for more OT4.  Hopefully it will get filled.  If anyone knows of any other OT4 fics I'd love to read them!

ETA:  She's gotten to the orgy part!!!  There's mind blowing sex, toys, food and drugs: everything you need for a good orgy!  God it's good, srsly go read it.  It's called One Night.  It's split into chapters, to get to the rest check out her Fic Masterlist and scroll down. 
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Star Trek 2009 has totally taken over my fannish life.  It's all I read, and watch, lately, so I thought I'd share some of the best I've come across.  Star Trek fandom has exploded, though, so this list is in no way complete for the fantastic stuff out there.

Right after seeing the movie I fell hard for Spock/Uhura.  Their relationship was so touching onscreen that I just had to experience more.  The [ profile] spock_uhura  comm is huge, and full of fic, vids and art for the pairing.

Speaking In Tongues by [ profile] monimala, Probably hard R:  This was the first fic I read for them and it was fantastic.  It's Uhura's POV, how they start their relationship.  She got Uhura's internal voice spot-on, and the sex was hot as hell too.  (Part 2-ponn farr fic!, part 3)

Boundaries and Discipline by [ profile] taraljc, G and PG-13:  A couple of short fics about Uhura and Spock's relationship.  Well written little vignettes.

Letting Go by [ profile] inell, R:  She wishes that he'd occasionally take the initiative. 

Primal by [ profile] poetics124, NC-17:  When Commander Spock and Cadet Uhura travel to a unexplored planet to find new Federation technology the planet begins to awaken Spock's primal urges.  Ponn Farr, rough sex.

So Spock/Uhura quickly lead to Spock/Uhura/Kirk because really, who wouldn't want to read that?

Rough Estimate by [ profile] heather, NC-17:  Uhura and Spock estimate the length of time they have in the turbolift before someone finds them. Kirk as the voyur, Spock talking all logical and technical.  Really hot.

Realizations by [ profile] meri, NC-17:  Uhura and Spock realize that they both want Kirk, and proposition him.  Kirk is all grown up here, and it's an interesting change.

Not in the stars, but in ourselves by [ profile] wintercreek, NC-17:  Pon farr fic. Jim's not sure why his door chime is ringing at this hour, but it must be important.  This one includes bonding between all three, and I totally love that.

My Brain Comes In Porn by [ profile] ninhursag, NC-17:  Classic h/c where all three are trapped on a snowy planet and must huddle together for warmth. And, like, Kirk's right there, and all twitchy and angry and bouncing off the walls. And Uhura's the calm, collected one (Spock just pretends to be) and realizes that he seriously needs someone to bring him to heel or he'll throw himself off one cliff too many and no one will be there to catch him.  Angsty, with Dom/Sub themes.  Links to sequels after fic.  God, Kirk is such a beautiful, angsty sub it's incredible.

Kirk/Spock is the original slash pairing, so of course I had to check it out.  That and the fact that while watching the movie (all three times) I kept thinking "The slash that comes off this is going to be incredible!!  I haven't been let down.

Poker Face by [ profile] talitha78, vid:  So this actually got the K/S party started for me.  It's chock full of the subtle glances, the fighting and the outright stares that make K/S so believable.  Loads of fun.

Don't Stop Believing by [ profile] arefadedaway, vid:  Fun, squeeable vid about Spock being a small town girl living in a lonely world and Kirk being a city boy taking the midnight train going anywhere.  Makes fantastic use of Chris Pine's expressions.

Of Convenience by Annenberg:  Kirk has to get married in order to keep the Enterprise, and Spock is the logical answer.  They both try to keep from the other the fact that they are interested in more than just being friends.  Long, posted at [ profile] st_xi_kink , the Kink Meme of Awesomness.

Stars Apart, Shine The Same by [ profile] sineala, R:  It is the third mission of his command, and Captain James T. Kirk suspects he is going insane.  The results of his mind meld with Spock Prime.  Incorporates memories Kirk got from Spock Prime, really well written.

Tremors by [ profile] corpus_invictus, R:  Love and sex in the shower, plus an absolutely amazing mind meld.  Mind Melds are one of my big kinks with Spock, and this one is so, so good.

Obscenities by [ profile] corpus_invictus, NC-17:  Kirk overhears Spock cursing at the computer and becomes obsessed.

Instructions by [ profile] cards_slash, NC-17:  Spock has never given a blowjob before, so Kirk has to talk him through it. Very Hot.

"Kinky" by [ profile] cards_slash, NC-17:  Kirk riding Spock while he recites regulations, very hot.

K/S quickly evolved into Kirk/Spock/Bones, of course, and I found my OT3.  God I love the three of them together, it's like they are all three home together.  Or maybe I just love how [ profile] cards_slash writes them ;)

Willing and How We Found Ourselves by [ profile] cards_slash, NC-17:  Spock goes into Ponn Farr while the three of them are crashed on a deserted planet and has no choice but to bond with one of them.  But he can't choose, so he picks both.  And thus the relationship is born.  The beauty of these fics is in the relationship (though the sex is awesome too).  Spock and Bones don't quite get along, despite being bonded, and Jim often acts as the go-between, smoothing things over and making everything better.  She's written Jim as deeply romantic, as well as sexual, and that is so appealing to me.  The long-term relationship she writes is deep and very fulfilling.

Whiskey and Chocolate by [ profile] cards_slash, NC-17:  Established relationship Pon Farr right on schedule, they're all prepared with plomeek soup and space Gatorade and lube and 48 hours of leave.  There is bonding again, and the deep love that comes with a long-term relationship.

Fascinating by [ profile] cards_slash, NC-17:  Kirk gets replicated in a transporter accident. One of him sexes up Spock while the other sexes up McCoy. A little later, the two halves merge and it leads to Spock/Kirk/McCoy.

And then I discovered I have a thing for Kirk/McCoy, maybe even more than Kirk/Spock.  Check out [ profile] kirk_mccoy for more.

Two Men and a Motorbike Series by [ profile] inell, NC-17:  Kirk and Bones go beyond friendship after they return to Earth.  This one is the best K/M i've read.  It has rough sex, great kissing and some role playing.  It's long, angsty, romantic and a fantastic read.  The follow-up series is Two Men and a Starship

Playmates and Lovers Bring Me Closer by [ profile] cards_slash, NC-17:  Kirk should be letting Bones study. Prompt includes a HOT gif of Karl Urban from Riddick, fic starts with kissing and is hot as hell.

Proper Motivation by [ profile] florahart, NC-17:  Bones hustles Kirk at pool before pool-tabletop-sex occurs. Dominant Bones, subby Jim with a little bit of defiance.  Fucking fantastic.

Shiver by [ profile] inell, NC-17:  Jim goes out to a masked costume party in search of a good time.

Unmasked by [ profile] cards_slash, NC-17:  Kirk and McCoy are in the same place when Kirk is ~16. Underage!Kirk seduces McCoy.  Another masked party - these two make for great anonymous[ profile] st_xi_kink!sex fics.

First Contact by [ profile] florahart, NC-17:  A new planet is found and the people won't deal with Kirk until he is married. Thinking it won't matter once they leave the planet, Kirk chooses Bones, only to have the leaders say they have to consummate their marriage in front of everybody (crew, aliens, god).  This one has some funny parts that made me laugh out loud, but still hot.

Sooner or Later by [ profile] flyingcarpet, R: The sooner and later of how they become more than friends, how Jim matures and Bones heals from his divorce.  Plays with flashbacks and memories.

Acts of Faith by [ profile] flyingcarpet, R:  "This -- keeping his feelings to himself, which is where they belong -- would be a lot easier if Jim weren't so fucking smart." Kirk's emotional instinctiveness eventually figures Bones' attraction out.


Takes One To Know One by [ profile] sabinelagrande, NC-17:  Stargate Atlantis/Star Trek 2009 crossover.  John and Kirk together: Total PWP, hot.

Vulcanized Pick-up Lines:  from the kink meme, a compilation of pick-up lines.  So hilarious I couldn't stop laughing.  The first comment has a link to even more.

Here are some extra communities you may want to check out:

[ profile] startrek2009 , [ profile] trekfics , and Singularity (dreamwidth).  And don't forget the Archive of Our Own
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I've been reading a lot of long fics lately, both slash and het.

by [info]xanthestories, also on the AO3 here:  X-Files, Skinner/Mulder, NC-17.  Slave fic with very heavy BDSM, kink and D/s
This one is very long and very intense in every way.  Mulder signs a slavery contract with a Master without even knowing his identity.  The master turns out to be Skinner, and he sets out to train Mulder right away.  It starts out as a physical need for Mulder, but he grows to realize that the relationship means so much more to him than that.  If any of the warnings above squick you in the least don't read at all, it's really that intense.  It has some of the most amazing BDSM scenes I've ever read, both private scenes between Skinner and Mulder and group scenes with their friends.  It's intensely emotional through most of it, both the despair / anger and love / joy type of emotions.  And after a bit Skinner and Mulder even relax enough to play;  there is a lot of roleplay and dressing up.  The slave aspect is heavily accented and very well carried out.  Even though slave fic isn't one of my biggest kinks it was so beautifully written here that I began to love what it did for Mulder.  I don't watch the X-Files, but I recommend this fic for anyone who enjoys their sex downright intense.

Le Vertu abandonnée (Virtue Forsaken)
by [info]arieltachna and [info]sileyascribbles:   Lotrips, NC-17, Orlando/Viggo with a little Bean/Orlando and Karl/Bean
Rich and bored aristocrats in pre-revolutionary France play high-stakes games of passion and betrayal.  This one is pure romance.  Orlando seeks to seduce Viggo, but finds more than he bargained for.  It's very sweet, and so worth reading. 

Der Falke (The Falcon)
by [info]arieltachna and [info]sileyascribbles:  Lotrips, Karl/Bean, NC-17 BDSM Sequel to Virtue Forsaken. 
Having suffered ruination in French society, Marquis Sean Bean opens a new chapter of his life by traveling to Germany with Prince Karl-Heinz von Urban, in the fashion of what he thinks of as a trained body servant. But he discovers their relationship is far, far more complex.  I love Karl and Sean together and they are written so well here.  Sean struggles to figure out how to make Karl keep him, while Karl tries to show Sean how to stay.  This one has a fair bit of angst with a lot of rough, possessive, kinky sex.  Both of these fics made me sigh and grin like crazy over the characters.

Real forever if by [info]astolat:  American Idol, Cook/Archuleta, Mature, 'bonding' Archuleta spontaneously 'bonds' to Cook. 
American Idol fic!  This is actually the first AI fic I've read, but I knew even while watching that David Cook is just perfectly slashable.  He has some unquantifiable sensuousness that just oozes out of him and screams "Slash me!"  I wasn't too sure about Archie, but astolat made his sweetness work perfectly with the story.  It's sweet and hot and it made my heart clench up for them at the end.  I've gotta find more, maybe even some rough Cook/Simon...

Lately I've been really into Firefly fic, River/Jayne in particular.  I don't usually do het in fic, but the hard, dangerous fierceness of both characters is very attractive.  They can do both rough or sweet equally.

Thoughts colored Ugly by [info]lit_gal  NC-17, Rayne, slavefic, bdsm
Jayne's thinking too hard, and River shows up, making him face parts of himself that he doesn't really want to face.  Jayne winds up getting himself sold into slavery for trying to avoid the issue.  River's really persistent and dangerous, though not quite sane, and Jayne's really introspective.  The dialog and sex are excellent, and there is some fantastic fighting and rough handling between them that you don't usually get in het.  Lit_gal also got the submissive part of Jayne down pat, it's a joy to read their relationship as it develops.

The Broken series by Mik109  NC-17, Rayne, rough sex
Jayne and River have sex as a way to save River from a cult that wants her virginity. Then River must find a way to fix Jayne since the experience 'broke' him.  There is a lot of angst in the beginning that leads to very hot sex and a very possessive Jayne.  This one's fantastic, I really love Jayne possessive and hopelessly in love with River and defending them against the rest of the crew.  "Morning After" Jayne is superb.

Partner Ship by [info]fabledfigment
Jayne and River court for two weeks after they realize they have feelings for each other. Long, very sweet and romantic.

Serious Games
by [info]fabledfigment
There's fighting, talking, and sex, then Jayne's never letting go of River.
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Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Loose by [ profile] synecdochic  

This is so beautiful it made me tear up at the end. On the surface this is Rodney's life after the fall of the Wraith for good and the change in the SCG to "weapon's research" when all civilians are removed from the project.  He comes back to Earth to teach at the physics department of some small university.  Slowly he brings his lessons from Atlantis to the classroom.

Underneith it's Rodney coming to terms with everything that happened while on Atlantis.  How he learned from Atlantis and the situations he was in.  How he came to love Atlantis and her people and how they became home to him.  And how he can do that again.  It's not a plotty fic; the beauty is in the details of Rodney's life, and how through the telling of the day-to-day stuff you come to understand Rodney's emotional state and how it changes over the years.  This fic is really subtle, and she handles the subtle nature perfectly.  She never says outright what Rodney is feeling, you have to infer it from what he's doing. 

Rodney is just gorgeous in this. 
Spoilers! )
The "DVD Commentary" was wonderful, too.

I read this fic after watching This Is How It Works by Lim. 

This is why I love Atlantis and her fanfic; the characters and ideas support in-depth character analysis and emotional depth so well.  It's such a rich world with so much opportunity to extend beyond the source.  The show creaters have managed to create characters that resonate very well with me, and the fans give them a gloriously varied existence.
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Indelible by [ profile] shaenie : read at the AO3 here or her LJ here
Stargate: Atlantis, R (heavy, just to be safe), spanking themes

I've just gotten done reading Indelible for the second time and felt that it definitely needed to be recced.  Even if you don't read SGA fic I'd still recommend it, it's just that good.

In it John is forced to accept punishment for something Rodney did while off-world. That punishment is spanking and Rodney if forced to watch. The memory and their feelings haunt them, but they must deal with them while simultaneously making major discoveries of new Atlantis tech.

I love this fic for John's wonderful internal monologue and his thoughts about Rodney.  Shaenie pegged them both so, so well and gave John wonderful emotional depths while still keeping him very true to character.  There is friendship and laughter, irritation and anger and great McKay rants, danger and love and fear all wrapped up together.  This fic is long with several different major events but it really doesn't drag at all.  It really seems to take John that long and that many encounters to let himself feel for Rodney.  The plot is detailed and moves quickly, weaving together the plot, science and the emotional moments really well.  The various plot points further John's emotional journey, not distract from it.  Plus Shaenie has a way of describing the scenes that give just enough information to make them really detailed while still allowing my mental image of them to fly.  Her writing is wonderful for the unusual words she uses, the detailed character descriptions and excellent dialog.  Even Rodney, who's dialog I assume is difficult to write because he must be intelligent, scathing and witty all at once.

The new discoveries and the science are beautiful and serve to bring John and Rodney together very intimately.  I love the science it this, how Rodney is driven to his science as his refuge and how it brings them together.  The cathedra are seriously brilliant.  I haven't seen enough Atlantis to know if they are cannon or not.  If not, Shaenie pushed all my science loving buttons with them, and gave John and Rodney a way to feel each other's emotions and souls to boot, so she rocks so much for that!  Even if they are cannon her descriptions are still brilliantly effective at bringing them together.  And John with the math!  God I loved that too.

The tea and the flashbacks are brilliant too, such a unique way to reexamine the issue without it becoming dull.Read more... )Read more... )

I hope you enjoy!

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I'm feelin the fic love today and thought I'd rec some of my faves, plus one vid and one podfic.

I was recently reminded of how much I LOVE the Convergence 'verse by [ profile] shaenie  (fic) and I felt the need to rec it for posterity.  It is my favorite lotrips fic hands down, and some of my favorite fic of all time.  In it Billy and Dom get together and then include Elijah. NC-17, pretty heavy BDSM and D/s, gorgeous relationship development with lots of tension followed by excellent sex.  She's a skilled writer that imbues the BDSM with love and intimacy, and throws in the angst to really hit your heart.  This is a threesome fic and it's probably the best one I've read.  Usually threesomes have a feel of "the more the merrier" to me.  It doesn't feel real to me, it feels like porn.  That's fine (no problems with porn ;) I just don't get very emotional about them usually.  But in this one the three of them need to be together, it's not a plot device to turn me on, it feels natural and real.  The same with the BDSM.  It's not done for kink, it's what they need.  She has a way of writing that makes it so real to me, I get emotionally moved, not just turned on.  It makes Elijah's journey of discovery so breathtaking.  I can't urge you enough to read it.

Here is what I wrote to her in my feedback for the latest installment:  "I don't even have the words to tell you how much this fic gets to me. I LOVE the intensity of emotion, from lust, passion, tenderness, love and being overwhelmed by them all. That's what makes all the pain and struggle for dominance and angst so damn good for me. Somehow everything you write them doing emphasizes their emotions and motivations, distilling them down to their pure essence. One of the other commenters said that you get a feeling of there being more than just what's on the page, somehow more to the characters and motivations. I liked that, it's so true. It's like the relationship is actually real, it feels so *right*. The way you reveal what you choose to show us excites and fulfills me, yet leaves me hungry for more. It is a profoundly satisfying mix, and it ensures that I will be rereading these for years."

You can read the series at the AO3 Here all at once, or at her LJ with the following links:
The order (more or less - they were not written in this order ) :
Cusp: Part One, Two, Three
(outtake: Memento)

Sacrifice by Josephine Darcy.  BSG fic (original series), R, Starbuck/Apollo:  Lots of kissing. 
Plot: Starbuck and Apollo have to pretend to be married to trade for the fuel that the fleet so desperately needs.  It's a beautiful fic, sweet and tender.  I loved it, all of it.  I love the kissing, it was hot and romantic and tender all rolled up together.  I love the way Starbuck recognizes his feelings for Apollo through his physical actions, in a way that his rational brain never allowed him to realize.  I think all the handholding and hugging is very romantic.  I love the way Apollo craves Starbuck's touch, even a simple touch on the cheek or his hand in his hair.  Her descriptions of him in their more tender moments were so beautiful.  I have to admit that I am only familiar with the new show so I see Jamie Bamber in her descriptions of Apollo, but they fit Jamie perfectly to me.  It's all about opening up to love and how sweet that can be.  Even if you don't watch Battlestar Galactica you can read it.  The author gives enough back-story about the characters that the relationship will still be meaningful to you.

Snow On The Sahara by [ profile] absrip.  SPN vid R (also on YouTube here):  
"This is a vid about the aftermath of evil!Sam, told from Dean's POV. "   It is officially the vid that will make me watch Supernatural. I have resisted so far because I don't do horror(I scare way too easily and the show has been a bit intense for me) but this is so beautiful I have to see more of the relationship.  Plus Jensen is hot as fuck - that may be my real reason. There is hurt and angst and kissing and hugging - the vidder uses several manips and they are so good I really couldn't tell if they were manips or part of the show.  Absolutely gorgeous.  I usually don't do vid slash because fic can be so much more graphic (thus so much more fun :) and I'm not really into Wincest, but this one was done so well it just melted my heart.

So Snow was the straw that broke the camel's back, but [ profile] strippedpink's J2 fics have been buttering me up for the fall.  Particularly her New OTP 'Verse.  NC-17.  It's amazingly sexy.  It's Smallville-era!Jensen and Gilmore Girls-era!Jared and how they get together before the show.  It's got really sexy dialog and it's hot and dirty and just so good.

I recently heard my first podfic.  It was Rebuilding Babel by [ profile] fiercelydreamed, read by [ profile] wintercreek.  SGA McKay/Sheppard, R: 
Rodney is injured and looses the ability to understand language, and to speak it. John helps him learn to use an ancient tool to communicate in a very unusual way.  She utterly breaks Rodney down to his very core and exposes his soul, and then gives him John to rebuild himself around.  It's so beautiful in a heartwrenching way.  Brilliant concept, and so well written. Dramatic with lots of angst, but also the occasional funny part to lighten the mood. Very well read, the reader lends an urgency to the story that is spot on.  I loved it and stayed up way too late to finish it.

Dog Tag Porn by [ profile] xela_fic - SGA fic McKay/Sheppard NC-17: 
Major submission by Rodney, heavy BDSM and an unusual collar.  I love the way the author gets inside their heads.  Rodney's submission feels real and makes *me* feel like flying, and John's so perfect as the top who knows how to push all of Rodney's buttons, as the one in charge.  So so good.

Submission Games By R. Cooper - CSI fic NC-17 Nick/Greg:  Greg comes home early and Nick is surprised by some things, namely Greg in a skirt and collar.  Crossdressing, kink, first time for Nick, minor D/s issues.  I really love the way this one is written.  Nick is shocked to find out about this side of Greg, and the shock and later anticipation just comes through so well in the writing.  It feels exhilarating to read about Nick discovering how much he responds to Greg.

You can find more of the fic that I love at my delicious account, and check out my 5star tag for my absolute favorites.
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To continue my post from yesterday, here are the rest of my Psych favorites.

"Right Place, Wrong Time"Lassiter  by Regann - PG-13/R - In this one Shawn and Lassie meet ten years before the show starts.  Great strory concept and she really pulls it off well.  This fic has humor, angst, and fate, and I really enjoyed it.  I really like the way she writes Lassiter, he's a little more soft than the show would have you believe.

Quarter Life Crisis by PookaSeraph - Carlton/Shawn  Shawn courts Lassie untill he finally gets him.  I  love the way she writes Shawn, and develops his character.  It feels very true to the show, but he really grows in a believable way in this fic, and I really appreciated that.  I really enjoyed this one, and have reread it several times.  

Later Days by wolfscythe Excellent police story, good relationship development, 
good writing.  Shawn grows up, and Lassiter grows to respect Shawn.   Lots of drama.

Detained  by PookaSeraph- Shassy - NC-17 - Psych
This one is HOT HOT HOT!
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In celebration of me starting a Livejournal I thought I'd post some recs to some of my fave slash fic.  Right now my favorite fandoms for slash are Stargate: Atlantis and Psych.

A Beautiful Lifetime Event by shalott  John and Rodney have a baby!  It a totally plausible way, no mpreg here.  One of my favorite stories ever.  Wonderful relationship development, some humor, and excellent writing.

Time in a Bottle by astolat  John and Rodney get stuck in stasis together and have to learn to live with each other.  This one is really beautiful, I just love the emotions she develops in them.

Forget Me Not by Maisierita  John the servant turns out not to be anything like Rodney would have imagined.  This one plays with memory, and has such a unique plot.

Theories of Relativity by pookaseraph A great crossover between SGA and Psych, and it totally works.  It had me laughing out loud.  

Inreto 'Verse series by ilsaluvsrick Great police stories and relationship development, excellent slash, and a really sweet ending.

More to come.

These are just my current favorites.  I have many more recs at my
delicious account.


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